If you’re leaving 5 (or 4) star reviews, then do this.
- Or any review, really...

Nah, this ain’t a pet peeve at all.

But it’s something interesting.

It’s a trend I’ve noticed for years, and it’s only accelerating now – funny given most people are so called “busy” – yet they have, more so than in other times – literally “F all” to do in many cases.

Nah, this aint a rant about how people are “so busy” yet find all the time in the world for dumbass videos and such …

A busy lady “Yiyi” just asked me “if I’m English teacher“.


(when I told her what I was).

And I was pretty candid in telling her “so typical, all foreigners in China are monkeys, right!”

Then she asked if I did Tik Tok – or Dou Yin.

“Maybe we make video together, sell products, make money!”


Why people dont get it, I dont know!

Like, I dont even have an account on either one of those two silly platforms, literally Twitter is all I use regularly, even there not a lot. Instagram, I post pictures sometimes, but thats it.

Without the hashtags, as I dont do it for marketing purposes.

Of course, she had to “sleep” after I called her out after “3 hours of housework”, so she says. Hehe.

October 1 holiday no less in China …

But anyway, back to the topic.

I’ve been noticing a lot of people leaving 5 and 4 star reviews, which is great.

If you’re one of these fine, fine folks- THANK YOU!

I really mean it!

But, here’s the thing. And it’s interesting, but it’s mostly the 5 star guys that dont leave “comments” in the review section.

Now hey, I get it.

Not all of us are writers, not all of us are good at it, not all of us WANT to be good at it, but really, just a few lines?

But again, I get it.

I’ve often done 5 star reviews without being arsed to write about it unless asked (in which case I nigh ALWAYS do it – a good product deserves it, period).

But even there, I get it if you dont want to …

(It’s interesting – a dissatisfied Bozo will go to the ends of the Earth to rant up a storm, while REAL DOERS … not necessarily so!).

But here’s the thing, my friend (if you fall into the category mentioned).

It’s great (again) if you left a 5 or 4 star – or any review.

I truly and deeply appreciate it …

But if I dont know who you are, I can’t give you the 10% auto discount that comes with the review on your next purchase!

Further, and more importantly.

If it’s 5 star, then tell me WHY you loved the book – and I’ll make sure to do more books in that vein!

If it’s 4 star, you gotta TELL me why you didnt do a 5 star!

Trust me, communication doesnt just rule the nation.

It’s KING, Queen, Ace and Jack all in one.

Hell, downgrade the stars for all I care if you so choose.

But what I really, really want is your thoughts in writing, it dont need to be a tome either.

I think thats fair enough … what do you say?

Anyway, I’m out.

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Get in while you can, friend. Price will only go UP later.


Rahul Mookerjee

Edit – I really need to introduce Yiyi to Glyn Bozo, hehe.