When and why – the “it’s my culture!!” or “your offending me!!” crap don’t fly.
- TIC (This is China). UGH!

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“This is China. Ugh!”

As a certain Uncle Bob was so fond of saying, and when he said it, he was usually spot on right. Dead on.

I dont know how I thought of this, but as I speak to a certain Helen (a Doctor by profession, but teaching English in China of all things!!) – about another certain girl “Ashley” – a nurse who didnt understand the basics of nursing, and as I talk to her about cleanliness, and hygiene, well….gotta say this!

Ashley, of course, well, her of the “My mother told me” fame!

And a woman who if at the age of 35 or 36 thought that was funny, or “Mommy told me” – well, the general level of intelligence can be well gleaned from that one statement.

Not to mention, as I said, she wanted me to wash before “the hay” – but she wouldn’t.

Apparently men do but women don’t.

Then she bitched up a storm about cleanliness when I asked her (which is weird, dont girls sit down as opposed to guys!!?) about goose and gander, and apparently she was a nurse, very fastidious about cleanliness (of course, as mentioned before, her cleaning the house involved leaving gigantic clumps of hair in the drain and claiming “it was clean”) … because you know, “I nurse, I know!”

Needless to say, as I told Helen, that relationship didnt last too long!

Then I was bitching about these idiot guys out there that see fit to pump, preen, tone, wax, oil, and so forth …

Apparently the metrosexual thing, apparently more and more guys jumping onto the bandwagon.

Helen seems to agree.

Manicure and Pedicure woul dbe a good idea for every man, nothing “gayish” about that!

Of course – she is right.

I hate labels, I’ve said that before!

But still, I didnt mean “gayish”, I explained it…

I mean, it’s about the NATURAL look, not unnatural!

When I asked her about what she thought of me, she giggled like a schoolgirl which she claims I make her feel like.

“You are in a perfect middle!”

(she’s from Belarus, hence the English)

Perfect middle or not, core like granite, midsection like STEEL or not … point begets.

Hey, I’m just a believer in being CLEAN AND NATURAL.

I can see women’s viewpoints, i.e. guys that “stink down there”, and guys that crap in bed, want their women to clean it up (apparently some badge of honor there??) – but really, goose and gander, the SAME thing applies to women.

And makeup, I’ll leave that to sissy Glyn and the girls, and the cleaning too, hehe (again, a certain Glyn).

I’d rather be a man. REAL MAN with a hairy chest or what not, as opposed to the monkeys walking aroun dthese days …

You men are blessed to be handsome without any extra things such as makeup, hair dying, manicure, pedicure etc ..

You wake up, take a shower, voila! You’re perfect!

Manicure and Pedicure woul dbe a good idea for every man, nothing “gayish” about that!

I doubt you on this list need to know what I replied with.


But then, the conversation shifted onto to culture, and more on hygiene, how the Chinese never wash their hands before eating (or some dont) – how “they eat with their hands”.

And of course, the usual “Im civilized!” “I dont eat with my hands!”

And of course her remark “not like Indians!”

Now, she wasn’t meaning to be racist – nothing of the nature. Nothing at all! Trust me on this one … But she said what she felt i.e. the “dirty Indians” thinking a lot of people have.

I tried explaining different cultures – that it was the “subcontinent” not just India that ate with their hands – some – yours truly prefers rice with a SPOON, hehe – never chopsticks and certainly NOT bare hands … (but if thats what someone wants, and in Southern India they do, I wouldn’t necessarily judge them on that either) …

I dont know if it did much good. Probably not!

China, and the dumb ass foreigners in it – used to be the level of expats was far higher, now its the dregs x 10.

But anyway, this whole eating with hands things…

The Chinese do it too – and WE do it too – dont we?

Burgers, pizzas, I dont see anyone using chopsticks for those!

And pizza can get nice and messy, as the Southern style fried chicken did back when I ate it – with my hands – and a nice mound of used and new paper towels next to me!

I’m sure y’all FEEL me on that, hehe.

It’s this stupid thinking people have – the Chinese dont like eating with hands, when called out, they do it, then Northern China eats with hands a LOT – except with plastic covers on the fingers, apparently thats fine, India apparently thinks the Chinese have strange eating habits, and so forth …

And all in the while here, we in the West are happy enough to, as my friend said , “dig in” with our fingers. Especially CHICKEN!

Weird, this thinking …

Anyway …

Equally weird, or what is so, you wanna know?

I’ll tell  you.

I’ve told you why I never eat lunch with my students in China. I’ve said it many times!

