The various responses the greatest course EVER “Pushup Central” is getting … and more on the Dodos that dont do, but bitch and moan.
- YES - and UGH!

So, I’ve been aggressively promoting a lot of things as of late, none more so than my favorite book Pushup Central!


You’ll see it EVERYWHERE you go and we haven’t even started!

And there’s a reason behind it, which those that have bought the course KNOW what that reason. Check out the reviews for the book if you don’t believe me!

More than the Tom Tom’s, more than the hoo haa, more than the macho man stuff, what really prompted me to do it was this – when I wrote the book, I had a dream for it.

I SAW it in front of me clearly, as if it were happening.

Dreams only come to reality once we “do”.

And now’s the time to “do” for that book, and I’m damned and determined to DO for it.

And, we’re getting massive traffic to our site (s) – MASSIVE!

So much so that the “cup spilleth over”, and the “site ran out of memory” – but guess what it wasn’t these two sites – it was the OTHER Sites that aren’t mentioned here!

Some people have made the connection, hehe.

Thats how it goes, my friend.

You invest, you promote, you put ALL you got into a product, and dont be surprised if you sell more than that one product – this goes for ALL of you out there, regardless of what type of products you might or might not be selling.

And, of course, it’s bringing Dodos and nuts out, and REAL MEN too in droves!

Check out some of the responses we got –

Help, I have wings and no arms.


Sir, i want to buyyy from u, please how much it will cost!

I dont sell to Dodos.


THANK YOU, SIR! (thats a real man, a customer)

Dale duro Rahul!

And so forth … (I’m not sure what the last means – something in Marathi, an Indian regional language? If someone knows, please tell me!)

And, of course nothing is ever complete these days with Nazi jackboot like censorship from the Bozos and jackasses at LinkedIn.

Remember I sent an email yesterday about why I dont want to convince YOU to buy from ME?

The smackdown – so they think – I got about i t- –

Your post goes against our policy on bullying and harassment. It has been removed and only you can access it.

In case you’re not familiar with our policy on bullying and harassment, we encourage you to review our Professional Community Policies. If you think we made a mistake, you can ask us to take a second look.

For reference, the post is HERE.



Please read it, and tell me where exactly I bullied and harassed ANYONE.

I was simply saying if you dont want to buy, don’t.

And apparently that pissed a ton of people off too.

Here’s the thing though – LinkedIn is getting AS BAD as Facebook over censoring what they deem not acceptable.

There is BLATANT China Tom Tomming going on there all day for one, yet WHEN WE the PATRIOTS say something – point out the other side of all this – the real thing?

We’re censored, and it ain’t just me.

There is a reason I left Freakbook that I’ve mentioned before ie. goose and gander.

And I might well permanently dump Pinked-Out too …

Anyway, enough on that front.

Pushup Central, my friend, is where it’s at.

If you haven’t got this little monster, get it now – its the best ever investment you’ll make in your fitness, period.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ll be back

PS #2 – Remember, leave a review via the download link you get in your email Inbox after purchase!

PPS – Follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already, because lots of things on there I dont say here!