Three minutes a day ….

One of the reasons I LOVE my fitness systems is this – the TIME it takes, or the lack of it, to get a great workout in.

For example, Hindu squats.

It takes but three minutes (or should take, at least) to do a 100 of them as I tell you in the videos in proper CADENCE (and most can’t do 20 when they start, and it takes donkey’s years to work up to 100, let alone anything else).

And this workout taxes your entire body.

Suspend your disbelief for a minute there.

Do the hand swings as I tell you to.

Really engage the upper body by breathing.

And you’ll quickly see why Indian wrestlers (and wrestlers everywhere, actually – I think I remember Ken Shamrock or someone from the UFC saying he used to knock out “500 of these” for fun or something. Again, I cant remember the exact quote. I’ll have to look it up, but the guy was a monster, and still is – in a good way – and if fitness monsters like that swear by it, then …)

Or, handstand pushups.

Even HOLDING a handstand for 10 seconds in the static position is beyond imagination for most people.

Or getting into it.

But this isn’t to tom tom how many of them I can do. IT’s about the benefits it has for you.

You’ll quickly see your traps and forearms EXPLODE with size and power, more than if you were doing just pull-ups (note – pull-ups are great too though!).

And you’ll quickly find out how it reduces FAT all over your entire body. Notice that heart thump!

It’s really that DEEP thumping that gets the fat burners going, my friend, not the “70% heart zone rate rubbish on a bicycle” that most people are fed (and choose to believe despite lack of results and knowing better).

And so forth.

QUICK workouts. Jumping rope. Doing sprints. Or even a quick and INTENSE (different from sprints) run.

And so forth.

And then you’re back to your day, refreshed and such, ready to GO!

And that, my friend does it for me. Don’t know about you, but I’ll take it any day over gym shym, personal trainers asking me to do “3 sets of 10” and then massaging my shoulders after each set (UGH! Although I must admit Jassy who posted that picture has rather beautiful shoulders, but hey, lets not go there!) … or pink dumbells, or spandex, or bozo like “look at my pump BROOOOOOO” ands all this other rubbish.

It’s about productivity, a calm mind and life for me. My fitness routines don’t take over my life (well, they did for a few months , but that is the exception) – and they shouldn’t yours as well!

And really, if you think about it, you DO have the RIGHT to get in a workout any place, any time, anywhere – of your own choosing – without bending to the will, whims and fancies of most modern day “chrome and fern” estabilishments.

And thats all I gotta say about that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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