12->48, thoughts transmuting, and more…
- Interesting!

I’ve been handed out rave reviews for my writing ever since I can remember, my friend.

Remember that one thing you’re so good at – naturally – that even your worst enemies could never criticize?

Even Bozo in the UK (Schofield) just had to admit “very well written” before starting his inane troll capers or what not …

That one thing you’re so good at – it differs from person to person – but THAT is the ticket, friend – for YOU.

There – I gave you the Zero to Hero secret – part of it – for FREE!

The rest, well, much like in Think and Grow Rich, I could tell you, but it would deprive YOU of the benefits – most of them – you’d get if you found out for yourself.

Napoleon Hill said this originally, now I am.


Anyway …………. on another note.

Something interesting has been with the translations of some of my erotica books.

Folks are enjoying it SO DAMN MUCH – that they arent just translating them.

They’re translating them x 4 – and wanting more – often times WITHOUT payment (because simply getting to READ the books is enough).

Dont believe me?

Let me give you some quotes.

Hi Mike, I got as far ahead as I could on volume 3, I’m only on chapter 15. I was so hooked on reading and translating the story that I completely forgot that I had to send the first 10 pages. I’m sorry, but the first 10 pages became the first 48. haha


” it might take a couple of days longer to finish the translation because I have some family commitments over the weekend (just like <chopped> and Mike, my girlfriend and I are moving in together for the weekend).”


Hi Mike, as I told you last night, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making progress with the book. (i finished it and uploaded it) Reading it had me hooked so I didn’t want to stop doing the translation. I have a theory that you make fast progress with translations when you really enjoy the text you are working with, and this has been the case. I really hope we can continue to work together whenever you want and need it.

To me, the best part of what he said (a few days ago was this )

As I was telling you, being isolated, I took advantage of translating as many hours as possible (to be honest, almost all day long, I only stopped to sleep). I hope the translation meets your expectations.

Changing the subject, I want to congratulate you for your book because while I was translating, I was immersed in the story and I even enjoyed it. I hope you feel like working with me again, so feel free to write me if you need to translate the other volumes. Thanks for the opportunity and the confidence, I really enjoyed it.

Best regards,


He literally stopped only to sleep – such was the speed of his translation … and the professionalism of his work, much like mine, you can FEEL IT!

(with his girlfriend there. GOtta wonder, which did he enjoy more. Hehe).

How nice to live in China, they have a fascinating culture, like the Japanese, culture and women that I also admire. India must be fantastic, I have several friends in India, they speak wonders, but I doubt I can adapt to the lifestyle.

That was an India vs China discussion, Iwont get into that here.

But remember, and why do I bring this up – because this is just ONE translator saying it.

Remember, others say the SAME thing about my fitness books too!

And I’ll share more in that regard too.

Folks have noticed a “sizzle” coming from my fitness writing – something DIFFERENT – the X FACTOR!

Sexual transmutation although a lot of you on here dont believe it has a LOT TO DO WITH THIS my friend – like Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, but it ain’t the whole shebang – pun intended,  and NOT , heh, by FAR.

But for you – remember – these books produce results, have a BANG to them – get you in the best shape of your life … and … well, enough said!

BY FAR the best when it comes to bodyweight fitness products is Rahul Mookerjee, and EVERYONE nigh knows that.

Or if you dont, you should … I’m NOT even bragging. Check out the books, DO the thing, you’ll know!

(PS – I was just “thinking” of you i.e. the translation process, and bingo – there it came! Interesting how thoughts transmute… Hehe).

Now, that was interesting.

I was thinking of how the translation was going, if with his girlfriend and all that he’d be able to get it done, or what not …

Bingo 10 or 12 pages ? you ask?

He sent me 48!

Given the book has 68 odd pages (remember, no pictures, short novels) – I bet it’ll be done in a few more hours, so “hooked and booked” is he.

And so are many of my fitness readers!

As Panourgias from Greece once told me.

“Even if the books weren’t of value fitness wise, which they ARE – I love reading them!”

“your books are the best!”

He’s right!

And thoughts do TRANSMUTE, friend, which is how I know the following.

YOU reading this want to invest in many things on this site, the 0 Excuses Fitness System being one – and some of my other books.

Animal Kingdom Workouts is another HUGE favorite for most.

And, everyone is curious to see Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness once the last section i.e kettlebells gets done.

I’d know this even without tracking clicks, page visits etc which I dont do much of anyway – remember, gut feeling guy!

So question begets – why aren’t more of you – or some of you, and you KNOW who you ARE – DOING the thing ?

Get the damn product already, my friend, I’ve said it SO many times, I dont know how else to tell you.

I dont know how you can just sit there and “do nothing”??????

I mean, you want it, you know it’s good quality – the best – it will help you more than any other purchase you make (of this nature) – it’s instant digital download or paperback, and a lot are in HARDCOVER too – so what more do you need??

Credit cards, paypal, heck, we even accept BTC!

And site wallet …

So, it boggles the mind.

“High price”

I wont even get into that idiotic squawk about prices, how people are willing to pay 5x that for the latest useless iphone or shiny nonsense that will “make people on social media, friends whatever, go “ga ga”” …

Do the thing, my friend.

Pick up some of my great products NOW as soon as you finish reading this email.

Remember, YOUR support is needed now more than ever … 

(really.  on ALL fronts!)

Do the thing…. And you SHALL have the POWER!


Rahul Mookerjee

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