Why it never worked out in my first marriage, avoiding “family” and more…
- In one of those ruminant moods!

As I sit here, thinking about the my last (in the last few years, so called) marriage – and hopefully and likely the ONLY marriage I’ll ever be involved in, hehe – I gotta say this.

Money, Nazi feminism, the usual bickering – the “7 year itch” – different “preferences” in many areas – and so forth … all happened.

Hell, I dont know.

I still remember asking my then to be wife the following.

“Honey, lets live together FIRST!”

This was met with scorn and derision.

Apparently I’m the fool and people dont live together first before jumping headlong into a marriage. Hehe.

But then again, extremes in my life it always HAS BEEN!

So it was … I figured we’d try it, we did, and … well, the result is out there. Hehe.

But more than that bit of nonsense, you know what really caused it all to fall apart – and this holds true for family too?

Tradition – or so called tradition.

I was never a traditional person in any regard, despite being pushed all my life.

And this pushing continued into adulthood.

Pushing from Mom and Dad to “be their version of an ideal son” i.e. a Tom Tom and probably virgin at the age of 100 (listen to them talk about sex, which they never have i.e. “with adult children, the topic is broached often in families!” – you’d think it was a crime to do anything “sexy”).

Of course, yours truly is the exact opposite. Started at age 13, never looked back. Hehe.

And of course, and it’s funny given “Chinese girls and me” – what they told me around the age of 17.

“Stay away from the Chinese and Korean girls! They’ll GRAB you like this!” my Dad said, making a fist.


He didnt know how right he was – and how WRONG he was, hehe.

Even after coming to China in 2005… (though I must admit, a lot of the China myths were busted right there before him, I didnt even need to say it!)

Isnt it funny?

The Trumpinator talks about grabbing them by the … and he’s castigated.

But someone (liberal) like my Dad says the same thing essentially, and if people heard it, they would just agree!


Again, Schofield – where are you where you were needed. You would have been the perfect son for them!


(Nah – not really – I wouldn’t inflict or wish Glyn on anyone!)

Anyway …

More than that, it was always about “pushing me”.

It was always about pestering me.

“What will you do with your life”

“what will you do after that job”.

Hell, Dad,  I’ll figure it out!

I mean, it’s not like I was going to get any sort of assistance from them, yet they looked upon as a sort of investment, I suppose.

i.e. we popped a son out, so now he’s an “investment”.

Similarly for my wife, all the years we were together, it was always about “pushing me” either directly or indirectly.

Sure, they can all sit back now and say “that was the past”.

But the past doesn’t just go away, friend.

Given half a chance, they’d do the SAME thing now.

With my wife, it was always pushing me to “be stable” – “work a job” – a lot of the same things my Mom (and by extension, the unwilling enforcer Dad) wanted.

And of course, the inane games.

We buy a flat screen TV in 2009, next day Dad calls me out of the blue saying “we bought another one thats bigger!”

Ok, great Dad. I only bought the flat screen because my wife suggested it to me. I could give a rip less about all that nonsense, to be fair!

I mean, if you think a stupid fucking TV equates to “having money” – well, go for it – but I’m not interested in the “show factor” , never ever was!

Then the even more idiotic blame games.

“you ruined my whole life!”

(and again, I’m glad OTHER People – and yes, despite what Tom tom’s globally think, WOMEN Too! – are coming out with similar stories, right down to the wording!)

Perhaps most awesome from a “silly” perspective?

The man with no plans (apparently) – or sometimes, I dont know (my wife calls me a master planner i.e. “Yukit” a derogatory term in hindi meaning this) …

… and yet, he’s done so much.

The Tom Tom’s are the first to point out “he has so much money, he just doesnt give us any!”

I remember a conversation with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla back in the day.

“Damn you had a lot of MONEY!”

That was back in the day, and I spoke to him at a time I was a bit down – but climbing back out of it.

So much for the guy with “no plans” “doing nothing” …

Hell, for me?

I just want to sit down with my cold beer at the end of the day – enjoy a good meal – a good woman – and thats that!

I was never the sort for “showing off” how many houses, cars, Rolex watches and other crap I have (though I do like jewelry, hehe).

That “10 inch cock ring” Marc so famously referred to in the ring. (a bracelet I wore. Hehe).

“Whats that? Your 10 inch cock ring!”



Anyway, Indians and Chinese and Asians in general reading this – especially the men – will get it.

And I got sick of being used as a tool and ATM a long, long, long time ago …

Bozo loves it, of course , but not everyone is a Bozo.

But anyway, avoiding family etc?

Sometimes its unavoidable.

And they, of course, take EVERY opportunity they can to say crappy things about me “behind my back”.

Which is fine.

But for me, it’s simple.

Sometimes, like I said, I can’t avoid them fully.

But I make sure to be as cavemanish as possible – which ain’t hard, being  a wolf comes naturally to me, hehe – when doing so.

That naturally bats the Bozos away as well (Schofield seems to have fallen off the face of the map as of late. Hehe. Poor guy).

Anyway … what can I say.

That grand ole game of LIFE …

I’m out.

Remember, those special offers we have going on will NOT last forever, bro.

So get a product now – I KNOW a lot of you have been wanting to get some.



Rahul Mookerjee

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