China Tom Tom Fionn “Not Right” calls everyone in Xinjiang a terrorist
- Pathetic!

I was hearing another one of the China Tom Tomming discussions that might as well say “we want to lick the CCP’s boots, rear ends, and probably other parts only Glyn Bozo knows about”.

I wont’ dignify it by mentioning the URL here, but let me copy and paste the what the moronic cunt wrote (an Aussie – it’s sad to see people from one of the greatest countries ever – admittedly they’re a tiny effing minority but still – damn their OWN countries (which paradoxically enough are the reason they’re in China Tom Tomming in the first place!) – and do everything possible to lick CCP Boots. Yes, they’ve painted themselves into a corner and have zero choice, but still – its pathetic!) …

Has the “Chinese Era” already arrived?

RM – Nope. 

China has the largest middle class & growing

RM – Illusions, my friend. 

Poverty reduction unparalleled

RM – Try telling that to those in places of the nation you never see…

20% of global population in China

RM – Well, there’s plenty in India and Brazil too, if I recall right…

Largest trading partner with most countries

RM – Increasingly, that advantage is slipping away. The world has woken up.

Chinese are the world’s most optimistic

RM – They’re the most Bozo like, I’d say in certain regards. 

Chinese are well educated (willing to invest in education)

RM – Even the Chinese themselves would be the first to dispute this – look at the long lines of Chinese applying for student visas to the US, and before the mess in HK, the number of families sending their kids to study in HK as opposed to Shenzhen, or the nuts flocking to the ESL Centers, or what not. They might be well educated in Tom Tomming the CCP (i.e. brainwashed), but little else for the most part, and the smart ones – guess what – ESCAPE!

China understands the world much better than the reverse

RM – Ahem…

The linguistic barrier is increasingly one way

RM – I dont think so. English is very much still the Lingua Franca of the world. Not everyone is a China Tom Tomming idiot pestering people on LinkedIn for businesss…

There are very few foreigners in China, but Chinese are everywhere. A generation of internationally educated Chinese has access in and out of China

RM – Ever heard of planes and people globally traveling you Bozo? 

Long term vision & short term implementation

RM – Long term foolishness, short term idiocy …(ask any expat in China what they REALLY think and feel, they’ll tell you!) 

Dual circulation economy

RM – Eh? Come again?

5 year plans delivered again and again

RM – Yes, the China virus being one of the most successful ones. 

Meritocratic political leadership

RM – Merit? In a dictatorship? 

95.5% Chinese satisfied with their government

RM – Somehow I disagree, but hey … Can you PROVE this? 

(I know, I know. I didnt think so! But Ihad to ask anyway!)

China is firstly a civilization, secondly a country – Chinese history and culture create unity unseen anywhere else

RM – Really? What unity? The salutes you see in CCP ads “All China together!” 

Firstly a civilization, secondly a country … that basically copied and bastardized everything India did for ages. 

Right down to their Tai Chi nonsense. ’nuff said!

China is economically and politically resilient

RM It isn’t either one of the two. Certainly not the latter!

There is no alternative to BRI

China offers trade not just aid

RM – It offers DEBT is what it does. And more and more countries are waking up to this fact. Even Pakistan, their fair weather friend has woken up!

Digitalization of currency is 5-10 years ahead of rest of world

RM – True, they’re the best and first and foremost at finding new ways to control the populace…

Green tech like electric vehicles already widely used

RM – they are in many other nations to. Your point being, Bozo Musk kow tows to the PRC….

China has more smart cities than rest of world combined

RM – I’m yet to see one truly smart city where everything can be done online, for one. Seems to be all going in the reverse direction. 

Anything else worth mentioning?

RM – no, you fool, other than the fact you need some serious, serious mouthwash if you get my drift! The stench is ALL PERVASIVE. Ugh. 

(Remember the “kiss McMahon’s ass” episode in the WWE? hehe) 

Anyway, I’ve distilled his rubbish above, but I won’t get into it further here, but point being a response he got along the lines of freedom, and Tom Tom “Right” (not) saying “in certain contexts limiting freedom is great”.

i dont think so. Ask the people in Xinjiang for example

Was the response he got. Rightly so – I’d add Tibet and Inner Mongolia too.

THIS was what I wanted to bring up tho –

Would you let terrorists roam free? Of course there are times when it’s wise to limit freedom.

That was what the Tom Tom responded with.

So now all people in Xinjiang, being incarcerated at a very high and alarming rate, literally to the point their race and culture is being wiped off China’s “map” – quite literally, what China is doing to them mentally , physically and in all regards is way worse than the “in your face” atrocities Hitler committed (and please, folks, I know you won’t be, but dont be swayed by the cute little girls giggling in ads the CCP puts out – they’ve got a gun pointed to the back of their heads in those ads, except you cannot see it!). . . are – terrorists.


Is there any limit to the idiocy?

As Charles Mitchell rightly said, the CCP has got to go!

“I cannot see how you live in China for so many years!”

Well, I got into that in a prior post.

But back to Tom Tom’s …

These SAME Tom Tom’s, when you confront them about what Hamas is doing in Israel claim (despite being Hamas being an officially and internationally recognized TERROR outfit by everyone except the CCP) ?

“But they’re freedom fighters!”

When you confront them about the rogue regime in Iran?

Jo Jo, an idiot lawyer in Shanghai I once knew got back to me with “Iranian culture so deep, not like you Americans!”


A rabid Ayatollah running the country almost along the lines of th eTaliban, with all the hoo haa these damn Nazi feminists make about womens rights, of course, all very conveniently forgotten when its conveneint for them!

Not to mention Iran and North Korea are basically terror states.

They fund terror and sponsor it. Simple fact.

And when the Tom Tom’s are asked about Iran, that is their response.

Pathetic. Really, really pathetic.

Sorry ass excuse for HUMAN beings, regardless of politics!

Anyway, I’m off my soap box. But I had to say this!

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Rahul Mookerjee

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