What you can learn about (and how it can help you in) CORE TRAINING – by shooting hoops right!
- Indeed, all sports!

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The core, my friend -that pesky core – is indeed one of the – if not THE most important parts of the body to train.

Not only does it hold the entire body together – your vital organs are housed within – and a weak core ultimately doesnt just mean a weak, flabby, hanging gut from Buddha – but it also means increased fat accumulation externally and on the chest, and most importantly, around the internal organs, waistline and so forth.

When your organs are surrounded by nasty, visceral or subcutaneous (yes, I know, one is more dangerous, but both are BAD!) – they cannot do their job right, or at all.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what happens next.

Most talk about looks, looks, looks when it comes to core.

Ugh, this cosmetic nonsense – and of course, lots of idiots (males) have taken it even further these days with their silly metrosexual or whatever it’s called nonsense.

Anyway lets talk sports.

Back in college, a certain group of people whose physiques I was always in awe of – the blacks.

No, I ain’t even trying to be racist, or pandering, or anything, so please – STOP – if someone is thinking that.

Im stating FACT.

And I dont mean the gorilla like black guys either (like a friend of mine from the Marines once told me “Africans are the REAL gorillas” – which that they are, THICK!!!!!) …

I mean the tall and lithe guys … the BROAD GUYS.

As was once said about me and a far stockier “muscle bound” individual.

“He’s thick yes!” (so technically stronger!)

“But”, and the but had weight behind it.

“You’re BROAD!” 

I’d rather take broad over thick anyday if I had to really choose.

Now basketball is one of the perfect sports there is, and my friend Jay was talking about that when I first brought it up in college (the guy’s physiques)

“They get an overall body workout while doing it!”

Which is so true – like in swimming.

An dlike with my exercises and routines.

But this was really brought home to me when teaching my daughter to shoot hoops.

So cute to watch her try and shoot … And as I got the stance down, the “power comes from the TOES – and LEGS – and CORE” – and then the power into the upper back and finally the throw, she got it!

Perfect hoop!

I remember telling her.

“Core, honey, core!”

She was doing it “standing in one position” which is not how to do it.

Now, I ain’t no basketball expert, so those that are, feel free to prove me wrong on this one!

But “standing rooted” to a spot does not work in any sort of sport except perhaps chess, hehe – and even there, these guys condition themselves physically – and how!

You’d be surprised to know that most Grandmasters train like – catch you rbreath – TRI-ATHLETES for months before the chess match.

Climbing hills is HUGE with them – so are pushups, pull-ups and swimming – all done daily for hours.

Another most amazing fact?

They literally “sit” and burn calories by playing chess at the highest levels.

And that focus, concentration, mapping moves out like a computer or defeating one – well, it takes a  LOT OF PHYSICAL behind the scenes to sustain the MENTAL!

Back to sports – combat sports – staying rooted in one spot don’t work for boxing – wrestling – anything related.

Martial arts, notice how you KICK – and where the POWER comes from!

Muay Thai, Kick boxing, all of it is the same.


Tennis, swimming, basketball – CORE!

Weak core, my friend = weak performance in life, in bed, in sports -it is that frigging simple.

I dont care how much you can bench or deadlift, if youve got a weak core and grip – you’re woefully lacking, and thats the fact of the matter, friend. Not to mention, weak core = open invitation to injury, especially for weekend warriors…

Core fitness is something EVERYONE needs to keep working upon, my friend.

And this here course is the best when it comes to core – Corrugated Core.

Truly, not for the beach puffers and buffers, but if yo uwant a real functional CORE, hardcore training, this is for YOU!

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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