Respect your training tools!!!
- Really, how someone can NOT do that ... beyond me!

Honestly, man, people these days!

I go to “gyms” etc – either the shiny chrome and fern kind, or the “old school” style – which are actually GOOD – and I see it there too!

Dumbbells, kettlebells – barbells – power wheels – grippers – what have you – just lying there often times in a state of disuse, while everyone makes their way to the shiny machines.

Oddly enough, those machines are what is marketed to the Bozos globally.

Oddly enough, THOSE are kept clean – or the “illusion” of cleanliness i.e. just wipe it down, and add glitter to the photo  you use to market!

But the real tools, the real implements, and this happens in people’s homes too – laying there, gathering bloody DUST!

I mean, really.

IF you dont want it, don’t buy it!

Same thing for books “gathering dust” etc.

I tell my daughter this all the time too i.e. “dont toss your training tools away!”

It could be my power wheel, or perhaps her cricket bat, or even a bow and arrow.

But once you’re done training the skill – or READING about it – remember to RESPECT the book – or tool!

That doesnt mean you need to get fastidious about cleanliness, wear frilly frocks and long ass socks and high heels like Bozo Schofield does before cleaning (sometimes I wonder, given the nasty state his “room” was always in, I think he paid more attention to becoming a sissy than doing the actual WORK.

As they say, that thin line between fantasy and REALITY – and the latter bites. Truth is indeed not just stranger, but tougher than “fiction” – especially faggotty lust inspired Bozo style fiction).

But at least dont toss the damn wheel away like some people do!

Don’t leave your equipment sitting there “gathering dust”.

A lady I knew Rendy had a treadmill – which she used to hang baby nappies and laundry on!

In the park, I see these people hanging their bloody coats on the dipping bars!

I mean, give me a fucking break!

To those not as fanatical about training as I am – this may come across as odd.

But remember, if you’re disrespecting the teacher or medium, then that will come back to bite YOU in the ass, my friend.

Only those really serious about fitness will “get” what I mean in this email.

Respect, friend, respect.

It’s always paramount!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here – best part, literally NO equipment required for this, not even a chinning bar!

PS #2 – Those of you (and there are a lot) interested in REAL training, REAL MAN STYLE – do the bodyweight stuff as a central focal point FIRST. Get good at it FIRST. Then, and only then, proceed to implements.

Once you do, do NOT ignore the bodyweight work!

I’ve recently spoken with a guy who got REAL good at swinging Indian clubs, and thought it would translate over into pull-ups – which he tries, but can’t get his chin over the bar.

Did club work translate into better pull-ups?


The other way around ?

YES – and yours truly – and many other people I’ve trained are living proof of this – much as pushups translate into pull-up ability, but NOT necessarily the other way – this is the same.


Anyway, for those truly interested in training with implements – go HERE.