“Taareekh pe Taareekh”
- Workout upon workout, and yet ...

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I remembered some thing funny today as I was talking to my wife.

The lockdowns seem to have ended in many parts of the world – – well, I should say “pseudo eased up”. Nothing is back to normal anywhere, but you occasionally hear construction workers getting back to it … something that used to happen ALL the time “back in the day” in many countries I’ve visited – – often times right next to where I’ve lived.

I saw a meme recently about a dude drilling (oversize drill) on a ceiling with a gal waking up with a priceless look on her face, and the meme said …

“That look on your face when the neighbor decides to drill a hole in the ceiling at 7 AM on a Sunday morning” (and this has happened to me a lot actually, especially where I’ve lived in China!).

And I was reminded of an old Bollywood flick as I spoke to the wife.

This was about a hit movie “back in the day” (oh, when I said “back in the day” above, it wasn’t really back in the day! Hehe) “Damini”, I believe it was called.

And the actor (main lead) was a formerly drunken lawyer (driven to drink by …ah, but that’s too long to get into here) that “shook himself sober and straight” one fine night to help a lady that was being harangued by her family members and driven insane.

True potboiler and I won’t get into it more here, but as he goes to court, and the judge issues another “date” to him, he loses it.

The Indian court system for those that don’t know is slow as molasses, and the courts are often seen deciding issues where the original complainants have long since passed on, and yes, it’s that slow!

America isn’t quite that bad, but western courts in general aren’t that quick either sometimes, but India and a few other countries really take the cake.

And he goes on a rant …

“Tareek pe tareek, tareekh pe tareek, but no justice, my friend, no justice!)

And during this rant he correctly encapsulates what is wrong with the Indian court system. I’m not an expert in Hindi, but here is basically what he said.

“Damini came here for a case of suicide, and it was turned on her to make her look like she was crazy. Then the court issued orders to put her into the mental asylum, where they did all they could to really drive her nuts. When I Finally got to the bottom of this … the opposing lawyer made an excuse of being unwell and got the case postponed. And today, here we are, postponing it AGAIN?”

“People sell of their lands and jewelry to get JUSTICE, but they don’t!”

“Women sell of their most precious posessions to get JUSTICE, but they don’t!”

“Years pass, years upon years, and yet no decision is arrived at, never any justice, and as the people concerned pass on, only one thing remains – a DATE, but where is the JUSTICE!”

He then goes on to lambast the judge in true Bollywood style, an action that (in fact, even when he first started) would have landed him in contempt of court almost anywhere in the world except in a Bollywood flick, saying that he should resign if he couldn’t’ deliver justice.

But anyway. Back to it.

“Date after date, date after date, date after date, but no result, my friend!”

And why do I bring all this up.

Not to rant about courts or the India justice system.

It’s to point out the fact that many people experience just this when they do workouts – that get them nowhere.

Person starts with great intentions. Heads off to the gym, or the LSD workouts, or whatever the “experts” suggest.

Week or so later, “nothing is happening”, and he doesn’t “feel any different”.

Yet more time later, and much dollars down the drain later, he realizes that the gym is nothing but a waste of time because it “aint getting him the results he wants”.

Ditto for weightlifting, because it ain’t getting rid of the ole FLAB around the midsection.

And ditto for the LSD cardio.

He keeps at it in some cases, but the best intentions will fall to the wayside if not backed up by proof and results, and so happens with him.

Or her.

And he’s back to square one or worse fitness wise, silently affirming to himself “I’ll never get involved in any of this again!”

“Workout after workout, workout after workout, workout after workout, and no real results …” and if that sounds familiar to YOU, well there is a good reason why. Because it’s true for the vast majority of folks out there!

Should I pimp my solutions here?

Well, I normally would … but I’ll let you take ACTION yourself this time, my friend. Just this once, of course.

Back to shameless pluggin in the next email – for now, the gauntlet has been thrown DOWN.

The ball is in YOUR Court.

Whether you pick it up and run with it is entirely up to YOU. And on that note, I’m out – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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