Why a long, strong NECK is an UNMISTAKABLE sign of male virility – health – and STRENGTH!
- And overall fitness levels !

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It’s one of those body parts you cannot hide, even if you try – much like a corrugated core – or strong thighs – or FOREARMS and traps!

Interestingly, most people focus on beach ball abs and the chest – both of which are not only smaller muscles in the grand scheme of things, but easily “hidden” – the main muscles are the biggest ones – and you simply cannot hide them even if you try (whether or not you work them or not) .

Anyway, I was looking at some of those “throwback pictures”.

It’s all the rage these days for some reason, how it “used to be” back in the day …

As I looked – Instagram has (or some user on it does) a picture of 5, Bollywood, I believe, stars from the 90’s.

All natural looking, without the makeup, male “chest being shaved” and everything that is so popular these days…

And four of them, including one guy that played a villain – looked normal.

One stood out though.

“Akshay Kumar” 

You might have heard his name!

Tall, lanky – martial artist – the guy had a physique back then most men would DIE For.

He’s now become more of the “greased and pumped” type, but I’ve no doubt he still retains his martial arts skills – those never quite go away!

Back in the day, THAT was the type of movie star I aspired to be – or … I should say, his hairstyle was what I took as a “cut out” to the barbers to get “hair like him”. Hehe.

(I still remember the barber – and they didnt laugh at that sort of thing back then, those were the 90’s, “good ole days” – “ye to waise hi ho jayega“, he laughed, and he “fluffed up” my hair, and it looked that way!

He was a great guy though. That ONE haircut he gave me … even my Dad, who hated my long hair noticed it, hehe, and asked me later for it. “That ONE time he cut your hair like that” – and he did – he truly cut it in that style!)

He was the sort of guy you might “ignore” on the street.

Natural, tall, broad, lanky …

Slim and trim, corrugated core and so forth …

But you wouldn’t ignore his physical prowress!

He’s the sort of guy who back in the day could probably pop off Battletank Shoulders! workouts daily without a pause.

And anyway, what I saw ?

In the picture, other than his 6 foot plus height – that made him stand out?


Strong, long – thick – naturally thick neck, my friend.

A true sign of virility – and male STRENGTH.

The guy would stand out in a crowd anyway – at least back then he would.

That NATURAL look – you cannot miss it – you martial artists on this list will understand!

A six pack without trying to “work for the six pack” – it comes as a natural by product of all the kicks and LOWER ab work – martial artists do regularly (that alone comes as a surprise for most people who think it’s all about crunches).

Corrugated core – and bulging, rippling, forearms WITHOUT trying to work them – lots of pulling and thick bar work!

And of course, the legs, lots of hill work!

This particular actor lived in Thailand for many years – which explains it! That part of the world lends itself so well to hills and the such …

But anyway, the neck.

It’s the common strand ALL real strongmen have.

The “bull neck”. The “Scottish highlander”  neck as my friend from the MArines once spoke about “you cannot miss the NECK!”

And by extension, the traps.

YOU too – my friend, might be surprised to learn that the neck is not only a part of the body YOU can train that way – but it’s also a part of the body that responds to intense training very well – and promptly.

And there is only one exercise that works the neck the best – like nothing else – the bridge, which is also a FULL body and core workout – (it’s more than that!) …. I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness, along with all it’s variants – – and the BEST darn exercise ever.

Trust me on this one, you’ll want to get good, REAL good at the bridge my friend.

Not only is it an all in one exercise – ie you bridge, you need to do nothing else for the workout – but it will help you achieve levels of health, strength and fitness you haven’t achieved in AGES.

Get on this exercise now, my friend.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You’ll get rid of neck and back pain FOREVER if you get on the bridge, and that alone my friend makes this worth the “price of admission” – not to mention you’ll build a core like granite. Get on this exercise NOW. No more sore and stiff necks upon waking up, thats for sure!

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