The old man in China that wore shorts in almost “sub zero” weather!
- Another tough guy, that dude was!

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Hark back to I believe, I dont know, as winter starts “approaching” (although look outside, you wouldn’t think there’s any winter right now!) … 2015, I believe, the “fag end of it”. Hehe.

And those 530 AM climbs I often did – in freezing cold weather often.

Sometimes, a girl named Carol would join me for the climbs – sometimes not. But I’d do it before she showed up, with “Angel of the City” blaring out from my dumbphone, and I’d usually finish at least one climb i.e. up and down in utter darkness – and freezing cold weather, and sleet sometimes too in Southern china before she showed up.

Sometimes, of course, I was the one that couldn’t wake up.

But, that rarely, if ever happened!

But anyway, during one of these climbs, I think around 6 AM or so – I saw an old man walking around.

And it was BONE chillingly cold that morning!

Trust me, people associate Southern China (and India for that matter) with heat and humidity, and that perception is right.

But, during the winters – it can get real cold in China for one!

India too …

And with the slight rain that morning, a biting wind – it felt like way below zero (though the actual temperature was like around 2 degrees Celsius or so).

As my fingers were numb, I rubbed them together before starting my climb.

Now, that climb was one that will warm you up and work up a massive sweat even in cold weather – even if you’re in great shape already.

It’s just that sort of climb, but remember, I hadn’t started it as yet …

And I saw this old man in the park … entering it.

The guy was literally entering in nothing but a pair of tiny shorts!

You know, the “middle of summer” shorts – those white tennis shorts they wear!

Man oh man, I remember thinking.

I’m by no means scared of th ecold.

Hell, I wear shorts well into winter most of the time, both indoors and outdoors (no heating usually).

But this guy was something else, as was the other old man I met in China that I wrote about before!

Another old man, and he was taking deep, INVIGORATING BREATHS with each step as he walked, the vapor coming out of his mouth in “gasps” as he took in air, exhaled, and so forth.


I get it!

Deep breathing, can, will, and DOES warm the system up!

And much like a lot of these guys who dive headfirst into freezing cold water in the middle of winter (after a jaunt to the sauna) … this dude was one of those hardy sorts too. Not a lick of fat on him, I noticed, as we were the only two in the park at that Ungodly hour!

Trust me, that jungle looks different at that time!

But anyway, most of all, what struck me was the “invincible” feeling that was pouring off him.

I can identify.

And the sheer THRILL – the ADRENALIN that comes from doing extreme stuff like that …

I get it, again.

Been there, done that, will continue to!

But that is how your workouts should make you feel, my friend.


Once done, and even when starting you should be anticipating nothing less!

And thats why I laugh at silly idiots who claim “dont buy this book!!!!!!!” because I charge $80 for it or what not.

(that was covered last night, I’ve covered those nonsensical reviews so many times in the past).

And if there are two books in my entire repertoire – though most will do the same thing – that make you feel like a true MONSTER, absolutely and utterly INVINCIBLE …

Shoulders like Boulders!

Battletank Shoulders!

Go get ’em! 

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

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