The most inane, idiotic, baseless, and SENSELESS advice one can give to ANY kid.
- Really... !

My wife and I have been discussing something I’ll keep private for now – but it’s got to do with martial arts, and my daughter getting into them.

But I gotta say, some of the advice my daughter (according to my wife) has been getting from so called family members since she was young – utterly BASELESS, and retarded!

I’ll keep their “identities under wraps” for this one ,but anyone that knows me – and on this list – knows who they are or might be. Hehe.

“Stay away from all fighting” was the advice.

To a kid?

That the WORST advice you can give, along with forcing them into excessive study!

First thing you know, as you said the other day, you can’t control your kids forever, the more you try and control – the more that kid will rebel and NOT do what you want growing up – especially if she’s Rahul Mookerjee’s daughter.


Of course, for people who have always blamed me for all the “bad qualities” (so called, I dont think they’re bad) my daughter has – even when I was never THERE in person – or when I WAS (funny how that works, always a scapegoat eh) …. that advice is par for the course, and as the wife tells me “it’s pointless to argue”.

True dat …

I’d probably, as a great customer said about his wife “old lady aka ball and chain” – have more luck talking to the brick wall there.

But really, these same sort of people are adamantly against physical exercise.

And for a guy growing up that routinely got bullied at school, it was OK for the other guys to be violent, and I should just take it – “because good boys dont fight” – and for a guy with a daughter – who is even more vulnerable with the exploding crime against women, this sort of thing is not just senseless.

ITS LUNACY  x 1000.

Of course, lunatics rarely understand they’re that, so we need the padded cells. Ask the Bozo for one. Hehe. (Schofield).

But here’s the thing.

I submit that if there is ONE thing – or some things – you should ask your kids to be damn good at?

Anything PHYSICAL – NOT the dumbphone!

COMMUNICATION – language – and MATH!

HISTORY! (or it’ll repeat itself)

And back to the physical ..

Anything sports related – or martial arts related.

Get DAMN good at SELF defense. No, for idiots that think something like Taekwondo or Karate is “violence” – it ain’t exactly Krav Maga we’re teaching here, boys and girls.

There is a difference between martial arts in COMBAT – and in SPORTS.

i.e. “military martial arts” or their version – which are meant to hurt, maim and kill …


I remember our Taekwondo instructor once telling us – all the time, actually while doing pushups (which I was, oddly enough, despite NOT being the best fighter there, being very stiff etc – always praised for touching my chest to the GROUND on EACH REP!!) …


I wasn’t quite happy with the way the dude hammered his own son in front of all of us though – that guy was like 8 or so …

But that was parenting back then, I suppose, my wife has similar stories to relate.

But he was spot on in terms of it being self defense – not “attack”.

Yes, you attack in self defense, its the best way to defend, I’ve always said that but you only attack when provoked.

On the Kiddie Fitness page, I make NO BONES about the fact that I will ALWAYS stand for and behind my daughter when she’s being bullied.

I’ve given you the real story of what happened on that page.

No-one helped me when I needed it in that regard, and come hell or high water, directly or not, I’ll be goddamned if my daughter turns you into a wimp or something or whatever certain nuts want her to be.

(oddly enough, these same people will later turn around and castigate that same person for “being fat” (when they are far more out of shape themselves) – and “not being able to defend themselves”, and “those boys being far stronger!” – and other nonsense, when they themselves never let the kid do much physical …. HA! I mean, there is a limit to sheer and utter MIND BOGGLING STUPIDITY!)

(This link might be interesting, lol) (and I’m not even a real boxer!) (but yes, I DID learn to hit HARD!)

Aint gonna happen – NO MATTER WHAT!

And thats another parenting lesson for a lot of you.

Maybe ya’ll wanted it, maybe yall didnt, whatever it is, but thats how I feel, and it’s important – very important – to say it.

And thats that.

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And stop dilly dallying (those that are) on the ADULT version HERE.