Two sides of the same coin, static movements that almost NO-ONE can do (though they’re dissed as being “sooooo simple”) – and more.
- Isometrics - and...

They’re both two sides of the same coin!” I catch myself saying as I write this.


I dont know, when I was teaching my – or when she was somehow “learning” the art of division (a sage art, hehe) – in MATH, not LIFE (although marketing is in her blood too!) – daughter – she asked me for a sheet of paper, and showed me a screenful of Math she did (she did two out of five at the time I saw it).

Both correct.

30/6, 14/2 … elementary.

“Dad, I used Multiplication to do it!”

I said that was ok. “They’re both the same thing, just opposite!”

And I toodled off online or what not …

I was going to say “Two sides of the same coin”, but I didnt.

But really – this brings to mind a couple of things.

First, the idiots who keep claiming “bodyweight exercises are soooooooooo simple”.

When you point out the facts, numbers, results, everything I keep pointing out here, they shut up, but now they have a new grouse (excuse).

“It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring to keep exercising at home”, someone recently told me.

“You keep talking pushups, pushups, but it’s boring, I want something new, outdoors!”

Well, get your ass outdoors then is what I told this lady in a very cranky sort of “growl” voice.

Catch me in the morning before I fully wake up, and I’m nothing but a loaded grizzly. Hehe.

Although I’m never in a bad mood when I wake up, never ever, I SOUND like it.


Those first few hours of the day, dont interrupt me!

We all have “that time” we need for ourselves.

Taking that time away destroys us mentally.

Growing up, I remember my father telling my Aunt something about “when he comes home, he needs 45 minutes or so to just … I dont know, do nothing!”

“Before and after that, all goes, but THAT time…” I remember him saying.

For me, it’s when I wake up – and write!

Or just putter…

But anyway … back to the idiots.

So now it’s “too boring”.

Hell, get your ass out of the house then. 

No…… the plague from China.

Screw the plague from China, friend – it’s as simple as that. LIVE your life – you got only one.

You can choose to cower in fear the rest of your life, or go out and do something that’ll drastically reduce the chances of you getting this idiocy (which are small to begin with you if you’re a healthy individual anyway and IF you do, you’ll likely recover anyway).

Lots of you live in surroundings where it’s even better than what I have or always have had for a lot of my adult life i.e. “hill right next door”.

Mine is in the middle of a huge city.

But lots of you live in the country.

New Zealand.

The Welsh countryside.

Certain parts of Greece.

The wild (not so) West.


Go out – do something!

But anyway … two sides of the same coin huh.

Let me give you a simple – “soooooooooooo simple” people say – yet they cannot do it – even the 5000 (I added the zero) lb bench pressers would be hard pressed to do this 0- ISOMETRIC MOVEMENT – that taxes your entire body like crazy.

It’s not a pushup, squat, pull-up – its not even the almighty BRIDGE I keep talking about in 0 Excuses Fitness.

You dont need to do dead hangs!

I dont know if I mention it in the award winning book on isometrics.

But it develops WORLD class levels of strength and power through the shoulders, core, grip and – FINGERS!

Martial artists all over the world do fingertip pushups for this effect.

To YOU – all I’m asking you is this.

Get in the fingertip pushup position, and stay there for 2 minutes.

Thats your workout for the day.

But beware.

Most people cannot make it past two or three SECONDS – let alone anything more than that before their fingers shake, bodies quiver, and so forth.

Thats right.

Too simple, huh.

Well, why not DO the thing and report back??

Want something even tougher – and even simpler?

Flip over like I show you in Advanced Hill Training – or even better, Animal Kingdom Workouts – into the crab walk – ON YOUR FINGERTIPS.

I’ll ask you to do the static pose for 10 seconds here.

Thats it, 10 seconds.

Trust me, if you can even GET into the position you’re in good shape.

And if you can do the fingertip version, you’re already half a stud, my friend.

Most people cannot.

Thats a 2:10 workout – you CANNOT DO.

And that taxes the entire body.

And you’re telling me it’s boring?

It’s simple

Its easy?


Really, the nonsense people come up with …

Anyway, idiots are the heavier side of the coin there, no doubt, but the DOERS are the side of the coin that really matter, friend.

And if you’re a doer, you simply must get in your pre-order for the best fitness course ever – Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness right NOW, my friend.

When I say best fitness course ever, I mean it – and thats saying a lot given the great, great stuff I have out already.

But remember, folks.

We need YOUR support to keep going at full blast – the DOERS need to step up, hence my repeated calls for pre-orders, or promoting the other books too.

Sure, it will help YOU first and foremost (which is the entire point).

But lots of you are falling into the “apathy” and “lets check the news to see how much everything has fallen” syndrome, which is not good, and its my job to give you that wake up call – or kick up the booty – whichever way you see it.

Hey, I wouldn’t be who I am without doing that!

As an aside, Bozo recently sent me a non functional link of “The Bozo is on TV”

Muppets? LOL.

Anyway, I’m out.

Remember – simple is what works the best!

DO the thing friend – and you shall HAVE the POWER!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Those of you that are returning customers, contact me, there is a special COUPON I’ve got waiting for you – October special. It’s huge so let me know – I’ll HOOK YA UP!

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