The hill sprints my daughter ran.
- Or her modified "Princess" version, hehe.

I just received a great video – and some pictures – from the wife and daughter.

Apparently today was a day to “venture out” and so they did – apparently to one of Delhi’s most iconic monuments “Qutab Minar”.

That is basically a tall, tall, minaret – another one of those marvels of ancient engineerning – standing till this day while modern day buildings all around collapse in the dust.

I’m sure I could give you plenty of stories about it.

But, the Mughals when they were in India built it – at least as far as I know! The Taj Mahal, one of the Wonders of the World, apparently the REAL deal behind that is it used to be a Hindu temple or place of worship before it was taken over by the “invaders” as it were.

(and, when it comes to the Taj Mahal, looking at the architecture, looking at what they don’t show you deep down in the “bowels” of the monument – it makes sense it was an ancient Hindu temple to start with).

Then again, civilization basically all started in India, so that bit don’t surprise me. India and Africa were one, for those that will get back and say “the first human being was black and in Africa”.

God knows how we got to all the race issues, Bozos and so forth………….

Anyway, thats a tall, tall minaret, standing at least a few stories tall x 10 and then some (I can’t remember the exact height, but climbing it would be an interesting workout, especially those STEEP massive steps, one by one!).

Unfortunately, that climb has been closed to the public ever since … well, ever since I can remember – the Great Wall isn’t though and I so love climbing that!


But anyway ….

So they were there, and there’s this tiny hill – or lets say grassy slope next to the Minar.

(Minar, that used to be the name of a great restaurant I went to when young, some AWESOME Tandoori Food!)

And my daughters there in the video, yelling to Mom.

“Mom, send this to Dad!”

She did.

My daughter started off in a hill sprint. Running.

And it started well, …. except…

Pretty soon, and the slope wasn’t fit for a sprint anyway, so tiny was it, but pretty soon, my daugher did the kiddie version of what Sandra a girl I knew once did when climbing the hill – I was focused on getting to the TOP – she was more focused on the birds, bees, and flowers, and complained “you need look at flower too!”


I get it, girlie things, but men dont stop to smell the roses, they go BANG, BANG, get the job DONE – in more ways than one.

Little Princesses of course DO.

And once she reached the top after much “goading” apparently, she said “oh, finally done!”

The hill sprint DOWN though was done at full tilt, hehe.

Anyway ………….

Hill sprints are great, great workouts my friend.

And in Advanced Hill Training, you know what the great thing is?

I teach you bipedal – and quadruped sprints – the whole shebang.

No, the book isn’t Animal Kingdom Workouts – it’s stage ONE.

But this book is a masterpiece in its own right, my friend.

It teaches you how to walk correctly – breathe – and then run up hills right – and then the various ways to sprint up and DOWN (and remember, believe it or not, way more people get injured sprinting DOWNHILL than up) – and downhill sprints are an art to themselves, and a workout like NONE other for the calves if done right.

I even include the famous “diamond shaped calves” picture – so much for the idiot who called me a Charlatan in his last “price wanking” review.

But the best part?

Even a slope that tiny, a gradient that (not very) steep is MORE than enough to give you the workout of your LIFE with the three basic “on the ground” movements I teach in Advanced Hill Training.

Trust me, an empty living floor is more than enough for some of this.

I did this workout today along with swinging my clubs and jumping rope – and boy, I can feel it – and COULD feel it while doing it.

I was literally, as I say in the book, burning fat WHILE I did the workout, and could feel the fat “smelting” therein!

And that, my friend, is the tale for now.

Make sure you pick up the books above – and DO leave reviews – the idiocy that is masquerading for a review that I just sent y’all in the last email, well that sort of thing if any, is the reason we need REAL men and women – YOU on this list to step up, buy – and REVIEW!

All for now – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some great workouts for your kids here in Kiddie Fitness; make sure to grab this NOW as well.

PS #2 – The daughter is truly a “chip off the old block” as a customer rightly told me, she’s always loved HILLS – even when she was young!

I’ve written before Khajjiar in India, where I went in 2012 I think, then in 2016 … (second time with daughter) … and she was walking up those steep REAL Himalayan slopes – the real deal – like nothing!

And, leading the way, an intrepid three year old with a stick, sunglasses, the whole shebang, on a REAL mountain – so cute!


Great memories…

Much like I’ve put HERE!  (but travelogues dont make it into that one. Maybe for another book, this one is just yours truly and his own fitness recollections. Immensely inspiring, grab NOW!)