But I haven’t ever mentioned a reason equally important as what is mentioned int he above link (which is kissing up, free English lessons and so forth, and the desperation of the Glyn Bozo sorts happy to do it) …

To do that, let me tell you a story!

Few years ago, the lovely Carol, the almost as lovely, or lovelier, depending on how you look at it Grace – and another guy – and me – ate lunch.

Of course yours truly was the monkey – or guest of honor.

Truly, this crap the Chinese have about inviting the teacher out for lunch occasionally isn’t just about “respect” or so called respect. It’s an excuse for them to go eat out, and spend money without feeling guilty over it “we’re doing it for him!” crap.

An dof course, the free English lesson.

That time, I remember going into some restaurant.

And – the three of them just chatted NON STOP in Chinese, and I remember feeling – hey. What am I even doing here?

It pissed me off, and I told Carol and Grace about it later.

Not because I wanted to understand what they were talking about – it was finances, and thats fine – they thought the foreign devil spoke or understood no Chinese.

and Chinese, and money …

Its this – when you INVITE someone out – you at least be a BIT polite to him or her!

I mean, think about it. Sitting there, and all they do is gab away in their own tongue the foreign devil doesnt speak.

Just plain fuckin RUDE.

I can hear the Chinese start to shout about it.

“He disrespect China!”

“This our culture!”

“If you in China, you speak Chinese!”

and other retarded crap.

Let me debunk it.

Lets start with #3. LOTS of people in China dont speak Chinese, as for speaking their language, I dont see them asking us to do that when we deal with them and their factories, so why the double standard????

Ah wait, because it’s always about China, and them making money from us, then it’s ok, not the other way around!

And second, these people KNEW I didnt speak Chinese – not only that, they KNEW learning English from someone who didnt speak Chinese, or tried not to – because if you’re teaching a language, you teach the language, you dont pander, and the Chinese are more than willing to lapse back into Chinese ANYTIME, becaus eguess what, they never came there to learn, all about so called “face” …

So knowing that, if they invited me, then ignored me – well, typical example of why I dont do it.

Of course, most Bozo expats in China are happy to take it.

“Free meal”, as Glyn often messaged me, and for him it was …

Or, and again, Glyn – but here he is NOT the only one – “too scared to offend those with the money”.


I done told Carol, Grace everyone about it … I could care less.

Now, the other thing s- culture and offense?

Another story first!

A Chinese dude I once worked with, Victor, said it wasn’t just foreigners it happened to – he’s from a different part of China than his wife, when he went home for Chinese New Year – guess what.


He was sitting around the table, and no-one spoke Mandarin (Chinese national dialect) – they all spoke in whatever local dialect it was.

To be frank, he understood some of it, so he was better off than me in that regard.

But still, he was pissed, and told me.

“Ok, I get it”, I said. 

“Then you shouldn’t complain!” he retorted. 

I laughed.

“Well, Victor, aren’t YOU complaining as well?”

I mean really, there is a limit to stupidity and RUDENESS, and all the examples above are just that, stupid – and RUDE to a T.

Which is why I stay away!

Golly, had to get that off my chest – now I have!

Anyway, back to cleanliness and hygiene to finish this one off.

As Martin Farmer Burns said in the 1914 mail order course Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture, the laborer on the road, hot and sweaty could and usually is indeed cleaner than the so called spic and span office workers, smelling nice and all the other crap.

Truly, cleanliness from the inside out is what HE was talking about – and what counts.

You can smell as purdy as you like, aint gonna make a difference when you’re so constipated your breath smells – or, when you sweat even a mite – it smells like a garbage dump or worse (like Schofield, zero “internal cleansing”).

For Schofield, of course, its a different tale with regard to breath etc , we all know why …

But really, deep breathing done right and exercise that taxes your body from the INSIDE OUT – that is what cleans you both internally – externally – and MENTALLY, friend.

Id rather a good sweat anyday over a good shower IF – I repeat, IF – I had to choose!

Personally, I’d work up a great sweat first and then shower, not the other way around, but what do I know…

Anyway, this one is a RANT el supremo.

But it’s true too!

And to end it – the fitness system kicking RUMPUS all over the world – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Pick your copy up now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember that company I spoke about yesterday? Now, in addition to the gimmicky sales crap they’ve put up, its more “fake proof” as well in terms of social shedia popping up on their site.

I dont know if they know just how much they are turning genuine customers OFF.

I mean, nothing wrong with Tom Tomming genuine sales, but when you see fake crap, you can spot it a MILE away…Ugh.

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