The “ring of truth”
- It does!

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In 2017, my buddy from the Marines and myself were discussing something – my writing, I believe came up.

Maybe we were discussing other things, maybe it was oft repeated topic of “Is Trump more brutally honest than me”when it came up.

I said Trump was. Hehe.

My friend disagreed.

“Its’ by no means a foregone conclusion!”


I’d agree with him.

And it’s a classic example of me knowing what he said was true – but saying I was “less” (when I knew I was more).

THAT is one key, by the way, which I keep teaching people that come to me for life coaching.

It isn’t so much what you say – it’s HOW you say it- first off all.

And second, it’s what you THINK (therefore picture) WHEN you say it.

Glyn Bozo when he said “Rahul has no sex life” – well, we all know what he was thinking i.e. “deep down inside Glyn Bozo knows he has no sex life beyond … well… we all know”.

But thats just one example.

To me, when I tell people “oh, my grip – just normal!” – or “oh, I’m just a normal guy at pull-ups” – what I really mean is one – and two things.

First, and importantly, if I can do it – YOU can too. IF You stop with the excuses, complaints about price (when you’re learning), “teaching from the bottom” i.e. students trying to tell the teacher what and how to teach, and so forth.


I’m as normal as you, genetically likely a lot MORE disadvantaged than you – and I’ve spoken about that before.

The second thing, what I think when I say that – and people (like the Tom Tom’s – like Charles the former friend) actually “agree”.

What a fool is what I think. Hehe.

True wisdom is more listening than talking, my friend – and then ANALYZING – and then DOING.

Results speak – in all regards!

Anyway ………….The ring of truth. 

I was explaining to my friend how I did what I did, how he could too, but he was wondering – “how I made so many sales off “just emails””.

It aint just emails, I told him – and explained.

Then he asked me why so many people “follow” me – buy from me – and so forth.

I gave it to him straight.

Because one, I give it to them STRAIGHT in a manner straight from the heart, BRUTALLY HONEST – that they wont find anywhere else.

And second (here I was referring to some of the more outrageous things I write) … he was asking “how people believe it”.

Because its true, I said. Hehe.

He agreed.

It has the RING OF TRUTH to it!

So it does, my friend.

So it does.

Lots of lessons there, bro.

And the truth to be gleaned from this, other than everything else we keep writing about – is a lot of you on the list need to step up and take action NOW as opposed to “just reading the email and ignoring”.

If not for yourself, do it for me – or 0 Excuses Fitness.

Though I’d prefer you do it for yourself – and help yourself…

But really, lots of people on the list are just “sitting on the fence” and neither do they unsubscribe, nor do they buy, nor do they participate …

I dont get it, friend.

For free reading, that can be done via the website, no ?

And any business needs sales, and lots of it to bring YOU what you really want.

I’ve had requests for many different books and products from many people, but it doesnt all happen “for free”.

You have to step up, show your support – and thats about as true as it gets.

The rest is up to you!

But really, in life, and otherwise – the ring of truth – THAT is what you must get, my friend.

Once you do – watch out – watch the seas “part” for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

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