“I asked him to send me an email. He done sent me a FEMALE!”
- ... and more on how I maintain my cave dweller lifestyle, hehe.

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So, I don’t know why, but as I was resting between bouts of writing this afternoon, a thought struck me.

A line out of a movie which I had seen a while ago “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” (a Bollywood flick, and a funny one at that).

It’s about a couple of bumbling goons who are in reality good guys – – and while the storyline isn’t really relevant to what I’m saying here there is a scene where one of the main protagonists was trying to get his daughter married off to a local rich dude (a builder or something), and dude wasn’t willing due to some reason, and due to some OTHER reason or other, the first guy tries to convince the second guy, that his assistant, that gave the second dude a wrong marriage date based upon some astrological prediction (don’t ask, hehe) … was partly deaf.

And if you got through the above bit without goggling, then Bollywood movies and YOU may be a match made in HEAVEN, hehe.

No pun intended, and as if to prove it, dude #1 gets on the phone with his assistant, but before doing so, he tells dude #2.

“You see, he’s deaf! I once asked him to send me an email, and he sent me a FEMALE! Hehe “ …

Anyway, slapstick humor and comedy apart, another thing this reminded me of was a question I often get from readers.

That being, how I maintain my cave dwelling lifestyle entirely on the Internet in terms of making money and doing my work, etc.

And my answer is always simple – emails and products form the backbone of what I do.

And their questions are always (almost always) the SAME.

One being, how do I do this?

And two, does my writing need to be good in order to SELL?

And I’ll address #2 today because there are a LOT MORE misconceptions surrounding this than there need to be.

First off, as far as writing is concerned, there are many types of writings.

Good, bad, ugly, awesome, so so, “adequate”, average and so forth.

And none of these styles of writing necessarily lend themselves to selling – or NOT.

You can have the best writing in the world – but it won’t necessarily sell unless you know how to, my friend.

That along comes as a mind bender for most people, but it’s true. My own writing, which has admittedly always won accolades .. has NOT always sold, or at least it hasn’t sold at the levels it should have always.

And the reason was anything but my writing skill, or lack thereof, or anything related.

Similarly, you can have bad writing that SELLS – another mind bender.

And you can have good writing that doesn’t sell – or sells a little.

Trust me now, and cuss me later, hehe, but SELLING is a different ball of wax from WRITING, my friend.

While it helps to be good at one, it isn’t essential – – but it IS essential to be good at the former, my friend if you’re indeed interested in writing for a living.

Unless you choose the “starving artist” genre, of course, and in that case, it’s entirely up to YOU, my friend, hehe.

Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh are two prime examples here.

BOTH awesome painters, and only ONE of them sold well – during his lifetime, at any rate, hehe. Once Van Gogh passed on – – his paintings started to sell – – and HOW.

And while writing obviously wasn’t involved there, the mindset was – – and the mindset IS something that is important if you’re writing, but more so if you’re writing with a view to sell (not necessarily win brownie points, my friend).

Anyway, on to other things.

If you’re interested in selling online, either selling web development projects as I started out and the branching on to other things, or just up and selling products from your website, either physical products or e-products as I do, well, there are certain basics that you can pick up right HERE.

Note this book ain’t gonna teach you how to write, or write copy for that matter.

It’ll teach you the fundamentals of SELLING though – there are MORE, obviously, but these are nigh important to learn for anyone that wants to sell at any level.

Second, and during this lockdown in various parts of the globe to varying degrees, this is important – if your kids are going NUTS due to the lockdown as mine is – well – get them started on Kiddie Fitness today to burn some of that excess ENERGY off QUICK, my friend.

And that’s that from me – for now. Back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Vibration and vibes are key to anything you do in life, and feeling good – -really, really good – -happens only from the inside out – and once your BODY is in tune with your mind. Keep your body fit and healthy – and BUZZING – with the routine mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness right here, my friend …

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