Why ultimately it’s ALL About FREEDOM!

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If there is one spirit – and vein – in which I write – have always written – and speak (which ticks off many a censorious buffoon) – it is this – FREEDOM!

Freedom of thought – expression – spirit – and UNFETTERED freedom at that!

Last night I was laughing while talking to Yiyi – some of her insane “requests” or demands, whichever way you put it. Ya’ll are fully aware of that, of course!

But I was also reminded of an instance in the Middle East, or a job (which I hated, but was pretty much forced into) – where they “wanted to keep my passport for safekeeping”, essentially turning me into their version of indentured labor.

Needless to say, that didnt go over too well.

It was company policy, to be fair, so everyone followed it, for me, it really did not go over too well.

And of course, I was blamed there for emails I never sent – apparently I was supposed to apologize for nasty (or so they said, to me it didnt seem nasty even after reading it!) emails my “SO” sent them … and blamed forever for it.

They even expected me to apologize for the emails sent – which I had no clue about.

Anyway, Ive written about that before.

Needless to say the job didnt last too long.

But really, with my family – it’s always been this way, my friend.

I know a lot of what I say might sound extreme – but not really, a lot of YOU have been through similar situations – especially a lot of my customers!

And with my family, it boils down to this.

“Birth a boy, send him to school and college”, “put him to work for us” (the women).

And God Forbid he actually, you know, has any of his own dreams, ambitions, passions he’s raised REPEATEDLY, God Forbid he has any of those.

GOddess, I should say, hehe, given the rampant Nazi feminism in my immediate family – it ain’t the only one either.

But it all boils down to this – CONTROL!

Growing up, my long hair was always a problem for my parents who tried everything in their power to stop me from growing it out.

They succeeded – back then.


I’ll let you be the judge, hehe. (my wife didnt like it either – oddly enough, she dated me and found me attractive when I had long hair – the minute we got married – BAM! Control Central – which is why I keep telling guys NOT to get married – precious few listen, of course) …

(oddly enough, or not, every other girl I’ve been with has absolutely loved it, even the sorts who claim “I’m a bad boy” – that I truly am, hehe).

As Eric once said.

“You got the hair, bro!”


My Dad, I still remember him saying once.

“I’m sure the girls will find you attractive even without the long hair!”

Ah, but Dad, that wasn’t the point.

I could give a rats ass less about what girls like, to be honest.

Maybe thats why I attract so many!

Point is, I like it – I want it – so I do it.

And it extends to CONTROL in all aspects.

“Work a job, be a corporate slave working minimum wage – be a human ATM” – and so forth.

Boy oh boy, I could tell you SO many tales about this – really!

I mean, really.

I never wanted to do that.

I’ve always wanted to be an individual – my own man.

Freedom of choice, thought and expression.

These values should be the fundamentals of thought FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING out there – unfortunately, with the growing number of Tom Tom’s and Bozos out there, they’re all too quick to dismiss it as “American thought – the radical right”.

It ain’t either.

It’s got nothing to do with politics either.

It’s about FREEDOM!

Look, if you like being a slave like Bozo Schofield does, by all means – you’re free to be one.

But me, when you encroach upon MY RIGHTS – my FREEDOMS – you tell ME what to do – and how to do it – and these days, what to put in my body, when to do it, and keep doing it forever – uh uh.

It ain’t gonna fly.

I ain’t gonna DO it, period.

FREEDOM, my friend, has always been the most important thing for me.

Y’all on this list know it.

And when someone tries to control not just my freedom of EXPRESSION, but my freedom of THOUGHT – then, my friend, I truly done “got the red ass”.

Ever notice how the Tom Tom’s and Bozo Glyn’s only attack when you’re in a disadvantaged position – so they think? 

When you can strike back – when YOU are in a position of authority – when YOU have the final say – they wont say a word.

Unlike me, I could care less whose in authority –  if I gotta say something, I’ll fuckin say it.

End of story.

But I’m so sick of these Bozos trying to ruin people’s lives, in some cases doing it (temporarily – Schofield, no, it ain’t you we’re talking about here, trust me) – and then coming back and saying “we never did anything, it’s YOU!”

Temporary memory loss.

“Short term memory loss”, as Pradeep Rawat said so well in the potboiler Ghajini. Hehe.

Maybe thats why I chafe so much at people asking me idiotic questions instead of just ignoring them.

I’ve never met Yiyi – well, not too many times let’s just say.

Last night?

“Send me your passport!” 

Out of the blue

And to her, the most astounding part is this – it wasn’t even rude!

Apparently you have to “prove” you’re from a certain country so “Yiyi can feel safe”.

True, the Chinese have been scaring people with the handsome foreign devils cajoling state secrets out of so called innocent Chinese girls willy nilly.

Fact is, they ain’t that innocent either.

Of course, CCP won’t say that!

Fact also is, according to Yiyi “only Obama or white” is American, and of course, passport means more opportunities for HER down the road, so …

Trust me, women! Always about what THEY can get out of it one way or the other.

And dont get me wrong.

If one is in a committed relationship of sorts, and down the line you want to see some docs or whatever I can SORT OF understand it in China etc.


I mean, you could be anyone, foreigner from anywhere.

But just a casual relationship, and that sort of thing …

“Chinese send ID card to each other always!”

They dont either, Yiyi..

True I’ve seen a lot of theirs, but its usually fiercely and jealously guarded.


Anyway, her comments brought back memories of the job in the Middle East.


And just to reemphasize, friend.

THAT is what this is all about.

FREEDOM – and the right to live YOUR life as YOU WAnt, not be a monkey dancing to everyone else’s tune and terms. 

I’ll wait for the Bozos to get back with their profoundly inane and illogical arguments “but we dont like!” .



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Damn, forgot to pimp my System- here it is NOW – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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