Why I dont believe in beads, chains and amulets to ward off evil
- Hehe

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And much, much more!

Stand by and stand back“, was what President Trump famously once advised the Proud Boys to do when they were being pestered by Biden I believe, and I’ll tell y’all to do this too for this email, because it truly is spectacular!

Much like the blitz and promo (blitzKREIG!) I’m doing for Pushup Central, which the plans for that are so grandiose I Cannot believe them myself, yet, here I am – doing it.

As you read, bear in mind what a customer from the Great Country of Greece “Panourgias” once said about me.

“I see something in you!”

He is RIGHT.

I’m sure many others agree.

And more on that soon, but for now, this beads, chains, amulets thing …

I’ve never been huge on any of it, and never really believed in it.

Back in the day my “then wife” once told me to get an amulet or something with a “ruby” or something inside of it.

Apparently a Baba Shaba told her it would bring me luck or some rubbish. I dont know – I dont believe in those quacks – I believe in DREAMS, the subconscious, and the mind!

And the lady from Khajiaar, who oddly enough despite selling “Feng Shui” stuff never once sold any one of those amulets etc.

Anyway, I never really wanted to wear it. Damn thing was heavy, like something a woman would wear, almost!

Then WAY back in the day she gave me a “kada” – some sort of bangle from some temple which I didnt quite know why I had to wear, but I did, so I did.

Of course, all of this was taken away from me in the past few years, hehe.

Visits back home, even when NOT … the relationship right now is , well, everyone knows!


But I dont mind, really.

To me I found it “unfair” that she would take back what was GIVEN to me, but I dont really care.

But many people do!

I saw the leader of Hong Kong, a shaminiac fool and Tom Tom if there ever was one, Carrie Lam with one of those necklaces around her neck. And as my S.O. said, people are rushing to astrologers now even more so than ever, and they’re making BIG bucks during the panic-demic with their rubbish of Saturn aligned in so and so position with Venus or not if you get my drift.

I mean, dude, the stars only align if we WANT them to do and put our MIND to it. Very simple!

But anyway, Claude Bristol, by far along with Napoleon Hill the GREATEST SEER OF THEM ALL spoke about this in the Magic of Believing.

He spoke about how people use various visual effects to convince the subconscious minds of oneself and others to do what “they want”.

And so, if you think, for instance, a cracked mirror will bring you bad luck – and believe in this, then it will.

If you believe the beads etc and wearing a ton of them will bring you goo dluck?

Well, ask Carrie Lam who doesnt even have a bank account now, hehe, after all the sanctions the US imposed on HK (and it’s funny – even the Chinese didnt give her a Bank of China account!).

But yea, all about belief, so if someone believes in trinkets and amulets, by all means go for it.

Or, Modi style Baba Shaba beard. Hehe.

I’d rather Trump!

And thats how I’ve been all my life.

Me, the only jewelry I wear is a chain around my neck because I like it … no other reason, and thats the sole remaining “style” statement from back when I did the “Stallone” look in Cobra, hehe, probably in some ways better than him with the hair, lol.

And of course, the wrist bangle, which Marc the African Silverback Gorilla asked the following when we were boxing.

“You need to take that off! Don’t you know we dont wear jewelery while boxing!”

I forgot. Hehe. He was right as always!

Great guy!

“What is that anyway? A c*** ring for your 10 inch c****)?


I must admit, it took me five minutes to get back to sparring, so loudly did I laugh, the Jim thought I went nuts!


Anyway ……. I took it off. I hadn’t for years, and didnt think I could, but as Marc said if it came on, it’ll come off!

Much like a cond….hehe.

Anyway, I’m having fun here.

So, another great conversation I’ve been having with a great customer!

First, we spoke about how the greater the goal and desire are, the MORE you’ll be tested.

And given what I’m doing with Pushup Central now, and all the hate and backlash I’m getting – hell yes, BRING IT!

I’ve never been one to back down.

Bozo Schofield ?

BRING IT! (though he’s been very silent for the past week, wonder whats up. Hehe. I haven’t even STARTED with him, trust me!).

Paedophiles like him deserve NO MERCY!

Then we were talking India.

I was rapping about the inane restrictions there, and how the “sheeple” globally don’t complain about ANYTHING being foisted on them.

No independence, apparently no problem.

Less and less freedom no problem.

Panixations and swabs in ass?



Maria, a Chinese lady (my Jie Jie) once told me the following about the last.

“Chinese people can accept anything!”

And the same is true for India. Ugh. Although China is light years ahead of INdia in terms of development, they know it wasn’t so long ago during Mao’s era they were eating Earth to survive – literally – and given what JingPing is doing now, well …

I always remember this quote but I can’t remember who wrote it, “most men live their lives in quiet desperation”.

