For those who get “scared” by facts …
- A rant if there ever was one, but 'tis TRUE!

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I had the most interesting conversation yesterday (actually, two, but we’ll focus on ONE here).

You, the reader of this newsletter will know that there was a guy I coached before that asked me in January about “if pushups actually work”.

This was in response to a post about me talking about the world record holder for the longest consecutive time spent in the PLANK, a position I highly recommend for everyone by the way – – regardless of your current fitness levels – or lack thereof (as was the case with him).

Now, being this dude wrestled in high school and was in the Army, I’d think he’d KNOW about the sheer efficacy of these workouts – but apparently not!

I wrote more about it here, and for those interested, have AT.

But anyway, so we were talking about something I rarely do anymore with foreigners in China – VISA extensions.

Actually, I should say I rarely, if ever talk to most expats in that part of the world. English teachers for the most part – and NOT real teachers either (dancing monkey stories, and all that! Hehe) – folks hired purely on the basis of their skin color and NOTHING else for the most part (as a friend – he of the REALIST brand, hehe correctly put it the other day).

And while I rarely if ever talk to these black holes and energy DRAINS … I did yesterday.

Actually, the person I talked to wasn’t an English teacher.

He’s a qualified person, but he’s one of the expats in China that are still “desperately trying to hope against hope” … and grab a “remaining lifeline” … if any … while staying in the country on a type of visa that is technically legal, but not quite so.

Now, before you start jumping up and down- – hold yer horses.

This dude is highly skilled and qualified, and NOT from an imporvished nation by ANY MEANS.

I ain’t gonna reveal his nationality here, but the fact is this – there are FAR better places than the mainland for him to be … and yet, he clings on to … ah, but let me back up.

So we were talking visas.

Due to the current pandemic, for those that don’t know, China automatically extended most visas (for folks there legally by  60 days).

China has also pretty much shut it’s borders down – much like any other country has – or MOST others have, and those with valid visas issued after March 28 2020 CANNOT enter the country.

And this is a huge inconvenience to those people that enter on business and tourist visas and use those to “stay on in the country” – albeit illegally (but since the stay periods are mentioned on the visas its actually quasi legal) – – and THIS is really what the Chinese, and countries across the globe are trying to crack down upon.

Stay here legal? No problem, my friend.

But if you’re one of those on a dodgy visa status, then the stay of execution granted to you is about to expire my friend.

No more auto 60 day renewals, and amazingly enough when I tell others this – what do I hear?


And more than that, avoidance of FACTS

This guy I talk about is a sensible and rational guy, and yet his response last night was …

“You may be right, but why are you scaring me??”

Huh?? SCARING you?

Dude – all I did was state FACTS, and if those scare you … well!

But he ain’t the only one.

Anytime I talk about facts, I hear …crickets. And while admittedly the “foreign devils” in China are #1 in that long list of people (though really, for the life of me, I can’t understand it – if I were to be in a visa bind, I’d want to prepare in advance and wouldn’t shoot the messenger by saying “you’re trying to scare me”).

Or hoping against hope, as another friend of mine is currently doing. When I told him his initial 60 day extension was “automatic”, he pooh poohed me.

“You don’t know that!”
Yeah. I don’t know that.

I’ve been in China for donkey’s years, and I don’t know, and yet you, who hasn’t been there during the hey days, or even the 2008 collapse, or even most of the time I’ve been there know.

Anyway the point of this lengthy rant??

It is to say that FACTS hurt, my friend.

And often times you’ll find that the messenger is the one that is being “shot” – and yet the most listened to, hehe.

Hated with a passion, and yet “surreptiously” followed.

And when they want the REAL SCOOP, guess where they go.

To those that say it like it is.

And in terms of fitness, this holds true.

My other friend I spoke about here is a great guy, but he’s expert at avoiding fact (we had an hour long discussion yesterday about visas which could have been avoided had he just taken the trouble to READ what I was saying – oh, but wait. He reads everything, but doesn’t respond to much! Hehe).

Fitness wise, he’s FAT – no two ways around that, and he keeps trying to cloak it with a veil of “Im a naturally big guy”.

And actually, no, he isn’t that much “bigger than I am”. If my buddy from the Marines – – a bonafide KING KONG if there ever was one would say that, I’d get it to a degree, but curiously enough this man, and I cannot praise him enough has THIS to say every time I compliment him on his overall physiqyue etc –

“Rahul, thanks! But I have a layer of fat on my midsection I need to get rid of!”

And he does, but NOWHERE near lard ass status, and certainly NOT like a lot of these other dudes I write about.

He does the thing – and does NOT avoid fact – as you’d expect from a true son of the soil and a man that served with PRIDE, DIGNITY and HONOR – all three attributes I respect highly and admire (amongst more).

And a man that gets it … but yeah, back to the fitness fact avoiders.

No, you’re not “big”. You’re fat, my friend. Get over it. If you’ve got a belly so big that you can’t see your wang doodle when you look down (without bending hehe), then guess what.

You’re not just fat. You’re OBESE, and if that pisses some off people off, so be it, but it’s TRUE.

Second, bodyweight exercises WILL get you in the best shape of your life.

Simply saying “Oh, those guys are skinny so they can do pull-ups” is NOT an acceptable excuse, my friend, and I’ve written about that in the past as well.

And simply IGNORING what I say … either in terms of fitness or life or visa issues for that matter is NOT an answer either.

Know this, my friend.

Rahul Mookerjee only opens his mouth to say something when he’s damn sure he KNOWS what he is talking about, and that is another reason the fact avoiders, tom tommers and “shmexperts” piss me off no end.

And if some of the people on this list get ticked off at me saying it like it is – so be it.

The rest that remain – and listen to FACT – well – I applaud you – and on that note, I’m out.

Back soon with another “rant”, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Fact is that pushups alone can get you in the best darn shape of your life and the testimonials POURING in reflect this fact. Here is where you can grab the best damn course on pushups there is out there –

P.S #2 – No, I ain’t interested in training folks for free, so please don’t ask! No, I don’t need manufactures testimonials – so please don’t offer!

P.P.S – But yes, if you truly believe you HAVE what it TAKES to be coached by the very best – then go here and apply – – and we’ll see what we can work out!

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