My definition of “success” !
- It ain't what the Bozos reading this (those that might, hehe) will "think" (I use the term relatively for a certain Scho "the tro", hehe)

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This morning after I got my email to work (which took forever and a day!) – I saw some silly survey or what not for authors on Amazon to “win a $100 gift card” or some BS.

I clicked past, obviously…

but then I took another look, for some reason, I felt compelled to at least read the email.

It was a Qualtrics or something survey.

Now, this survery was LONG… REAL LONG!

I could tell by the sliding bar underneath it.

Yours truly never completed it – past the first question, hehe.

Which caught my interest, and I was typing a long, probably never to be read answer to them (I bet they’re using it for their own marketing i.e. the answers people give ’em!) … but then I just abruptly shut the whole mess down.

I Figured Id write to you about it!

Last year, Charles Mitchell, a long term customer had this to say about my books (well, one of many comments).

“People buy your books because you know how to do things they don’t – but want to!”   (and they want to learn “how to”)

Now, he worded it differently, but that was the gist of what he said (in that regard).

And it’s interesting, I was being asked my “top 2 or 3 goals” by the survey along with my definition of success.

My defintion?

I dont know, when I started out – I had no goals of becoming a billionaire, I’m not sure I do now either! Hehe.

My goals were to CREATE a business – START something – on my own – without any help or what not.

My goals were to DO something different – to be myself – to express myself – to do what I do best ie. TEACH others how to do things … and much more!

Those were some of “my goals” – still are.

Obviously creating a profitable biz was high on the list too.

But from a customer standpoint, my goals can be summed up BEST by what I believe Emerson once said – I’ll paraphrase again!

If your work can touch ONE person’s life – improve ONE person’s life immeasurably – if you can change even ONE person’s life via your work – then you’ve succeeded!

Now, the quote was lengthier, but this was the sum and substance of it.

A certain JEff Bezos loved it so much he hung it on his fridge door!

And it makes perfect sense, and I’ve always thought of it that way even during my down times.

Even when NOTHING was happening biz wise – when cash flow was in the red, and bills the opposite – in an extreme manner.

It’s happened a LOT, trust me!

But all throughout I have – and still have – this thought.

Hey, if ONE person wakes up to my emails – just ONE customer – and my email helps him smile – or thump his chest – or crack open a cold one – or just plain make it through the day – then on a certain level – yes, I’ve succeeded!

If just ONE customer buys my books, and DOES – and their lives are improved immeasurably – I’ve done my job!

That dont mean there’s not MORE to do.

There always is!

But end of the day, what do we really take with us?

WHAT will be your last thought before you pass?

Of having created something from scratch, made it profitable – yes.

But also … that THAT product – or service – HELPED PEOPLE – and how it did!

THAT is another reason I keep wanting honest and genuine reviews, they put a HUGE GRIN ON MY FACE!

Not money, not publicity, not any of the above.

It just gladdens me to the PG Wodehouse inspired cockles of my heart to know someone is benefiting out there.

Thats why we do all this – for you!

And thats it in a nutshell, really.

I figured it’s best I tell YOU guys – not “Qualtrics” hehe.

And so I have.

Rest assured though, I’ve got no plans of passing anytime soon. I’m sure I’ll write an email about it before I do – knowing me – but you may need to wait – forever.


Enough said!

Back to hardcore fitness – be sure and pick up some products today.


I’ll share your tales with the world, TRULY!


Rahul Mookerjee

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