Why all so called modern day crises are all “man made”.
- People may not like to hear this. but it's true.

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And I ain’t even talking the plague from China, which people knew of (at least, the smart ones like yours truly) even before they willingly and knowingly spread the damn thing – let their own people travel everywhere while shutting down THEIR borders to others, and so forth.

It ain’t even about the socialist control creeping in everywhere in the name of panixation and other rubbish that not only doesnt work, can be HARMFUL to people – yes, people have DIED of the so called vaccine too!! – and other rot.

It’s about this – all these stupid so called crises you see everywhere, all over the news, and even the media – it’s obvious – has a “great time” apparently printing out the words CRISIS in bold red letters everywhere, shouting in videos, and so forth.

All so retarded, all such a scare campaign!

Dont get me wrong.

I am NOT for a minute saying the power cuts in India and China are not real.

I am NOT saying that serpentine lines for fuel in the UK – and Italy perhaps are not real.

I’m not saying inflation ain’t real.

It all is – but how did it HAPPEN?

All man made!

There are too many of us, my friend.

And we’ve been using and abusing the planet for way too long.

As Claude Bristol famously said in the Magic of Believing … if you USE The power to create – and/or destroy every human being is born with and has – CONSTRUCTIVELY, then more good happens.

Unfortunately in general people have used it WRONGLY – and hence what is happening now.

Wait a minute, I hear you saying.

Isn’t it politicians that are responsible?

In India, the states are batting problems back to the PM – he’s batting it back to the States – ultimately, the PRICE RISE is what they all want (the politicians and big wigs at whichever company) and every possible excuse is being used to create ruckus and PANIC!

I mean, I get it.

Coal and gas are dwindling, but this BS of “supply is less now because the DEMAND is a lot more than during the panicdemic” – is just that – BS!

Nothing is operating anyway at levels that they were – ask the empty flights that roam the skies!

And even if demand WAS MORE, well, then simply produce more.

Ah, but no, how could we ignore the capitalism of “supply and demand”.

Which is fine, but at the end of the day, THAT small group is doing all it can to control the rest – and eliminate as many people as it might sound. Ghastly as it might sound, I’ve been saying it FOREVER.

People are STILL not listening, still too absorbed in silly media reports and soforth.

I mean, wake up and SMELL THE ROSES!

And while we might think that “those people” are doing it – ultimately this justice is being meted out by that higher POWER I keep speaking of.

Do wrong, you shall receive wrong.

Do good, you’ll get good.

The rate of that exchequer is COMPOUND INTEREST, as Emerson so famously said in his Laws of Compensation.

Karma, to put it in one word.

And the world in general just has bad karma.

But anyway …………..

What can YOU DO to stop this?

Dont be a typical Tom Tom / sheep for one.

I’v ebeen saying that forever.

Don’t buy into the PANIC everywhere.

It’s all created for a reason.

Don’t buy into the madness, period.

Because you know what, friend.

If enough people do the right thing and resist, then none of this mess would happen – or would have happened.

In short – if you want things to get better- start DOING – and thinking for yourself.

And keep yourself in PRIME shape – ready for anything that they can throw at you.

it’s that simple, two things …

And as far as the second – here is the System that will defeat their plans PHYSICALLY …

Now, it’s up to you, my friend…

I dont know, I’d choose the latter option (i.e NOT being a sheep) if I were you, but what do I know, eh.



Rahul Mookerjee

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