“Nowwwwwwwwwwww is a good time to do business in China” (not!)
- Ugh, these buffoons - but know what really irks me?

It isn’t just the neediness in the posts these self obsessed lard ass Mama’s boy (controlled by Chinese wife and girlfriend) so called China business experts “WE teach you how to do business in China, without us, you’l lFAIL!” (yeah – right – it ain’t the 1990’s no more, Bubba) keep making, Tom Tomming everything the CCP does, and dissing everything the ROW does – to the point of being called traitors to their own countries (a friend of mine told me that privately).

And thats what they are – TRAITORS.

I see a lot of these Tom Tom’s on a daily basis – they come from all over the globe, but Australia seems to have a lot of them running around in China, desperately looking for the next ESL gig, and hoping for the next cash handout from their wives and girlfriends while pandering to the Chinese public in the hope they’ll care (hint – they dont. The age of foreign devils being worshipped is LONG gone, if it was ever there – it wasn’t, to be fair – and ESL was never the golden cash cow people thought it was – and now? Less than the dregs and pits! ) about their silly “business plans” that their wives paid for …

Cooking meals on the middle of busy streets much like a low income Chinese hawker would …

But anyway, the Tom Tomming pisses me off not so much because it’s untrue – flat out – but also because it glorifies a dictatorship that did everything possible (admittedly, the ROW helped while they slept on the threat!) to destroy the entire world and put it on the brink of war (which might still end up happening).

The latter actually is more of a reason.

Note I dont say China.

I say CCP!

LOTS of Chinese dont like the CCP’s policies, my friend.

This is something not spoken about openly.

Things were a lot better pre Xi Jingping takeover, when China was *gasp!) actually becoming somewhat more democratic in that people were finally able to START to find their voice – not a lot – but a little.

It all starts with ONE voice.

And Xi knew that, of course, and China right now is in the grips one of the most brutal dictatorships it’s ever seen since Mao.

I love the country, but fear the direction its headed in. So do many Chinese. I could name 10 right now. I won’t.

But anyway, that aside, it’s not even the neediness you can smell a mile away that pisses me off – or maybe thats it.

“NOWWWWWWWWWWWW is a good time to do business in China” claim these Bozos while posting doctored pictures of pool parties in Wuhan saying “China is the most hedonistic place on the planet to be!”

I mean, really, dude.

Get the eff real (if drinking engine oil baijiu equates to hedonism in your book – GREAT – but not all of us feel the same way!).

The plague China sent over is by no means gone in China, and we all know about the doctored figures and cover ups to this day.

How many of you know the recent incident in Lowu Shenzhen China – where residents were forced out of their houses in the middle of the night no less for COVID testing?

If you dont comply, they’ll drag you out, kicking and screaming.

Dont believ eme?

Follow me on social media, and you’ll see photos.

Dont believe me on the kicking, screaming, extreme violations of privacy etc?

Think having anal swabs is bad?

Well, picture the CCP putting cameras IN YOUR HOUSE – watching your every move.

(dont believ eme? I know. I know. Great! I just “demonize” the See Xi Pee. But fact is, even the most liberal leaning of news media, example, She – En – En has said it…)

That, my friend, isn’t the end of it either – I won’t even get into Xinjiang here!

But it just irritates and irks me, the constant neediness and tom tomming and blatant MIS REPRESENTATION of actual FACTS ON THE GROUND!

People might not know it, but masks are still very much mandatory in China in many places, and unlike back home, you can’t “argue” with the law there.

It’s either do it, or you get put in PRISON. Simple.

Anyway, the neediness is I think what irritates me and makes me laugh in equal measure, especially when I see the pictures these nuts post.

You can’t fake VIBES!

They try to, but they can’t.

They’re DESPERATE for business.

Anyway, yours truly never does the “NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW is a good time to buy my products“.

Hell, I do a pretty damned good job of inflaming and repelling the vast majority of people who come to the site. Hehe.

So it should be.

I’d rather market my stuff to the DOERS – the great guys that GET IT – not the Tom Tom’s and typical wackos running around with heads up asses or what not.

The only time I’ll say NOW is when the word is warranted.

Such as the one copy of Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition lying around.

Two, actually.

But no more than that.

If you want it, get it NOWWWWWWWWWW – why? Not because it’s a magic potion to solve “awwllllll” the problems you’re having now, but because once gone, this RARE GEM OF A COURSE – will be gone – forever.

No more reprints, not the Collector’s Edition.

If you want in, jump NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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