How YOU Can move like the Royal Bengal Tiger – and why big cats are the MOST supreme example of fitness there can be!
- And the grizzly!

Wild animals in general, actually.

But none come close to the big CATS in the wild, my friend, that laze around, do nothing for more than 18 hours a day EACH AND EVERY DAY – and yet, when its time to get the job done – BAM!

You wouldn’t bet on the deer against the tiger, despite all the LSD the deer does (no, not Schofield’s drugs, but the long slow distance cardio, almost as bad!).

Or, gazelle against lion …

But to me, the TIGER reins supreme, the most supreme example – followed by the JAGUAR!

Both solitary, and then the lion, but only because it outsizes the leopard, or as John Walker said about Fast and Furious Fitness “The Collector’s Edition” – the perfect blend of suppleness and strength (amazing agility too, I’d add – I’ve seen leopards kill crocs and drag them up trees!).

Lions to me are over-rated, big time – especially the males.

But they’re still big cats, still supremely fit and strong …

Anyway, lets talk about another favorite animal of mine – the grizzly!

Grizzlies are another supreme example of fitness, and y’all on the list know this already – you’ve probably heard me say it before.

That bear – that massive bear is not only strong enough to take 600 lb dumpsters – or 800lb gorillas and play with them like beach balls – but it’s also QUICK.

It can outrun a rabbit – downhill.

It can pick up moose weighing over a ton in its jaws, and run with it UPHILL!

It also has such solid eyesight it can pick out fresh salmon swimming downstream straight outta the H20.

And the bear crawl, my friend, while it will NEVER EVER get you as fit and strong as a natural grizzly, will nonetheless kick even the fittest athlete’s butt like there is no tomorrow, in lightning quick time!

Animal Kingdom Workouts, of course gives you more than 5 different ways to do it.

Advanced Hill Training covers the basics – uphill!

(with pictures!).

So you’ll see, it aint “just the bear crawl”.

But if there is one area the mighty grizzly falls short, at least as far as I know, it’s LEAPING.

Remember that video I once sent y’all about the tiger in India literally leaping as high as a full grown elephant – and taking two fingers off the woman (or man, can’t remember) ON the elephant’s back – then bounding down, all in one jump, and off to the jungle?

Thats par for the course for ALL Big cats.

Not to mention, they do it SO stealthily- you wouldn’t even know the big cat is reclining there amongst the “brush” in the field until you chance right upon it (and thats happened many a times in INdia in the early AM’s!).

And the way they go from an absolute STOP to a roaring 60km/hr BOUND AND SPRINT – even a mechanical Jaguar or Ferrari couldn’t do it.

The tiger truly does run that fast!

And part, and a huge secret  to this, myf riend, is the WAY it moves.

It’s different from the bear crawl, although most folks dont think so.

The way the tiger moves – different – when all the muscles in your body literally BLEND into one as you move – and its tough to nail the first time – you’ll SEE!

You literally will feel like you’re “walking from your core” (which again, of course, is the reason – get the core fit, you can take anything, as Herschel Walker rightly once said!).

Then its resting and moving patterns. It doesnt waste too much energy, but when it’s time to get her done – BAM!

(same for yours truly runs his own life!)

And of course, the MEAT based diet …

But why just the tiger, this sort of walk is common to ALL The big cats – especially the jaguar, one of my pet favorites again.

I’ll never forget the MEAN look one of them things gave me once – a black Jaguar, melanistic or whatever they call it – oh my!

CHILLED ME TO THE BONE – that Jaguar, pound for pound, is even more ferocious than the Tiger!

No wonder they regularly sneak up on caimans and with that one bite – POW – the jag’s got the strongest bite of all the wild cats, period – the cayman’s a dead duck.

As the croc is with the tiger…


A bit of National Geographic there.

But bear in mind, and PICTURE, that if YOU TOO want that sort of cat like agility, speed, strength, stamina and FLEXIBILITY (notice how the big cats stretch!) – and SIXTH SENSE (something which cannot be taught!) – then the books above – and the exercises taught therein – are what YOU need to learn from.

Do so now my friend.

These are two of the very best courses on animal like training ever written – – if not THE BEST!


Rahul Mookerjee

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