Whats wrong with life being an adventure?
- Ain't not much at all, hehe.

My friend,

I still remember the looks of shock and surprise on the face of my first boss Nishith, who was a great dude by the way!! – when I said I was going to China (after I was asked twice by the guy who contracted me out to said boss).


“Dont grow a Fu Man Chu beard, hehe” (or, I think he asked if I would).

I loved that guy – just like Freddie in many ways!

But anyway – that aside, you on this list are well aware of my family’s reaction to it.

From “it’s a vague place” (I mean really, China, the worlds second largest economy, growing by leaps and bounds even then, certainly (and even the politics wasn’t that sever eback then – indeed, they were moving towards “improving” – though of course, I always told the Tom Toms that NO, prosperity wont necessarily bring democracy in China, because that prosperity comes from control and is an ILLUSION – and now? HA! – but a vague place???) … to looking up the town I was going to in the encyclopedia (literally, hehe) – to telling me “I was ruining my career” (I’d rather that than be a Tom Tom) – to saying th efollowing after I returned for a “brief respite” in 2007.

“China was just an adventure! Learn something HERE!” my Mom went.

The usual nonsense of life isn’t real life unless it’s a hassle, money isn’t earned unless you scratched through your elbows on broken glass to the bank to deposit your soiled bank notes, and so forth.

But that idiocy aside…

Just why the hell can’t life BE an adventure, my friend.

Of course it can!

That is what life was MEANT to be.

Look at how kids approach each single DAY.

It’s an adventure!


Is it any wonder that kids get what they want – with the fresh mind they wake up with each morning, and indeed throughout the day?

Ever notice a 4 or 5 year old carrying a GRUDGE?

Trust me, this sense of WONDERMENT and AWE at each single day, and saying how GREAT LIFE IS, rather than the opposite – that is what attracts good to you!!!

dont believe me?

I get it.

Read the first Chapter, or first few words of Zero to Hero! though – and you’ll get it!

You will FEEL IT!

That example I gave right ther e(you’ll see what it is when you READ) … will explain it all.

You can never go wrong in life – or otherwise – once you’re doing things the way I tell you to in that book!

As for me, I’ll take the adventures over the boring “Tom Tom” life most seem to prefer…

I think even the latter category would!

I mean, if you dont believe me – here’s what will make a believer out of the “already believe but dont want to accept it” lot.

DO you want a life like mine?

As simple as that, yes or no, and if you say no you’re probably not being “entirely honest” (and I’m being facetiously polite hehe).

But really, thats what I wanted to say.

And I have – so I’m out.

Remember – plenty of REWARDS be waiting for you.

If there’s a special reward or discount YOU are looking for, but it ain’t there, let me know. I’ll do what I can!


Rahul Mookerjee

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