“who on God’s green earth would pay this much for an ebook ? ?”
- More Bozo Centrals on God's green Earth

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An idiot reviewed a book in July – Barnstomer Shoulders!

I’ve hardly promoted that book, but it’s sold like hotcakes – its bascially the compilation version of “Shoulders like Boulders!” , “Battletank Shoudlers”, and “FAQ on Handstand pushups” (the last by itself a gem too as those that have got it will attest).

“Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” hasn’t made it into the compilation, because thats super advanced, and moving into freestanding handstands, almost – actually, as you will see in book number FOUR in the series, that is what I basically work up to in #3.

So for those that have got #3, but not the first two – you need to get those first, my friend.

But anyway, I meant to bring this up.

Interesting how Google doesn’t let “genuine buyers” review in some cases, yet nuts that didnt even buy the book get to review it.

Like Bozo Schofield and Keith James or Andrea whatever on Amazon …

Here’s the review –

who on God’s green earth would pay this much for an ebook ? ?

Emran Edris  (interesting he uses the term “God”)

Now, I could go on and on – as I have so many times about why anyone sane on God’s green earth would do just that, why people that squawk about prices are utter fools – and so forth.

But I won’t – I’ll point out the similarity between all the Bozo reviews, and then what REAL reviews are about.

All the five star reviews I’ve gotten, or most – are anything but verbose (those that are – are super verbose, which is great, I love it – the more the better!) …

Bu tin most cases, they’re the silent DOERS.

They love the product!

and they star it accordingly.

Thank you, guys!

But the idiots and Bozo Schofields that dont even buy it?

Their PRIME RANT and beef …

“Never for 49 Euros!” (Isometric and Flexibility Training)

“Finally, for what it is, the book is quite expensive! The author has written several more books making similar claims, all even more expensive!” (Gorilla Grip)

“Since I have so much money to burn on Rahul’s books) (Animal kIngdom Workouts – that was a Bozo review)

“For the price you can get books far better!”

(Shoulders like BOULDERS!)

(btw, these are all on Amazon – i.e. the crap reviews, or Google, so you can Google if you want the links. No, unlike the Bozos claim, I dont want “negative” jokes of reviews removed. I’ll happily take then, let the TOWERING MONUMENTS to insane levels of IDIOCY And Schofield Stupidity as I like to call it STAND (unlike the Bozo’s you know what)).

Note that ALL these reviews, and I’ve shared the original links before, and I’ll happily do so again if you want – they dont say much, if anything at all about the CONTENT of the book.

About how it ain’t the size of the dog or how many pages in the book, or how the author looks or what not.


ALL these idiots giving the one star reviews – there is not one single one of them that have addressed anything remotely training related or close to it in their so called reviews.

And like some customers have said, that alone should be motivation enough to get some of my books.

Price is all they whine about.

Which itself says a lot, and the next time you see one of these reviews, giggle and rebut it, or don’t, but you’ll be thinking Bozo for sure.


And rightly so!

Alright, I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, place that pre-order NOW for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness..

PPS – Not to mention the moronic thinking behind … “ebooks shouldn’t be expensive”.

Like, why the hell not?

Why just “print books”?

Last I heard, you could take your Kindle to the crapper too, truth be told, you could wrap the book in GOLD and give it to these fools, and they’d still complain.

Oh well, hehe. Bozos will be Schofields, or the other way around, and his posse, or whatever, hah.

PPS #1 – I can predict the next review I get.

“Rahul keeps selling with sooooooooooooooo many links in his emails”


really, what idiots. “el supremo”

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