The perfect “cold” workout
- Not the plague, hehe.

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With everything else going on at full tilt around here, something I forgot to mention in the last email?

Well, I seem to have picked up the dickens of a COLD!

Yours truly normally NEVER gets sick – trust me.

But when I do, it tends to be rather extreme – sort of like all the accumulated toxins which I do NOT allow to overwhelm me into the usual “oh, I feel so DOWN” refrain most people have upon waking up, even, and right until BED … coming out.

Either a stomach bug or severe cold is how it manifests itself.

Usually takes a couple of days to resolve it – with NO medication.

(I sometimes take “natural” herbs etc for it, but usually, water and green tea as I normally drink, just more of it).

(How could I forget the chilled beer which kills all the germs too, supposedly. Hehe).

Or the liqor!

Suffice it to say I dont take the flu too seriously. Hehe. Despite what it says, chances of you dying from it or even getting REAL sick are minimal!

BElieve me, I know what real sickness is like. At the age of 15, I believe, I had dengue fever – with a temperature approaching 104 degrees Celsius – and RISING.

Nothing the docs would do would stop it.

Finally, one of the meds seeme dto work, but I doubt that – I believe it was my inner WILL fighting against it!

(hence – another reason, freedom and common sense apart, why I’m not too keen on forcing people to take untested vaccines that may or may not work, may or may not turn you into an iguana or so forth) …

Docs have their place, yes, but most of the time they read from textbooks. Fact.

Now surgeons – now THAT is the real deal to me! Working live time upon a living human being – I dont know if I could do that!

they do, and keep their hands calm too, hehe, as has been stated in many a movie, book, and REALITY (you better hope they do of course. Hehe).

But anyway – at the time I had dengue, when I went back to school?

“I can’t believe you didnt die!” was what my friends told me when I showed up at school.

And given my weight had dropped drastically from an already skinny I believe 60 something kgs, and given my skin was full of puncture marks from all the needles they put in …

… I dont blame them for saying that!

Anyway, the last I got a cold this severe was Jan 2018.

Two days – and though I wanted to work it out, better sense prevailed (this was around the time I did the thumb in, in that freezing cold cum sleet!) – and Ididnt.

I normally don’t let a cold stop me.

But when it’s severe, and for me, everything is either extreme or not – then yeah, I do take a break.

Third day, I remember RARING to go, and I did – had the best workout ever!

So, for you, what does this mean.

Best workout for cold, you ask? Or the flu?

Well, it’s one that doesn’t tax you – but DOES.

It’s one that stretches you and relaxes you – from the inside out – and strengthens you.

It’s one that a lot of you KNOW about.

It’s one that works the heck out of the entire body without you even trying to make it do so!

And it’s one that is truly the missing link in your training, friend.

Thats right, truly.

There is a reason THIS book was the first I put out in hardcover…

And many of you have likely guessed which one it is. Hehe. Not Pushup Central no.

Not Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Not any of the others, all great books …

But THIS ONE – check it out now!

Trust me, you’ll feel like a bazillion bucks almost instantly after some of this!


Rahul mookerjee

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