The sense of utter PEACE, more on the sound of the RAVEN – CROWING!
- Just SERENE, bliss, serenity!

First you must read this piece here!

And after you do so, as I heard another bird “sing” … as it often does in the woods, real jungle, I’m remembering many things from the past again!

But most of all, my workouts!

Done out there on the hill, and at the bottom of it (the Battletank Shoulders part first, then the Advanced Hill Training part!) – out in the HEAT in Southern China, which while some days it was cloudy, it was still hot as heck, but with the sun blazing down at 230 PM – oh my!

“I dont see how you can do it!”

So said Charles…

All the reasons I’ve given in the past aside though – it’s this -something I value a hell of a lot.

Peace, quiet and PRIVACY!

There is NOTHING I hate more than working out in crowds with gaggles of Chinese pointing at the foreign “gui lao” devil and (well, the Da Xing Xing part is cool, but even that has it’s limits!) … or people anywhere for that matter.

Id’ rather be left alone, to my own devices.

And conjuring up the best workouts ever for me – and YOU!

Those afternoons especially when cloudy, Id often – out of the blue – hear that solitary RAVEN crowing!

IT came it and it went, sometimes I wonder if it was my imagination, or a message from Spirit – since despite it being a hill with plenty of “jungle” there – the Chinese eat damn near everything in sight, so there weren’t many birds left. Hehe.

Maybe the solitary stray cat, and I once saw a chicken tethered to a stick in the hills there, I dont know why!

But anyway, when working out by myself – you know the best part?

PEACE – and quiet!

And a sense of calm and sang froid you’ll never get in the gym with all the machines – even if you’re ALONE.

Even if you’re in the yoga room.

Even if you’re doing bodyweight (its good if you are, but your SURROUNDINGS matter a hell of a lot!).

I’d rather workout in a basement like room where I took the pictures for Isometric and Flexibility Training, Pushup Central, and many of my great books.

To an extent, Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition was shot there too.

Bare bones, water dripping from pipes style…

I’ll take that over the fancy crap anyday.

But, what I’ll take the MOST?



I dont know, a lot of you will just read this and move on with your lives.

“Whatever”, I’ll hear a lot of you saying.

That is fine, but … trust me.

These workouts I teach you are like none other, and the PEACE and BLISS you get throughout the workout while doing – and after – is enough to carry through even the toughest day afterwards – blighted by significant others pestering you or not. Hehe.

Just trust me on this one, friend.

You’ll NEVER feel that sense of calmness unless you listen, do what I tell you – not because I tell you, but because it’s how to get it!

OK, enough for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A much ignored book of mine deals with ONE great exercise, just ONE.

And it’s variants.

But the benefits you get from doing JUST THAT ONE THING?

Out of the world!

Find out more HERE.

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