“How come that every conversation with you starts so comfortably well, and comes to such serious topics that I dont discuss even with my husband”
- Because yours truly goes DEEP!

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That last email, I talked about the ongoing conversation with a certain Helen …

And a lot of other things too…

And as my customers have said (and it’s why people either hate me, or love me, and the former category is BURSTING, lol) …


No puns intended, or maybe so, hehe.

But I ain’t talking about in the hay, I’m talking MIND.


To me, conversation should stimulate, rather than the boring daily crap people talk about, selfies, Tee Vee Shee Vee, other nonsense, and in China, that godawaful monkey business ESL.

(All power to those who wanna do it, no issues, but yours truly – NO – even when I could and DO make way more doing it than Bozos in general do).

Speaking of which, recently, I got a nice round of applause from a certain “Vanya”!

(who I didnt even know was a foreigner).

This nice, sexy, yet obviously NOT an English speakin g(or from English speaking parts of the world) messaging me out of the blue, thanking me for my work, saying she really appreciated a chance to be in the group, saying “I didnt just join the group to find  a job, I joined it to laugh at the same things with other people” … this lady called “van ya” … so it was spelt…

I had no idea who she was .

Then I got it.

A day or so ago, I was talking about giving up my most stellar WeChat Employment groups and networking groups – its getting to be too much hassle maintaining them, plus the general level of people in there just keeps going down.

I never started the group for this ESL crap alone, yet, that is ALL people talk about.

So fucking annoying … (and it ain’ tjust them, outside China, all people talk about is the economy, covid, panic etc) …

And so, despite the offers I’ve gotten from a certain Linda to buy the group – pretty decent offers – despite me giving away a couple of my other groups, given what Keeping it Real in China, which I gave to a friend who handed it to Bozo, and it turned into a porn group, this time (and Charles was right, dont give it to Glyn, he told me!) (but I didnt…) … THIS time, and especially a stellar group like that people want to BUY from me (unheard of in China) – I’ll be more than selective about if and when I give it away!

Certainly not to some dancing Tom Tom for sure.

But anyway … was nice to get the appreciation ,and as I asked her her name, pat came the reply.

“sorry for the accent”, she giggled. “I’m from Ukraine” (I believe Serbia, actually).

“Yes, Vanya, you know like Sophia, Tanya!”

I asked her to introduce me to the latter two.

“I’m so bad!”


And the giggly way in which she ended up with cheers mate, well, that left a good feeling. Hehe. Nice to be appreciated.

Back to Helen, conversation and such, all I was talking about was why would a qualified IT person (her) and shrink (her) be doing a mindless ESL job in China.

She gave me all the usual stories about it being tough back home, about “My salary there is 250$, here I earn that in a day!” (then I pointed out 250 BUCKS isn’t the same as 250 YUAN, which took about 4 tries before she got it) and when she did get it,

“You’re really so terrible!”


That “terrible comment” repeated itself twice, then what I said in the subject line.

I replied with because I go DEEP!!!!

Anyway, she explained it. In her case, she wanted to be a doctor, financial constraints, an ongoing divorce (Mom and Dad) threw a spanner into the works, and so forth (all of this while I told her “it ain’t about romance” i.e. the husband part).

Which is fine, but the defensive nature …

I spoke about money, and she instantly jumped up with “at least I earn myself!I dont ask others to give me money!”

Well, Helen, I never said you do …

And “your comment sounded accusative!

(Remember, she’s from Belarus)

(and this whole discussion, apparently there they get THREE YEARS of maternity for one, so I was asking, given both China and Belarus are dictatorships, why leave “free holidays” galore and paid leaves etc on the table…)

(which I get it, China overall is better and more lucrative financially, but still!)

Like I said, that ONE line I say, and …

“You seem too rational and if we were close friends I’d shake you like a bottle of Pepsi, let those angry bubbles go out and have FUN!”

Anger, rational … in the same sentence. LOL.

I wont repeat what I told her – not for the not PG rated site. Hehe. (i.e I told what to do instead of shake “me”, lol).

Anyway, to keep it light I brought it back to the inane topics of make up and whether hers was sexy enough, the obligatory giggles, and so forth …

It ended up with what it started with, some bally “Octopus Game” that is all the rage now.


But really, this comment stood out.

“You’re a shrink, Helen. Thats why I ask you all this”, I grinned. “And look at this, I’m outshrinking the shrink!”

Then I spoke about Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

“I dont doubt that you’d be a stunning male Sharon Stone in that movie!”


Anyway … where am I going with all this, you ask.

Certainly not to teach Glyn Bozo how to talk to women for one …

And neither is to encourage Nazi feminism of any nature.

Its to tell you this, when I say something – I MEAN IT.

When I tell you my fitness programs are the best out there, I ain’t just being a typical Tom Tom.

I’m telling you the FACTS because there is good REASON behind what I say!!!!

And that, my friend is that.

(well, that, and this is literally LIVE proof of why my coaching programs are the best out there i.e. one on one coaching, I truly GO DEEP and FIND out where you’re failing, and FORCE you to address it!!)

Invest in that fitness system today right HERE.

Truly the best investment you’ll make all week!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I was talking about how I hadn’t seen a beautiful white chick for a while, hehe.

True dat, I haven’t!

I’d like to, too. Hehe.

“There are still a few of us left”, she giggled. 

“But all ESL related conversation”, I replied, “so damned BORING!”

“Chinese girls, at least they pester me with Chinese, I learn something new…

… Nah, not really. They end up learning English, me a big fat ZERO”.


“You’re so bad!”

I’m out. Back soon, hehe.

PS #2 – Remember the cute little giggly shrink I once visited in India to “get it over with” and how I outshrinked her? Helen’s even cuter, lol. Interesting indeed, I ain’t even got a degree in it, yet!

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