Why life is all about playing the WAITING GAME!
- Black Mamba!

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Like I say, Black Mamba style!

Jeff Bezos (and this happened only in the last 8 years when his company grew in a very stupendous manner (it might sound surprising, but Amazon wasnt what it was for most of it’s 20 plus year “lifespan” and still going – until around 8 or so years ago! – they had like I believe 30k employees at that point, as opposed to the massive numbers today) … had this to say when asked about the company’s performance.

“This was baked in three months ago, maybe a year ago!”

Which is how it works, my friend – in life – or money – or business – or fitness – or even “beating the Bozo at his own game” (the last if you were to get downright infantile).

But lets get infantile for a moment, remember the wait and watch game I subconsciously played with the Bozo before really letting him “crucify” himself with his Amazon reviews, and then starting to bring all my guns out – one by one.

Big ‘uns still on the hip, Glyn! Hehe

But it’s a waiting game, my friend.

You have to be willing to look past – way past – temporary setbacks that might seem nigh huge, disappointments that might crush you.

This morning, I woke up and saw a 60% plus return on an investment I made a few months ago without thinking about it except “plant a seed here, plant one there – see what and how it grows”.

This one sure did GROW!

But lets say you LOST that money – the opposite.

What will your reaction be?

Doom and gloom – or chalk it up to the GAME?

Most people would go for the former, especially with huge losses – and hey, I get it.

Can be galling!

Can literally “cut into you”…

I know the feeling – been there, done that!

But it’s if you look at it as a learning experience for the GOOD to come next, the LESSONS learnt – then , my friend, you get knowledge that is nigh invaluable!

Napoleon Hill wrote about this in Think and Grow Rich in the lesson on .. PERSISTENCE, that “strange force” which comes to your aid – when all else is lost, the whole world is against you, yet you keep fighting, and SOMETHING HAPPENS!

And it is the “verily persistent” that finally make it to the top, and stay there (if they’re smart).

These people dont just, as Hill wrote, get the prize that they are seeking.

They get something more infinitely important, that being knowledge on temporary failure, persistence, and the rest!

You’ll have to read the book for more on it –  but this same spirit shines through in Zero to Hero! as well. (I’d say it’s a mini Think and Grow Rich from a practical standpoint i.e. DOING – though again, visualization is very important, and the first few words of the book – and the prologue, or whatever I named it – bears TESTAMENT TO THAT FACT!)

(done with FEELING).

Fitness wise, same thing, except a bit different.

You dont just get the System, for one, and sit on it – you keep quietly DOING.

Some days you think about your goal actively, some days, no. But you keep doing, and much like monitoring stocks – or investments – or what not – that doing makes you think automatically as well.

And one fine day, you wake up – and you see you’re TRULY in great shape – people are starting to applaud you, and so forth.

Its the slow burn, friend.

It’s the appetite to keep going for long periods with nothing but discouragement staring you in the face.

It’s the appetite to lose, and lose big – and then win even bigger. 

Might sound like a bit of a gambler’s Mecca that last one, but really – what is life at the end of the day?

Aren’t we all gambling each single day – big, or small – or infinitesimally?

Think about it …

And remember, as I keep saying, invest in the System while you can, my friend. A few months down the road – the price will go UP – and you’ll be cursing yourself for NOT getting in at the price it is now (and the offers I have applicable now).

Do this NOW, friend. Really.


Rahul Mookerjee

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