“Ek Haath Do, Ek Haath Lo”!
- "Awwnline" ...

I’ve always been an online guy as far as I can recall, and people often made fun of this.

They’d mimic my accent (heavy Southern accent at the time) and go “there’s the awwwwnnnlliiiineeee” guy (funnily enough, when they had problems online, guess who they came to. HA!).

And there’s often been discussions and arguments at home (when I do actually “live with somebody” ) about why everything has to be ordered online.

And why I’m so happy with Amazon etc, and do (despite my complaints about them) business with them every opportunity I get.

It ain’t low prices, it ain’t free Prime delivery or what not , it ain’t drones sent in by drunken managers in the UK, it ain’t the fact they offer video, it aint’ that they offer every service you could think of (the only reason Glyn got booted from Amazon is they don’t do the “butt licking Bozo” thing, hehe – those types have no mooolah to start with, and never will – well that, and his fake reviews) …

It’s this – and I LOVE this about Amazon.

(oh, it ain’t just customer service either, oddly, that part of their stellar outreach has been declining as of late. Yes, the famous Amazon customer service has gone down…but..)

As is often the case, they’ve compensated everywhere.

Bezos had this thing in his head about marketing –

“In the old days, you’d spend 30% of your time building a product, 70% of the time yelling about it. In the modern world, that inverts”.

Now, I dont know so much about that.

I’m as modern – and old school – both – as they get.

And I prefer the initial approach.

Maybe someday when I am operating at Bezos like scale, I’ll go the other way! Hehe.

(Amazon is different, friend – they were pioneers in their field, and the scale at which they operate – they can do that i.e. they dont even need to market – and I’ve hardly seen them do it).

that dont mean they dont serve the customer’s needs though.

EVERY time I open Amazon these days – the app – I see something new.

Trick is, they dont need to send me emails in orde for me to open their app – much like YOU GUYS on this list, that even if I dont send a single email, y’all will still visit the SITE!

But I’m nowhere near that scale as yet, so …

But anyway, what  I love is this – “Ek Haath Do, Ek Haath Lo” .

Thats a Hindi expression.

It basically means “give and take”.

For everything you give, as Emerson says, for everything you lose, you GAIN something.

And remember, both gains and losses – good and bad – all come with compound interest!

I was trying to explain this to my wife i.e. I order so much from them because they understand how it works.

I can almost hear Bezos with his “loud laugh” and wink (ok, thats a defect he can’t control, but still) saying it …

“Give me some, TAKE some more!”

And may the cycle continue. 

Amazon seems to be only biggie out there that gets it, and understands this.

ANYTIME you do something on Amazon, you either poke your toe into their other services – or want to – and when you do, you GET something in return.

Free months, extra credit to balance, whatever it is, you shop more, use more, and the cycle continues.

I LOVE BUSINESS – and companies that do it that way!

I shouldn’t have said the only business out there.

0 Excuses Fitness does this too.

Show me ONE BUSINESS OUT THERE that overdelivers while underpromising, friend, other than Amazon, show me ONE!

Especially in the fitness vertical where you’ve got morons parading their six packs at every turn.

Idiots Tom Tommming the  Gym and retarded machines and “bro bench” exercises.

And so forth.

Show me one business talking about REAL training EVERYONE can do in their HOMES – without equipment – that works better – silently produces results you’ve NEVER Experienced before … and does all this while giving it’s repeat customers HUGE discounts – repeatedly.

Thats right.

People complain about my prices.

So be it.

They dont see the discounts I hand out lik e”butter” behind the scenes though … Buttery Behinds and Schofield like trolls, and idiots in general rarely do. Much like they never see all the WORK I put into this!

Thats fine though.

Those of you that know me, and have bought from me know I’m uber generous in that regard, and would rather dole out praise aplenty than criticism and HELP YOU.

Key being, of course, you have to be willing to help yourself FIRST.

Give me some, my friend – I’ll give you more in return you EVER BARGAINED for, but again, YOU have to take the first step here. Not me. 

If that part isnt there, all the talk and pushing in the world wont help an unwilling horse drink.

Anyhow, enough on this front.

Fitness wise, make a start today.

Pick up the greatest fitness systems of literally “all times” if you get my drift (it’s been called that – I’ll produce the actual email soon) – right HERE.

That, is THAT, then!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Crossfit, you said.

FOOEY, I say!

My courses go WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND in a way NONE – no others out there – DO!