Survival of the fittest.
- Both mentally and physically.

In all ways, my friend.

Mentally, physically, and in every which way.

Simply saying “crazy world right now” doesnt cut it. Trust me, plenty of people say that to me- but if you saw what I did, from ALL angles, and many countries etc, with insider knowledge of what is going on in some of those places, you’d truly understand!

This ain’t even about predictions coming true (that people scoffed at me years ago for saying “it will never happen” – oh YES, if it CAN happen, it probably WILL happen at some point – question is, are you PREPARED?) years or months after I predict them, it is NOT about yours truly either.

It isn’t about Tom Tomming my abilities.

It isn’t about thinking “all is well” and “good attracts good” – dont get me wrong, it does, but you can’t control the world! – when the reality is the polar opposite.

It isn’t about ignoring the news altogether – it’s about not letting it affect you, and it’s about sifting through the chaff to find the grain, or whatever the expression is.

I’ve been saying for YEARS now that it’s truly all headed up to SURVIVAL of the fittest in an extreme manner.

I built – wrote – all my courses in a manner that would make you physically, mentally, emotionally – in every which way – able to weather the STORM to come – the MASSIVE storm that is out there NOW.

Just look at what is happening.

People were happy 2020 was over.

“2021 will be better!” everyone mused.

I remember laughing sardonically.

“The pain ain’t even begun!” is what I told people.

They didnt listen.

Almost a year down the line, I’m saying this now – its begun – well and truly – but we’re a long ways from even halfway down the pain meter.

Think what is happening NOW is bad?

I dont blame you -look around you.

Crisis damn near everywhere on all fronts, price rising for everything everywhere, scare campaigns going on DAILY – the fear people are feeling now (or the “resignation”) is so palpable I could cut it with a KNIFE. – relationships deteriorating alarmingly – people themselves having changed beyond any semblance …

I mean, I dont get it – the sheer callous nature of folks now, send them an email no response, send them a text – no response – and I am talking BUSINESS HERE with profit in it for them – it seems all people want is everything on a platter!

And it’s getting worse.

Now, what does all this have to do with you, you might well ask.

Well, last year I wrote about – in March – 2020 being the year of the survivor.

You might want to edit that to “the next few years”.

Look, things are what they are.

And you cannot ignore the FACT, my friend – that to survive whats coming – you have to be at your WILDEST, fittest, BEAST LIKE BEST!

Societal niceities, “politeness” and all other crap be damned (not like you’ll get it back – reciprocated – anyway!).

What it’s boiling down to – and I wont even use the “frog in boiling water” example like someone recently used about the power crisis in Europe (that metaphor is inaccurate, btw, frogs DO as far as I know feel pain when dunked in boiling water!) …

.. .is the survival of the fittest.

In every which way possible .

And if you dont believe that, if you think this will “pass soon” – then youre sadly mistaken, friend.

Then, I might well use that above metaphor – or maybe “sticking your head in the sand” (which never works).

Pass it will, but the tough phase must be negotiated, not everyone will …

Look, my courses make you like ME.

Lean, mean, ready to blast past obstacles, and “die trying” (figuratively) …

It’s THAT sort of attitude that my fitness courses foster.

It’s ABOVE AND BEYOND “just get you fit” or “make you tough as hell” (these workouts are indeed used by Special Forces and other supremely fit individuals everywhere! – dont believe me? show them one of my books, lets say Battletank Shoulders, and ASK!) …


And my courses toughen you up to the point where that is at the forefront of your mind daily – while you thrive and prosper in other areas of your life.

And the very basestone – cornerstone – Lodestone- if I might say so, of that system?

The 0 Excuses FItness system – get your hands on this now, and get started TODAY!

Truly building WARRIORS from the INSIDE OUT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A huge shout out to Cathy and the rest that took action on the last email!

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