These workouts will not only give you a “sexy chest” but a HAIRY one as well.
- If you wanted one. lol. Plenty are too happy with their "I'm BIG, not FAT!!!!!!!!!" man boobs. Hehe. And if thats you, all good!

I gotta laugh. And initially I ignored the comment.

But (and especially given some of my other writing), it was too unique to ignore!

A person named “Claude Lee” on a decidely NON “sexy” social media platform had the following to say about one of my recent posts.

“Sexy! Nice hairy chest!”

Now, some might get offended by this.

Some might not.

Some might think “what the hezey”.

Thats what I thought initally, but a thought just struck me – we’ve all heard the expressions “grow some hair on your chest, “boy”!”

Or something like that.

“Balls of steel”.

“Balls the size of golf balls”

And so forth, and while this isn’t descending into you know what, the point is this.

These workouts DO giv eyou that LOOK – and the GUMPTION I’ve spoken about so often – and they literally DO MAKE MEN OUT OF BOYS!

Especially the handstand pushup workouts – as mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders, and for you advanced sorts – Battletank Shoulders.

Yes, I know.

The initial course is advanced enough, but there are those that want more, therefore …

And fear not. Due to all my recent commitments (a spate in those to be honest) I haven’t found time to write more books that will literally make more “hair” sprout on your chest due to the massive boost of T-rone you’ll be getting in your body.

But Im on it.

Advanced Hill Training and Animal Kingdom Workouts are two courses that do the above just as well as the two above it.

Or, any of my courses actually.

Thats what natural training does to you.

It makes you feel GOOD all over from the inside out.

IT makes REAL muscle sprout – and it improves the functoning of not just your internal organs, but the MOST Important muscle in your body – that between your EARS.

Really. Honestly. It does.

Not to mention outdoes most other “run of the mill” fitness programs out there by a factor of 10.

Anyway, books in the offing?

One on bridging workouts (believe me, this is a RUMPUS kicker el supremo).

Isometrics (half done, and I haven’t budged past that half mark as yet!)

A book on doing plyometrics (again – half done – but …)

A book on MUSCLE-UPS (to be honest I hadn’t thought of this one, but I believe there are people out there looking for the ultimate – and believe me, the muscle up is just step #1 to the ultimate. Yes. BELIEVE ME NOW and trust me later on this one!).

And … let’s see. Jumping rope (and that will be an elementary – advanced course that anyone can use).

A lot to do – and not that much time to do it in, hehe.

We’ll get to it all eventually though!

For now, I can’t promise that my workouts WILL make hair grow on YOUR chest – but it WILL “make men out of boys” – that I do promise!

And I’m out.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I wonder what “Miss Lee” – her of 0 Excuses Fitness fame – would have thought of the above comment! Indeed hilarious!

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