The first stretch I (and a lot of folks) engage in right upon waking up.
- And why ...

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It’s something I do even without thinking, while making my tea, while sipping it, even…

Usually before ever turning on the computer.

If I’m doing my hill climbs, first thing in the morning I may or may not do it.

But even if I AM, chances are I’ll do it.

It’s a “sitting” stretch. A stretch which a lot of the Asian population globally engages in every morning “without even thinking about it”.

But you, my friend, SHOULD think about it.

Think “hole in the floor” toilet for one.

What if you ever had to use one?

Could you?

Growing up, obviously we never had those in the house – except one out in the yard, I believe.

And for some reason, they were looked upon as “dirty”.

They’re not dirty, my friend.

In “upper class India”, apparently those are “servant’s toilets” – but in actuality, they’re the “natural way” (and actually a cleaner way) of “going about your business”.

Think about it, if you’re in the woods, gotta take a dump, how do you do it?

No thrones around, no courts on which kings sat on their thrones for their audiences (yes, that was a thing back when the commode was inveneted!).

But I remember an instance at my Aunt’s house when I was young, around 7, I HAD to go – and they just had a squat toilet, so I went.

I squatted, and went.

I remember the fit my Mom would have about “is it clean” or what not, so I never told her, but I could use it.

But I was 7 at the time!

If I was 27-32, given how corpulent I was at the time, chances are I would never have been able to “use it”. Hehe.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with the stretch – squat I’m talking about, my friend.

It’s the BEST stretch out there for your legs for one – and the entire core and lower body.

There are other great ones, obviously, and I teach a lot of them in the book on Isometrics.

But this stretch is one that really gets the blood flowing, keeps me FIT as a fiddle even when I’m not doing extreme workouts daily – allows me to “use” if I have to (if you get my drift) – to move about in odd positions – to “reset” my body and digestive system NATURALLY … and feel like a billion bucks all day long.

I used to do the “downward dog stretch” first thing upon waking up – but now I’ve replaced it with this, AFTER which I do some other stretches.

Anyway, you, my friend, would be very well served by learning about – and getting on the stretches in the world famous book “Isometric and Flexibiity Training“.

Like with all my books, it’s nothing like anything else on the subject out there – on that note, I haven’t even seen any decent stuff on isometrics out there.

Some people came out with a book AFTER I did mine, but not up to the mark, not even close, not even near…

And this particular stretch is one you can “sit” in all day if you choose, and IMPROVE your health, despite what the “so called experts” say about sitting being bad for you.

It’s the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat, my friend.

As an aside, I was looking up “who invented chairs” this morning. Hehe.

Indeed an interesting history the humble chair has, apparently first the Egyptians, then the Romans and Greeks, then the English … then …

All started from us sitting on a rock in our caveman era, bellowing in whatever semi-language they spoke back then.


Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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