The handstand Bozo Schofield would so love…
- My, my, the things people get up to!

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Yours truly just saw a clip that made him go OUCH!

x 1000.

Now, it’s useful on the other site where I cater to the Schofield types with “Madam plssssssssssss can I kisss your ass” or what not fetishes…

But as far as this one goes – YOWZA!

Trust me, when I describe it, you’ll know what I mean.

And it’s a handstand the lard lump Bozo would love to do – if he can.

Now, dont get me wrong, first off.

Bozo can’t get into a pushup position and hold with arms straight to save his life, and being as phat as he is, dong (I mean DOING, but you’ll see my point! pun intended) a handstand?

Or even close to it?

Even the easy peasy kick up style I do NOT teach in Shoulders like Boulders! – Bozo can only dream of it. Trust me.

(So can most gym goers, but Bozo is worse, but those gym goers with all their huge muscles, ask them to just GET into a handstand, much less do a handstand pushup.

Their jaws truly WILL drop when they see YOU doing it though!)

But anyway, if he saw this, he’d love it!

Some slim looking dude got into a handstand. Fairly OK I guess, kinda unstable, and then it come – POW!

Some chick just started to punch him.

Not where you’d think either.

Chest, head, no kicks, just punches…

But she wasn’t punching the legs or body if you get my drift.


Let me just say the guy had legs spread for a reason – when you kick up – sometimes your legs are spread (as opposed to the way I teach them – unless you’re working up to freestanding handstands though, which is taught in Profound – 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands – that is the bridge between the first two books and the fourth – not yet out – freestanding handstands) when you do kick up handstands.

And she was punchin him – get this – right in the gonads.

A certain Sophia once called me a masochist – why – I’ll let you guess!

But I;d rather be an Iron man and masochist exercise wise!!!!

Which, I’ll take.

But this??

He was apparently into, as Bozo is, into getting his “nuts busted” . Ballbusting they call it in parlance where male bits are kicked, scrunched, punched, pushed – OUCH!

(by “ballbustrixes”) (or whatever gets the Bozo’s goat, I gues. Though most of those folks are actually sane, they just have insane preferences, hehe, but they’re nothing like “pester Central Bozo” – they keep it SSC!)

And people get real creative with it too!

And as soon as (and believe me, I’ve marketed to those folks too, hehe in their way – they love it!) – the dude got down from the handstand, kicking back down – he just collapsed in a heap and the video ended.

I dont blame him.

Thats rather extreme!

Though  of course, with Bozo, he probably wouldn’t say it’s extreme at all.

Anyway …

That’s something “interesting” I saw!

And while I can’t particularly say I “like it” myself – LOL – if you get my drift – theres tons of idiots that do. Hehe.

Good news, YOU dont have to do anything near about as awe inspiring – or stupid, if I might say so. Hehe.

For you, getting into the regular handstand will be enough to evoke that AWE in most people, gym goers included.

And to learn how to – well – get Shoulders like Boulders! here.

Limited time offer – the “FAQ” (25 great questions everyone has on handstands) is offered FREE OF CHARGE – if you choose the digital download option.

Get on this NOW, my friend.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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