Why women in general want CONTROL over all!
- 'Tis true, friend. Tis true!

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I will always remember one of the comments made about Fast and Furious fitness – aside from the great testimonial a customer made about the “Collector’s Edition” (scroll down to the bottom of the website, or click the link above – you’ll see!) …

“I saw the pictures, the book was obviously written in “happier times””.

“Such a pity that women just know how to take, never to GIVE… ”

He was right.

Corrugated Core, another book written in “happier times” (though not entirely very happy) in that regard.

But, I keep saying this myself – have been for ages now.

An example illustrates it perfectly.

At the age of 25, I wanted a break from China (pretty much because I didnt want to spend that nest egg I had built up “doing not much at all” there – and plus I wanted to see India had really changed for the better (hint – it hadn’t)) …

So, I returned home, but not before getting the following assurances from my Dad.

“You can use your room as a base for whatever you want to do. We’ll always support you”.


Words were never proven to be quite that hollow.

When he said it, I paused.

What if… I thought.

But I was single, young, didnt give a rat ass.

So I went.

Of course, first thing you know, my Mom bitched up a storm about my long hair – which I finally cut because of her pestering.

Second, a base??

No, I had to study for some dumb ass MBA apparently …

So I took the GMAT, hehe.

Had a phat phock of an “English teacher” whose own English was so crappy she coul dbarely string a sentence together, yet saw fit to tell me how to “crack the GMAT”.

I did pretty well, got a 650 – not because of her. hehe.

But then a few days later, I dont know, I had this bed in my room – one of the fold out kinds.

I loved it.

I’d fold it back in during the day – at night, I’d do the opposite, and sleep like a king.

One fine day, I noticed it gone.

Apparently Mommy saw fit to take it and “put it in the living room” or some BS.

Now, I dont like people taking MY stuff from my room …

Of course, nothing in that house was anyone’s except Mom’s apparently “because she bought it”.

From childhood till I was able to buy my own things, nothing was ever mine.

Can you imagine it?

Your own child, except “I bought it”, so it ain’t yours. It’s just PATHETIC!

And yet, more common than you would think, Google and you shall know.

As Uncle Bob rightly said,

“Parents can really fuck a kid’s development up!”

It was all at her whim and control – and most amazing  part, I’m yet to see a living room in the world with that sort of nonsense. Further, why not simply buy a new one rather than give me a new one which she knew I’d hate?

The answer is self evident.

From trying to force me to work a job, to controlling my money (which no-one ever could, hehe – my money has always been in places people just can’t get to even if they try) … all about CONTROL!

Same thing for my Mom with her own mother in law, I still remember the battle royals breaking out.

Like Marc the African silverback Gorilla told me once …

“They need an alpha there!”

He was right, but wait…


I know.

The MEN are the domineering and controlling ones, ain’t they?

The poor women that weep crocodile tears, aided by cucks in general – they never do anything wrong, never have!

Sorry, my friend, but this BS stinks to high hell and beyond, and I will never stop calling Nazi feminism out for what it IS – a SCOURGE!

And if YOU reading this, as many of my customers say “I agree with what you say about women, I’ve had troubles with them too” think there is no choice, but to put up with them – WRONG!

And the book above shows you how.

Sure, not for free.

But show you it does …

And of course, the other control YOU have over yourself – your thoughts – and your BODY.

Nothing and no-one, not even the most determined of panic stricken maniacs can take that away from you.

Its YOUR BODY, YOU decide!

Bottom line, simple.

I find it interesting how abortion rights activists everywhere are happy to abort fetuses way past the cell stage”, and claim “women’s rights”.

While literally committing MURDER.

Fuckin insane is what it is.


And physically, get in the best shape of your life FIRST.

Here is the System that will DO IT – The 0 Excuses Fitness system.

I’ll see you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Think it only happens to guys, and not gals? THINK AGAIN! My ex, at the age of SEVEN – her Mom took her to the living room for an XMAS gift… 

The little girl went there, eyes open .. 

And what did she get? 

Her Mom pointed to burnt coals lying in the fireplace. 

Thats what you get, Emily! 

She crowed, and went away, while her Dad, Dr Lamar did probably F all. 

Dont get me wrong, he was a good man. But, couldn’t stand up to his wife even for that, just fucking PATHETIC!

PS #2 – And, NO, for you “femdom” enthusiasts – i.e. those that get off on what the Bozo does (if there are any here – and many do, which is fine, so long as it’s a conscious choice) – this is the nasty control, not the “fun type” of control. Ugh!

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