Communist until you get rich …
- ... and more such "believe it if you can", hehe

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The other night, I saw an immensely interesting meme from “Hypocrite Diaries” (not sure if that is a website or what) but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

I used it on my WeChat account to promote my Mao post (with credit, of course! ?).

And I’ll post the meme on my blog for those that want to see the white text on a BLACK background. Yes, simple DOES work best for more things than just fitness.

But for you email subscribers, you might not get the image in the email, so I’ll type it out here.

Communist until you get rich.

Feminist until you get married.

Atheist until the airplane starts to crash …

And to this, I’d add this.

Bodyweight exercise BASHER … until they start to work, and HOW!

Now, let’s go through these quickly, hehe.

#1 – Heck yeah. I’ve made NO secret of my thoughts on communism and commies in general, and it’s well known that commies (in private) do and want to do the exact opposite of what they “preach” to the sheeple (that blindly follow ‘em to the point of rioting, but that’s another story).

#2 … Hmm! Controversial, but I WILL say the “married” tag leads us (regardless of race, religion, culture or anything else) down the road of “What did Nature want the man and woman to do”?

I don’t know how it would work for the third gender, and those in marriages with multiple wives or husbands, hehe, so I wont even go there.

But in terms of one man one woman marriages, well, yes.

Whether we like it or not, Nature has programmed men and women a certain way biologically, and men have been programmed to PROVIDE, and women to “care for and nurture”.

Yes, I realize that sounds anti – feminist but it really isn’t. Women can do things men CANNOT, and the reverse is true as well.

(I should say “better”, maybe not CANNOT, but you get the point. Can of worms I know).

And while that don’t mean women need to be barefoot and in the kitchen all the time, trying to muck around with the natural order to ridiculous degrees leads to one thing – CHAOS … and I believe that is precisely what we’re seeing in many societies globally on that standpoint.

#3 – LOL. But yeah, when that shoe starts to pinch, loaf starts to drop (sorry!) or …well, the airplane takes a nosedive, well, we’re all human after all …

#4 …


I’ve met people that dissed bodyweight exercise up and down until they were blue in the face – literally so.

You’ll recall the story of the boobybuilder out in the pool, my friend, and if you don’t, read it on the Shoulders like Boulders page right here.

This guy used to be a hardcore bodybuilding fanatic, and yet, after two heart attacks and probably surgeries too before 26, and realizing that a walk up the stairs left him winded, he made the switcheroo … because he HAD to.

Started doing pushups.

Started walking.

Started swimming (which he couldn’t do well at all when I first met him, admittedly, but he was trying which is what counts).

And the bloated pecs and abnormal six pack was already starting to recede, and he went on a long rant about how harmful bodybuilding etc was (not a rant – ‘twas true, but listening to him talk, you’d think he was me, hehe) … and this from a former worshipper at the altar of exactly what he was now speaking out against, and no, he ain’t a hypocrite either.

He’ learned a lesson.

A valuable one.

And so does EVERYONE that makes the switch, my friend.

Whether or not YOU do … is of course, entirely up to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the majority that doesn’t want to flip the switch and get on the road to supreme health and lasting fitness, fair enough. That’s your business, my friend. But for those that DO, here is where you START –

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