Why it’s never a good idea to taunt – or worse -a caged TIGER.
- I realize "lion" is the animal comes to mind, but ...

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I realize “lion” is the animal comes to mind when you talk “caged, but …truth is the following, my friend.

Nothing – I repeat nothing (maybe other than a grizzly all charged up) can stop a RAGING, ROARING tiger that you’ve pissed off.

Jim Corbett, the great hunter and conservationist wrote about this a lot of times in his books, when he mentioned he’d sleep in the forests of India (back then, there were a LOT more tigers than there are now there) without a worry in the middle of th e night, even when he heard tigers moving about.

“The tiger is a true gentleman”, he said.

“Leave it alone, and it will leave YOU alone!”

Which has been my philosophy to life all along – ever since I was born.

Other than, you piss that tiger off, and I dont care what your size is, skills are etc – you’ve got a bloody FIGHT on your hands!

Even the ancient Maharajas that almost drove the tiger to extinction in India did so with the aid of horses, weapons, and elephants.

So much for a fair fight, as Charles once told me.


In the movie Damini (a long ago Hindi potboiler) they had this line of the lead actor saying the following.

“Even kids can throw popcorn (I believe it was something else – kernels??) at a caged lion”.

Thats easy, he went.

“But its only when you face AN UNCAGED LION, READY TO FIGHT – that you’ll know what a real fight is”.

And who the real man is.

Needless to say, the dude being referred to (i.e. that the lead actor) was referring to was a cuckold Schofield like pansy to the extreme and drunk on power i.e. “when I have the power I can do it”, but when it’s a fair FIGHT, I’ll turn TAIL and RUN!

This morning, I caught myself literally “growling” like a tiger.

An image of a tiger on the prowl literally flashed into my mind – so AUTHENTIC that it sort of scared even me!

There is a limit to my patience, my friend, and business wise, a Bozo I’ve been dealing with has left me hanging for MONTHS ON END – for no reason.

Even more inexplicable, I’ve done business with this nut for years, and he’s never quite been as disrespectful as he is NOW to me.

“Sir I’m always busy” is what his nonsense boils down to. 

I asked him if he wanted to get the job DONE.

He claims yes, but nothing after that.

Ask him for a fucking deadline, nothing.

Ask him for clear answers, WHAT he wants – or thinks – nothing .

Offer him more money  – a LOT MORE – nothing.

I mean, I dont get it, but this is what people in general seem to think life is about i.e. “keep the guy hanging for months, then a long phone call”, and then of course the usual nonsense of “I’m too busy” which really translates to “give me a job I can do with minimal effort, I’ll do it, anything more, zero”.

It’s pathetic. Really!

Anyway, I got myself under control – sort of.

But the parade of buffoons out there continues to grow …

Here’s the bottom line, friend.

Basic human courtesy hasn’t changed no matter what, and it never will.

It’s people in general that have become MORONS in general.

“I’m too busy” .


At least be honest…

Anyway, that the rant for now.

And remember, that time I saw that caged jaguar, it’s eyes, and the FURY – spoke more than anything I can write would!

I had an image – literally – of that beast breaking free and jumping – straight from my throat.

I dont understand idiots globally that keep these magnificent wild cats caged – disgrace!

But anyway, remember that the next time you think (I’m referring to people in general) “you have the power” – and “can do what you like”.

First, the caged tiger thing.

You never know when the tiger might break free.

Second …

What goes around – DOES and will come around.

It’s that simple.

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Even watch a tiger walk – from the core – with all it’s muscles blending into one?

Ever watch a tiger CROUCH – before the final spring?

Ever watch a tiger go literally from 0-60 in the space of a few seconds?

I have, and more.

It wasn’t just to exercise my fingertips that I wrote Animal Kingdom Workouts, my friend.

And it ain’t just because “I can” that I priced it at what I did.

That course is sheer gold, friend, and I know many of you want it.

So … where are the excuses?

Get this NOW– this is truly one of the best fitness books – if not THE best you’ll ever read (and implement, which you damn well should!).

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