A truly INSPIRATION “Cliffhanger” story why grip training is damn near as important as BREATHING!
- LISTEN UP GUYS!!!!!!!!!

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Man oh man, am I inspired!

I KNEW there was a reason “Gorilla Grip” was swirling around in my dreams last night, and now I KNOW!


Anyway, John (a great customer and I) were rapping back and forth about the Bozo that complain that “I make it sound like grip strength is as important as breathing“.

And I laughed, and said to John … “Maybe not AS important, but damn near”.

And the NUMERO UNO thing to train along with th elegs and back (and therefore core).

Now, this isn’t about me or my thoughts.

Lets hear what John had to say (he told me “grip strength to him is as important as breathing”), and then the story.

By the way, have y’all seen the Stallone movie Cliffhanger?

If you’re scared of heights – don’t see it.

In that movie … ah, but why me.

Lets share John’s story – this truly moved me, and it’ll move YOU, and he’s a hero to me at least!

Hello Rahul

Oh yes, I get the picture, it’s the same stupid logic the idiots use when they tell you they’re using lifting straps because their backs are so much stronger than their grip, well done geniuses, you’re now lifting something with your “inbuilt” safety mechanism overridden (you shouldn’t be able to lift what you can’t hold on to) and you’re only making the disparity between the two even greater, now that sounds like a devastating spinal injury waiting to happen to me.

An example of why grip training is as important as breathing (to me anyway) is because it can save not only your own life but also someone else’s.

I was climbing a 100ft cliff without any safety equipment because I know the cliff well I’ve climbed it many times before and I know the safe route up the cliff, however my teenaged nephew had never climbed the cliff before so I warned him not to try and follow me as it was too dangerous, nearing the top of the cliff I’d thought he’d listened until he was suddenly beside me with a huge grin on his face but that grin did not last long because as he passed me he grabbed hold of a large chunk of rock which immediately dislodged and he was hurtling down the cliff, in the split second that it took for him fall I managed to grab his left wrist with my right hand, so I had his whole bodyweight in my right hand whilst I was holding on for dear life with my left, I managed to stabilise myself by pressing my body flat against the cliff face, with every ounce of strength I could muster I curled my nephew with my right arm which allowed him to reach for the top of the cliff with his right hand, once he’d established a firm enough grip with his right hand I was able to let go of his left wrist so he could grab a hold of the top of the cliff with both hands, now that he was holding on with both hands I was able to place my right hand under his butt and I was able to push him up to the top of the cliff where he managed to scramble to safety and I (at last) was able continue up to safety as well.

I tell you this not to make myself look like some kind of hero (I’m not) but to illustrate why I believe grip training is so important, if my grip had not been “rock solid” that day (no pun intended) I believe the sudden jolt of my nephew’s bodyweight hitting my right hand grip, would have been too much for me to hold on to, I also believe it would have also jerked my left hand grip away from the cliff face and we both would have gone hurtling down the cliff to the rocks below.

People who neglect their grip are not only risking their own survival but also of those that they love and care for.

Buying the cart before you buy the horse would be one way of looking at the problem, another way of looking at it would be, if you’ve put the “cart before the horse” i.e. in front of the horse you’ve got things back-to-front, “horses pull not push” so neither the cart or the horse are going anywhere with that setup if you catch my drift.


Warmest Regards


Your truly – –

Hi John

I gotta say, this is truly, truly inspirational!!

I dont know if you’ve seen the Stallone movie “The Cliff Hanger” ?Well, what you’re describing – the situation is EXACTLY what happened to Stallone in the movie – an inexperienced climber insisted on going with him on a very dangerous cliff climb, all hell broke loose (the story isn’t that important, but it did), and Stallone was stuck on a safety rope light years from “ground” (dizzying heights – I got dizzy just WATCHING THE MOVIE – so much for the idiots that claim “imagination isn’t everything” – Henry Kaiser and others knew better for one!) . . . And while he was making his way “on all fours” across the rope, and reached safely with a few jokes?

The girl followed.

her equipment snapped.

STallone was back on the line!

And he was stuck HOLDING the girl with one hand, and think about it – suspended in mid air with his LEGS alone, with backpacks etc, miles and miles above ground, dizzying heights – – – and the girl’s glove slipped and she went hurtling to her “demise” as it were, and her boyfriend never forgave Stallone (they were best friends) – – and well, the story after that isn’t important.

Again, I dont know if you have seen the movie, but it’s not important. (though I just described the opening scenes to you).

You say you’re not saying this to sound like a hero – maybe you’re not – but listen UP, John!

You ARE a hero!

Much like the story of Sig Klein who saved the day (mentioned in Gorilla Grip (Advanced)) and countless other UNSUNG heroes – you – ARE a hero!

Mucho kudos!

Yes, as for the Bozos that claim “we’re big and not fat” and all that, well, enough said – I’ve said plenty in that regard, and so have you.

I gotta share this with the fellas NOW – this is truly, truly inspirational!

And keep training hard – this story means YET ANOTHER Discount is waiting for YOU – – I’m truly MOVED – – email me, and we’ll “get her done!”

Mucho KUDOS,


… John – you’re truly one of those real life heroes!

And HE IS!!


One of the greats, to me at least.

An unsung HERO.

And so are many of YOU, my friends – so DO write back and share YOUR stories too with me so I can share ’em with the world!

I mean every word when I said an additional discount is waiting for him – if anyone deserves it, he does!

I know he says “he doesnt deserve it, and I do (because of my books etc)” – well … I dont know what to say!

But John – you’re the best!

Keep training hard – bro!

And last, but not least, the cart before the horse thingy?

Well, lots of idiots despite what I mention on the SALES PAGE for Gorilla Grip VERY CLEARLY … that these exercises are to be done WITH, NOT IN PLACE OF 0 Excuses Fitness (Rolls Royce), lots of people still do exactly the opposite of what I say.

And therefore what John said.

Why on earth would anyone purchase Gorilla Grip without purchasing 0-Excuses Fitness first/at the same time (as I did) yes, Gorilla Grip is a great book and training your grip is as important as breathing but without 0-Excuses it is like putting the cart before the horse.

I wish I could answer that …

And yeah, despite me mentioning clearly on the sales page that “these exercises need to be done WITH, not in place of, 0 Excuses Fitness”, I dont know, people still buy the “cart” first and then the horse. What can I say, hehe.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Write back and let me know (us) what you think of this unsung hero, and I’ll share it with the world – this sort of thing is what makes it all worth it!

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