“But he is right”!
- Which yours truly "humblest to the nth degree" usually IS. Hehe.

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It’s played out over my life for YEARS.


What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong.

I’ve never shied away from saying it that way – because thats how it is, my friend.

Coupled with my nigh uber brazen approach to life – fitness – everything – this pisses off most people I come in contact with.

“how dare he!”

But the ones that dont get pissed off – and actually see the “right” past the brazenness (and trust me, the WRONG is brazen, so if you want to be right, you gotta take it to EXTREMES!!!) – those are theones I focus upon.

I could give you plenty of examples.

The way the Chinese treat foreigners, for one – is one thing.

One rule for the Chinese, one for the foreigners.

Although admittedly it’s yin and yang, and admittedly yours truly “in the know” has never really been impacted by it (if I was, I extracted max poundage of FLESH for it – figuratively speaking) – although admittedly what “foreign devils lose in one area gain in another (if they know how , which most have no clue) – it still ticks me off. It’s not right!

Por ejempelo … I’ll give you two, one salacious, one not so much .

One was when I was at a “get together” for some Chinese adult “students” at some learning center or something, where the owner badgered me to show up for a tete a tete.

I kept saying no. I hate teaching English, and won’t – and refuse to be a monkey.

They kept upping the ante until it was a comfy 9PM “with beer talk” arrangement.

Finally, I said. Hehe. The idiots got it!

i.e. BEER!

So I went, got paid, did the “talking thing” – and the pleasant surprise there was, Marc the African Silverback Gorilla was there too!

I didnt know him too well at the time, but that was his area, his “prowling ground” so to speak (as I told him later, hehe). So it wasn’t a surprise he was there.

But anyway, we finished up, went home, next day I spoke to Marc.

And he told me all about how the “host” (Chinese) at the party bitched up and down about my poor English, so called accent and a host of other rubbish including (what former so called friend Charles claims about India) “those darkies can’t speak English”.

It’s interesting what people REALLY THINK!

And what they say – or can – or cant.

IN the recently released movie “Sardar Udham”, they show India during the colonial times. The movie was set on the Jalianwala Bagh massacre – which I’m sure everyone knows about – and the subsequent protests led by first “Shaheed” Bhagat Singh – for which he was hanged (not before being put through a concentration camp – think it was just the Nazis had ’em? HA! The Japanese and British did too!) … and then “Sarda Udham”.

Now, I’m not going to get into the gory details, but in one scene they show an old fart bitching about “The food is terrible there, the weather is horrible”, and so forth.

I dont know why they had so many curry rooms even in the UK, even in those days, hehe, if the food was truly “So bad” – replete with beer mugs and such for that matter!

Old fogies will be old fogies though, and obviously the “jewel in the crown” (Bozo in his own racist way once used that term, hehe) was India because of it’s RICHES, not anything else.

“This is what I love about Indians”, the Bozo in the movie goes.

(Schofield once said he did movies. LOL)

“Their willingness to please!”

(My My. I musta missed the boat on that one!)

Of course Bozo didnt know (in the movie) that the person he “hired” as an underling would eventually go onto assassinate him in public.

It’s a true tale, read about Udham Singh and the rest, the more I do, the more I believe THESE, along with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose are the TRUE and FORGOTTEN heroes of the Indian freedom struggle – not Gandhi and Nehru, both of who willingly acted as colonial pawns if i were to be brutally honest about it!

Anyway …

What people really think.

And as the lady said that to Marc, I laughed.

“thats how these fools are”.

And they are. The Chinese are racist to a T, but not just racist, they’re stupid enough to hire Russians to “teach English” instead of native speakers “because he black man”.

Even Glyn Schofield to his one credit never quite bought into THAT lunacy, although yes, what he REALLY thought – we all know! Hehe.

I remember him pestering some poor girl at a learning center about “but why does skin color matter” … hehe. But I gotta say, Bozo was right ON THAT one – except he did it to show off. Again,what he really thought, we all know. He just did it to show “I have a black friend so I’m not racist”. What utter crap… I remember thinking that in 2015, but didnt say much.

And what his friend Charles “really” thought. Hehe.

Now, I’m neither black, nor do I have an accent, nor is my English “poor”  – its the opposite, actually, but hey, facts dont count. LOL.

But anyway, the lady wanted me to go there again.

Think of it, a person she privately castigated, yet, “she wanted me to work for them”.

You should have see the earful I gave her.

It pissed off the people there.

But end of the day, I heard one of them saying quietly as I left in a rage.

“But he’s right!”

Another more salacious incident occured in a bordello I once frequented and wrote stories about later, hehe.

For the Chinese, theyd always bring out “three girls” to choose from, while with foreign devils, only one.

And most played right into it.

But I asked them point blank the first day I went there “after the deed” through my Chinese friend i.e. WHY they did that.

I thought it was disrespectful, and when they replied with their usual shifty “sorry I dont know”, I told them this.

“One, I DO know why – it’s because you think expats are all fools.

Two, isn’t the color of my money the SAME as anyone else’s?”

True story, friend.

THe managed ended up profusely apologizing at the end of it, bowing in a “exaggerated” manner, and refunding me for the entire time.

The Chinese grumbled as if to say “what is he complaining about”.

But a lady sitting behind the counter said the following in Chinese as the guy who “bowed” uttered a few choice epithets under his breath that he thought I couldn’t understand, hehe.

“He’s right, though” .

I still remember that thoughtful stare she gave me.

Perhaps there was a reason she came and (she was the boss) ended up sitting “on my lap” the next time I was there – when the damn place shut down temporarily without warning – I still remember bitching up and down about that …


But anyway, all the other stuff aside, it’s about when the other person is RIGHT.

Nary has there been ever a time I’ve ranted – and I’m not RIGHT in what I say.

If I am wrong, I simply dont say anything – or I’ll say I am wrong (usually the latter).

Fitness wise, same thing.

When I say a lot of you are not buying because of price, I’m right.

And just so you know, NO, I am not going to lower prices regardless of how many whiny emails I get about it. There is a reason the prices are what they are, I have explained them many times in the past, and if you as a customer choose to go elsewhere, Ill hold the door for ya too.

When I say – and justify – the price – I’m right (and I’ve done so many times in the past).

A fool just emailed me this.

“mabe i woulda bought if it was like, 20 BUCKS or something, but not so much!”

OK … then again, I dont think so. This idiot would want it for $2 next thing you know.

And that ain’t the only reason – Ive explained this all in the past really, I shouldnt have to keep REPEATING MYSELF FOR FUCKS SAKE!

(and to the poster, who shall remain annoymous – As Gorilla Girl would say

“READ, you FOOL!”)

(no, despite sounding like Glyn, it wasn’t Glyn here. Gotta call a spade a spade, not the spades the Bozo so loves to “suckle” on i.e. Ace of Spades, but just being honest)

And when I tell you, perhaps most importantly, HOW my fitness routines get you in the best shape of your life, it dont sound pleasant either – people hate for me “just pushups” (when they can’t DO pushups) – but I’m right.

If I’m wrong, I invite people to tell me that I am – and WHY.

Truth is, they usually never can, because if Im wrong, I’ll never argue about it in the first place …

I dont know why I felt compelled to tell you all this.

But since I have, I’m out.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the most “righteously” effective fitness system there is out there on the PLANET – HERE!

PS #2- To the $20 “twenty dolla” jackass I know a certain Bozo in Brum that would be more than happy to oblige, hehe.

My fitness products- no way – “eff off” if you or anyone think something like Pushup Central should be priced at that!

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