Whatsup with ole Mike Pompeos recent “slim avatar” ?
- I gotta say, job well done Mike!

Mike Pompeo to me is one of the, if not THE best Secretary of State’s ever … right up there with Colin Powell I’d say, and being the latter has passed – well R.I.P. Colin!

Powell and Pompeo to me are exactly what Secterary of States should be – erudite, clear, concise – and get their point across with a minimum of fuss and drama (Pompeo to me does this even better!) … and Powell, for one, was a true old school Republican – not afraid to admit when the admin was wrong (such as the Iraq war for one – a disaster if any!).

They should have never gone in there into Iraq, I said it when they did, and I still think so.

Sure, Saddam was a tyrant, but thats par for the course for that part of the world, while that does NOT make it right, simply going in there and trying to impose democracy upon people who may not necessarily “want” it – well, you have an Afghanistan like scenario right there, and given the state Iraq is in – chaotic, lawless, civil war etc … well, we’ve all seen the results.

Not to mention I Really dont think Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 – Afghanistan, I was always in favor of going in there and bombing the hell out of Bin “Laden” … because THEY are the ones that were directly responsible for the terror attack.

Iraq, somehow I doubt it.

Those guys were saudi funded for one … So is Pakistan for the most part (or USED to be).

Anyway, politics aside.

RIP Colin Powell.

And as for pompeo, I have noticed it over the past month or so – the guy looks positively SLIM NOW!

Like he dropped more than a stone or two of weight – mostly fat.

I mean literally, you look at his face – and the way his suits fit NOW – and how it was just a few months ago, and it’s nothing short of amazing!

Of course, the man is former Army.

Being the Army takes people that are WAY out of shape – and whips them into shape REAL QUICK – with no excuses BROOKED – I’d say Pompeo knows a thing or two about training.

But back when I lost all that weight, nigh quick – within weeks, literally – I’d keep hearing the same comments as I do about Pompeo now.

“He’s really lost a LOT of weight!”

“Sou La!” (Chinese pin yin for slimmer!)

And so forth.

And of course, the age thing – Id routinely get called, and still do > 10 years younger than I am / was.

Maggie, a batty chick I was talking to today looked at my photos today (on social media).

After failing to decide where I was from – apparently I was either Arabic – or Spanish – or Indian – or African – anything but “from the West” according to her “apparently the picture of me doing dips was “African” –  dont ask – Chinese. Haha) … she made this comment about me when I sent her a recent picture.

“OMG! Thats really you!”

I asked her what the OMG was about, but of course, got no answer. lol.

But its par for the course …

Anyway, back to the Army.

How do they get their recruits into kick butt shape so QUICK?

Lots of pushups.

Tons of pull-ups – though guess what – the number of pushups done always outnumbers those on pull-ups – by a LOT at that – and this holds true for elite branches too ie. Seals, Marines etc.

TONS of “odd object lifting”.

And of course, lots of running with rucksacks on backs, boots on feet, all the things the so called docs say “is bad for you”.

And certainly NO molly coddling.

If you’re a phat phock, you get reduced rations, if you’re underweight, you get to – whether you want to or not – eat MORE.

And if you’re a Bozo, of course, that rats out your fellow trainees as happened in … I believe “Saving Private Ryan”?

(or, eats Snickers or whatever when he wasn’t supposed to, and the whole unit gets punished, whatever the tale was, I forget??)

Well, you get WHACKED hehe.


Bozo and the Army – dont even talk about it!

But anyway – Pompeo truly looks in super shape now.

Looks great, and while I wouldn’t quite say 10 years younger, easily 7 or so …

And while there isn’t anything on the internet about how he did this – other than some nuts claiming “no more free lunches “on the house”” or some nonsense – I’d bet you anything he kept it simple, and did the basics like I’ve mentioned above.

And I’m sure, down the line we’ll know …

Therein lie some lessons for YOU, my friend.

See if you can spot ’em – and take ACTION!


Rahul Mookerjee