Serial refunders – listen UP – AGAIN!
- Nothing irks me MORE. Ive said it before, I'll say it again, and will CONTINUE TO!

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Yours truly has made no secret of not just his dislike – but utter and sheer CONTEMPT – for Bozos one, but serial refunders equally.

Business wise, more so the latter.

(Schofield, believe it or not, with his trolling is actually GOOD for business, hehe. Except his dumb ass never figured that out, he seems to have started to now though, late Start Glyno. HA!)

(And, he’s usually too drunk “in ass” to think straight anyway, even if he DID figure it out)

Anyway …

I’ve written tomes on that before, of course.

(Guess what pops up on page numero uno of google when searching for Amazon serial refunders) …

It’s an issue on this site, yes, but the other site – oh my. Literally a pandemic if I might say so, with the added benefit though that for each serial refunding Bozo, I usually end up getting 3x legit sales down the road.

Still, it’s aggravating as hell – on ALL Sites I own.

And listen, friend.

Dont give me excuses about price. We’ve discussed all that before, as we have tough times.

First thing you know, on a site like Amazon – NO-ONE – I repeat, no-one – least of me is forcing you to buy!

Then you have the whine fest about “At Barnes and Noble” we can sit down and read the book, decide if we like it first!

Well, it ain’t Barnes and Noble – I believe Amazon done put that out of biz, and second, you’re getting what you want – AT HOME!

Whether its instantly (Kindle) or Paperback (delayed, but still, at home) – you’re not paying for gas, your time, traffic snarlups etc (and gas is anyway apparently in short supply in places like the UK these days, gas , petrol, whatever you call it – or literally BOTH! Hehe.)

So it ain’t B and N.

Even if it’s not tho, I allow a certain portion of the book to read for free on Amazon (or perhaps thats Google where it gives you that option).

Either way, you can read – and decide.

But these BUFFOONS that take the book, read it – then a day later return it?

Just pathetic, especially when I see the books being pirated on other sites.

Have I gone after them?


I dont care.

But it irks and pisses me off that my products are in the hands of do nothing Bozos (that sort).

More – doing this sort of thing ultimately is going to make you (whoever does it) completely persona non grata on Amazon and everywhere – not that they aren’t cracking down already – theyve been doing it since 2018.

But, I read this on ecommercebytes ..

Amazon issued a statement on Tuesday about a man who was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison, though fraud related to the company does not appear to have been the major impetus behind the government’s case.

“We work hard to build a great shopping experience and that includes a seamless, customer-friendly returns policy. Mr. Chaves abused our policy, and we took action to protect our selling partners, our store, and the experience for all customers. We are grateful to the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Rhode Island in their thorough pursuit of this case.

“Amazon has teams and systems in place to proactively detect, investigate, and stop suspicious behavior and prohibited activity. Amazon has an extensive history of protecting its customers from fraud and abuse.”

Abusing Amazon Returns Can Land You in Jail – EcommerceBytes

You can read the rest there (judge ordered him to pay up – or …)

But really, I dont blame Amazon or the judge.

THAT is what these serial refunders deserve, mostly…

I dont know – pet peeve had to say it!

I have now.

So, that off my chest – and I’m out for now!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, pick up the one course that seems to be MOST in demand these days – Animal Kingdom Workouts – and given the results, I understand why!

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