So damn true, John!

Thing is, you dont HAVE to, and why I get frustrated with idiots telling me “it’s just speaking on the Internet! It has no effect!”

This is idiocy x 10000000.

President Trump did that, and look what happened.

NO, I dont condone the violence at the Capitol, but when your freedom is being taken away, by GOD, you need to ACT!

And you need to LEAD!



there are only three basic types of men, the wolves, the sheep and the sheepdogs, unfortunately the vast majority of men in the world are the sheep and they’re usually “content” just to follow the flock, their lives only change when being driven by the sheepdogs or attacked by the wolves.


Alonzo said the same thing in Training Day, hehe, except he was pithier about it.

And I keep saying the same thing about the SHEEPLE.

And the most interesting part of all this?

Have you ever thought of starting the “independence for deli” party? If anyone could achieve such a thing, my money would be on you being the one to achieve it.

This guy is one of the smartest dudes I’ve ever met!

I agree with what you’re saying about what I refer to as the “sheeple” – they’re present and their numbers are growing globally …

But I gotta tell you – Independence for Delhi?? Now thats a damn good idea, man, I never thought of that!! Not sure though if it would be able to sustain itself as an independent state or country though, haha, though yes, the economy is pretty massive, but as I said before, the country will probably “want” to split up at some point. The South and North don’t get along, and haven’t for years, and the North East pretty much just wants to be left alone, hehe.

Independence for Delhi, indeed interesting! But yes, the guy who at the age of 13 was termed as “Amitabh Bachan and Akshay Kumar” rolled into one (swashbuckling so called heroes of cine then) . . . perhaps I could!

On a seperate and more interesting note, I dont know you read about the two battles we had with Delhi Police when they screwed us over? One even made it to page #2 of the Times of India, hehe, and I had a news reporter showing up at my doorstep. Pity I heeded my lawyer’s advice at the time not to talk to her, I could really have “Trumped” that situation more than we eventually did (they gave us a letter of apology, returned our dough that they stole from us, and more) . . . Hehe. But personally, at that point, I was sick and tired of the whole mess too, or lawyer or not, crooked or not, I’d have gone out and told the dame what I really thought of the whole mess!

Not sure if you’ve read it, I’ve mentioned it several times in my emails but Google Rahul Mookerjee, and you’ll see it on page #1 – for some reason, it has been “doing the rounds” as of late. Hehe.

Well, that explains my thoughts on that.

But maybe someday yours truly “firebrand” will do what ha sbeing suggested above.

Funnily enough?

John’s CLOSER to the truth than he knows, except he’s off by the “place”. Delhi wasn’t ever in my thoughts, hehe, but I won’t reveal more for now!

Anyway, the court case – ya’ll on the list know all about it! And if you dont, well, Google is your friend or ask me and I’ll link etc.

Never one for publicity am I. Hehe.

(And curiously enough, I was told “not to tangle with the powers that be” when we went to the High Court. F*** that. If something’s wrong, it’s wrong.

And funnily enough the same people who told us that – they were supporting us when we WON).

Anyway, all this aside, lets end with FITNESS!

He wants the videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System as a standalone package since he has the books (paperbacks) already.

Which is a great idea!

Lots of you have the book, but not th evideos.

So, if thats you – contact me – I’ll do up a special option for YOU as it’s not currently there as a purchase option on the website.

He also wants the following books –

Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD within weeks!

Profound “70% Gorilla 30% Human” handstands.

And I gotta tell you, he got Pushup Central and Isometric and Flexbility Training before that, and Animal Kingdom Workouts.

And THAT is the progression you might want to follow too.

Remember though, the “profound” course is ADVANCED, and the next thing to working up to freestanding handstands (which is course #4 on it).

So, you’ll want to get the other TWO courses on handstands FIRST before this one.

(he already owns ’em).

And the book  on pull-ups, my brother, is pure GOLD.

Well, my friend, there endeth this long eye watering email.

I’ll see y’all soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you see our campaigns for Pushup Central anywhere – show some LOVE! Like, tweet, buy, whatever, but lets make THIS BIG!



(poor Ann, little did she know she unleashed a BEAST INCARNATE that will NOT – REFUSES – to be TAMED – by ANYONE).

PPS – I also believe in this – the force of the, as they say, in India, the MUKKA!

(The FIST).

In short, if someone fucks with me or BADGERS ME and PESTERS ME and there are plenty – more than they should, then my friend it’s simple. they will get A FOOT UP the ASS, and thats that. End of story.

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