Why bodyweight plus IRON is what really rocks – and why BODYWEIGHT is always, at the end of the day – superior to all.
- IT TRULy - IS!

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I’ve – I was thinking about this, my friend.

This afternoon, pacing around the living room, I remember the days I lifted weights – REAL weights, not the nonsensical curls with 50 kgs in each hand that admittedly “toned” me, but did in the way of reducing fat, building REAL muscle (other than the grip) (and even that not fully) – and of course, overall health and strength – and stamina (I could barely climb up five flights of stairs without gettin gout of breath – compare that to me lugging BOXES up stairs now – TRULY Lumberjack Style!) …

Dont get me wrong, lifting odd and heavy objects and doing so REGULARLY – is GREAT for health – and strength and overall fitness.

The story of Milo and the calf bears testament to this i.e. Milo lifted the baby calf daily till it was a full grown COW – hardly a weight you could “grip” comfortably (unless its Glyn the cockwomble uddering away under the udders, hehe).

Progression, incremental weight, UNWIEDLY weights HARD to grip -the story of Milo and the calf satisfies ALL.

And I’ll be bringing you exactly THESE ways – and better, from the Indian subcontinent (and Persian too) – to train – which despite what people REALLY think about the subcontinent, the food – and training as done by old time wrestlers etc – everyone, I dont care who it is – wants to know MORE about.

This will be my best book ever.

Perhaps thats why it’s taking so long to get the last kettlebell part done i.e. good things come to those … that wait, sometimes a very long time!

Anyway ………..

I remember doing “overhead presses” – the only exercise I ever really trained with a barbell.

Squats too, but the overhead press was what I really trained. And what made me feel like a MONSTER!

Bench press – fooey. I hated that exercise, always felt unnatural.

But the overhead press, picking something OVER your head – throwing it – or putting it back down under control, and it’s variations (bent leg, ramrod straight legs etc) – I’ve always loved it.

And when you combine it with pull-ups – or heavy clubs etc – few better “feelings” overall!

Trust me, bodyweight plus unweildy weights is how the oldtimers did its, and ate like horses (and drank like fish, if it’s Arthur Saxon) – and looked GREAT – REALLY GREAT!

Yet, here’s the thing.

I’ve spoken before about how BODYWEIGHT exercise EXELLENCE translates into WEIGHT lifting prowress.

NOT the other way around, tho.

Get a guy that can do overhead presses till the cows come home – dont get me wrong, great exercise, but he might not necessarily be able to crank out 50 pushups in a row, or 250 per workout, or more – and handstand pushups.

Someone though that can do what I say in BAttletank Shoulders – you can bet your Betsy, Bozo, or bottom dollar, existent or NOT – that this person might take a while to get used to heavy iron – maybe a day or so at most.

They will FEEL different the first day.

You’ll be NIGH amazed though at how quickly the person picks up the skill – and ADAPTS – due to pre-existing strength in the bones and tendons and overall musculature that “just weights alone” simply cannot build.

Neither can it REALLY get the beast out.

Do REAL weightlifting, then do REAL Animal Kingdom Workouts – you will SEE.

Best of all, of course, do BOTH …

But great thing about bodyweight, and why it ultimately trumps ALL.

Because if you do bodyweight, you truly need NOTHING ELSE. 

The reverse is not true.

And that, my friend, says it all…

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One of the best bodyweight exercises you can do?

The BEST darn exercise ever – be sure to check it out NOW.

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