Why I truly believe Mike Pompeo is by far the BEST Secretary of State ever!
- Just .. if I could say it in one word. SOLID!

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Solid is indeed the word, my friend.

I dont necessarily mean solid girth around the midsection either; but oddly enough, with Pompeo who is ex Army I believe – it only adds to his imposing image!

That aside though, I loved the Trump tenure.

Trump to me is definitely right up there with Raegan in terms of actually DOING something for the country – marketing wise, probably way better!

But really – the “unnoticed gem” amongst his picks I thought was Mike Pompeo!

Yes, I know he’s had a very “storied career” – CIA Director, Ex Army, and a lot more, but (and despite the media hounding him now about Julian Assange or other nonsense – and really, with Wikileaks publishing all sorts of classified secrets, it stands to bloody reason that would concern the CIA – and you have the libs jumping up and down about it???) to me I’ll always think of him as the Secretary of State.

Certainly a far sight better than the caricature in office now – Blinken, though the real caricature is the guy in the top job ie. BIden.

If there is one thing I could boil it down to?


Mike Pompeo is just that, my friend.

You could pronounce his last name as “Pomp-E-O” – or “ayo” as it should be (though of course, with the “e” there purists might argue the first way is the right way!) … or any which way.

You could debate his policies all day long.

You could castigate him – praise him – whatever.

But none of that takes away from his SKILLS – his WORDS – most importantly, HOW HE PRESENTS HIS THOUGHTS – both verbally – and IN WRITING!

He’s one of those rare politicians who I believe could have been a pretty good writer too!

Analytical and LOGICAL mind.

Sound reasoning.

And all based on sound principles – love for the nation, national security, and so forth.

I dont know, when you read something Pompeo writes, its different from Trump. 

Trump is brazenly bombastic. BIG TIME!

And thats fine – hey – you gotta do it that way!

Yours truly does it all the time.

But yours truly does it differently in that I also explain myself correctly, I explain how I FEEL (hence all those reviews on the books I keep talking about) – I GO DEEP – pun intended, and not, hehe – and I really “get into the meat of the matter” when I want to talk about something – much like Pompeo does!

Mike Pompeo is one of those rare guys – especially in politics – that can really rip you apart (as Michael in Dongguan once told me years ago about an Uncle Bob post “that was a SCATHING REBUTTAL!” – it was, hehe) via his WORDS ALONE!

And the sheer way in which his words FLOW – how he presents his thoughts – and how he HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD – how he expertly gets his thoughts into the 180 character limit allowed by Twitter – all reminds me of Jason Bourne!

Clinical, doesnt waste any more time and effort that needs to be – and gets her DONE!

Truly the best ever … at least in my book.

Anyway, why am I saying this …

I dont know why, perhaps because of Yiyi’s repeated (really, I dont get here, hehe. I really think Bozo would be perfect for her – all those hours of “housework” apparently drove her bonkers, lol) claims of “you need to try to run for President!”

I mean, really…!

Anyway, like I said Pompeo does it expertly with his words.

And so do my fitness programs, my friend.

They cut through the BS in a manner you dont even FEEL for the most part.

They truly SLICE through the FAT – as you do.

You wont even know you’re getting the workout of your life, but later, as you collapse in your chair – nigh exhausted, yet brimming with energy, you’ll know for sure!

And truly it’s all done in a classic, understated manner – a way that doesnt FORCE you – but you do anyway and you get into the BEST DAMN SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

I’m out – get the system above.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – There BE a couple of maids showing up around this neck of the woods too shortly, ugh. Is that the Yiyi effect? UGH!

I really, my friend, really – where’s Schofield when you need him. Hehe. At least he could be told to shut up and do the dishes or whatever, hehe, as opposed to the lunacy and endless rants of actual “maids” and other rot… ugh.

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