Max BANG – for your BUCK!
- Is what its always about!

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Every adversity, every misfortune, every negative occurence – carries with it the seed of an equivalent, or greater benefit. Not the flower of full blown success, mind you – but the SEED from which said flower may be said to germinate.

Sager words were never spoken.

Those were Napoleon Hill’s words, he keeps saying them in his books, and I repeated it – 99 percent verbatim.

When he was stuck with nothing – his life savings gone, all his income wiped out (remember, it’s PRE-“government assistance” era, even in the U.S. – then it was truly every man for himself or herself!) … his house gone, nothing but his car, no work to do, nothing, no motivational talks because no-one in the Depression was interested, he wondered if the current Depression really had any “upsides to it”.

Incredibly, he found one – as us positive folks, truly positive folks always manage to find.

The latter part of Outwitting the Devil, which most idiots scoff at – and the doers dont – was written, an unsung classic I have mentioned so many times before here, and it keeps getting ignored, of course.

Fine by me.

But as we go through this so called pandemic – panicdemic – and all the batty, idiotic crisises – it’s so goddamn evident it’s all man made for one.

I mean, notice how “the shit is all hitting the fan at once” – “pre programmed”.

Most dont, of course.

I’ve said so many times it’s all about thought.

Most, even on this list dont agree, and just say “whatever”.

Again, fine.

But why just me, read what Claude Bristol had to say about the depression he went through in the Magic of Believing.

He was thinking of quitting his senior level position at a financial firm, so badly was it going.

One night, he stayed up till 3 AM – then he had a “dazzling flash of inspiration” – again, most dismiss this as bunk, so much so that he put it in “TNT -it truly ROCKS THE WORLD!” (I believe that was the name of his first book) … but didnt in the better and more lengthy book “The Magic of Believing” because, in his words, people would think “he’d lost it” (gone over the top) (call him a crackpot, whatever).

(gone off the deep end, I believe, were his exact words)

And they likely would.

But that inspiration revealed something to him – it was the thoughts of man that not just created, but worsened the Great Depression.

Once he got that into his cranium, he thanked the lady who told him not to quit repeatedly. (his job).

And his company not just prospered, but thrived during the downturn.

I know, I know.

Just talk.

But it ain’t just talk either, friend.

Look outside right now.

The Sun’s still shining, no? The grass still groweth, no? Nature’s laws still apply, no?

Then where the hell is the Depression ?

I know.

Ill never get an answer on it, will i.

But anyway, lets assume for a minute this panic demic is warranted.

If there is one thing all of us have learnt, or are doing, either the hard way or the easy way – it is get max bang for your buck.

Actually, I take that back – not ALL of us – yours truly is neither scrimping nor spending more, for me, it;s business as usual with NO panic.

But yeah, getting the last drops of laundry detergent out of the pack, using the soap bars till they’re paper thin (no Glyn Bozo jokes please, hehe) – making your money LAST in ways you never thought – and so forth, hey, we’re all doing it (or most of us are).

And this brings me to my central point – just how ANYONE, even people without much common sense can say my books are expensive – especially NOW when they’re needed more so than EVER is beyond me!

You truly get max bang for your buck in my books.

MOtivation. Inspiration. Workouts to keep you busy the rest of your life. Nigh NO equipment required.

And that ain’t even getting into the main shebang – the health benefits – the way you FEEL – better fitness through the entire body and mind.

I mean, you on the list just goddamn well know it, so does everyone else.

When I hear the “expensive” rant, it makes me want to tear my hair out.

After I have a hearty laugh, of course.


But they are, apparently!

Anyway …

On a somewhat hilarious note, as often, I was recently asked again by an illuminary (not) “what I do for a living”.

I responded as follows (copyright a certain Steven California from the past, hehe)

I shake the tree, and see what nuts fall out.


I shake a tree, and money falls, I quipped. 

Now, I could have answered properly about my business, curated email lists, marketing, years of effort, persistence, and so forth, but no-one wants to hear all that apparently, its just the “end result” people want.

Look, it’s a journey, and if you dont enjoy it daily you’ll never make it till the fag end. Believe and trust me, it’s true.

Most wont – again – thats fine.

Not my job to try and convince the lot that never will be anyway and the Bozos, excuse makers and so forth.

But I CAN try and crack your skull open a bit on it, to see if by chance, you adopt an open mind.

all figurative, of course, the cracking part!

But anyway …………….

Max bang for your buck, my friend, is always a good thing, and my products deliver there as well.

Check out the 0 Excuses Fitness System for one, five great videos, two great books, paperbacks, hardcover, honestly, I dont know what more anyone could ask for fitness wise!

But hey, who am I to say it eh.

I know.

I know!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Final days for the pre-order on Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, if you haven’t yet stepped up to the plate, do so now. Remember, my friend, we need YOUR SUPPORT – and REAL support, not just silence to thrive during “these days”. I know you’re on my side, so step up, SHOW some love especially considering the great VALUE you’re getting on all of this!

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