Does a scorpion change it’s nature?
- I think NOT, my friend!

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So last night, something interesting happened.

I received a message from my buddy Charles – whom I seem to disagree upon on just about everything, hehe, but with whom at the end of the day I still have a strong (and pretty cordial too bar the occasional crankiness) relationship. And for good reason.

He’s the guy that I wrote about a while back that started his own business, but unfortunately gave up at the FIRST hurdle or should I say (to me, at least) the first SIGN of a hurdle.

And while I don’t agree with this at any level and indeed have EXPERIENCE proving that persistence and STICKABILITY pays off (literally!) in spades … well, to each his own.

All I will say before continuing with my tale is this

Persistence truly is to the character of man what CARBON is to STEEL.

Not mine.

The great and incomparable Napoleon Hill . . . (from Think and Grow Rich) – and it applies to YOU whether or not you want to get rich or not.

Anyway, so we have – or should we say HAD – a mutual friend.

A friend named … ah, but I’ll spare ya!

This is a British dude I struck up a friendship with a long time ago, and he was actually the guy that introduced me to Charles.

Now, this guy is the sort that bounces from job to job and swings from end of opinion to the other like a pendulum on a grandfather clock.

You know the sort, doncha.

The type that rants up and down galore about his job, and how unlucky he is to have it, and how unfair life is to him, and how all problems are “created by others” and he just “suffers” …

.. and the minute his paycheck comes in from the dancing monkey job he works at (or did, before he got kicked out of it) – – his tune changes.

Everything is fine and rosy  in his world until the next upheaval, when it’s time to bitch again …

And I’m sure you’ve seen the sort too. I wrote a piece abot HYPOCRISY a while back, and this dude qualifies – big time.

As well as qualifies for the following tags –

Paranoid, Schizprenic (spelling?), OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder), bipolar …

And likely a host of more syndromes, and I ain’t no psychologist … or wait a minute, I’ll us ethe term I normally do.


Oh, and by the way, as Twain said, I ain’t got no use for a man that can only spell a word a certain way so before the comments come flying in – hold yer HATS … hehe.

Anyway, both Charles and I helped this dude on numerous occasions, and on all occasions he accepted the help and turned around and stabbed us in the back – – or ONE of us in the back, depending upon who was doing the helping at the time.

I had enough a few years back, and called him out on his B.S.

And his response?

Was to make stickers of me (using my fitness logos etc) – and add a racist twinge to them.

One of them (indeed a hilarious sticker, I wish I had it now. Maybe Charles does, hehe) was showing a good ole cowboy (something I’m often called) with a gun and then my face, saying “This is American, but THIS …?”

You get the drift, hehe.

A pathetic attempt to rile me up by playing the RACE card – in REVERSE. Hehe.

Anyway, while it pissed me off initially I soon forgot about it. Far worse things has this cat been called, hehe, and I could care less.

He blocked me upon sending me those GIF’s, of course, so I couldn’t even respond to him.

Ballsy, eh. LOL.

And last night, I saw some messages about him “apologizing for his mistake” (or supposedly) via Charles, and “asking if Rahul could forgive him” and some other garbage I haven’t bothered to respond to.

And though I didn’t respond to him, this reminds me of another story.

The scorpion and the frog, my friend.

I think it goes something like this – scorpion asks frog to help him out with a ride across the river.

Frog does so, assuming scorpion will protect him (via his fangs) on the way.

And midway, scorpion sinks his teeth into the frog … and BAM. End of story.

Not quite as pithy as what Denzel’s friend Roger told the young upstart in Training Day about the “snail” … but close enough! Hehe.

Anyway, my point of mentioning all this is simple.

People that are out to bite you and have a certain nature will NOT change.

Most people would probably get suckered in by the photo he sent Charles of “Rahul and Glyn” together – a picture I’ll post on social media, by the way, for those interested.

And most people would probably “forgive” – and be bitten again.

My advice?

Stay the HELL away from energy drains, and it’s something I’ve been saying all along.

And in terms of scorpions that turn around and bite you in the back numerous times despite you trying to help ‘em – well – they ain’t gonna change, my friend.

You can either sink with them or rise UP – and I don’t know about you, but I know which choice I’d make!

Last, but not least, those that worry about “the void not being filled” – well – guess what.

Once you consciously make the decision as to what sort of people you WANT in your life is one step towards moving towards success and what you really want outta life.

Make that decision NOW. The void will be filled so quick you would’t even notice it gone!

And on that sage indeed note, I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Fitness test #3 on the way. Stay tuned!

P.P.S  – The scorpion might not be one to befriend, but the scorpion walk IS a great exercise! Hehe. Again, more on that later.

P.P.S #2 – I recently got a comment along the lines of “hunching the ground and building a crowd”. I’ll write a tome on that later, but for now – here is how YOU too can do the same – and get in the nigh on best shape of your life – QUICK –

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