The TRUE (acid + litmus) test of a REAL MOTIVATOR!
- Not the shamians out there.

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It’s all well and good to write books, to spout self help talk – to talk about visualization – to explain it – and so forth.

Until and unless though, the person in front is CONSCIOUSLY willing to receive the info and put it to good use?

You might as well be pissing in the wind, my friend.

On the other hand, the true motivator – if he truly WANTS to – doesnt give up even then.

“You motivate 1000’s!”

I still remember that quote coming in on Twitter as a testimonial last year, right smack in the middle of the plague from China – oddly enough, the situation is WORSE now in terms of general depression etc people are dealing with.

I was recently told “I might be slipping into depression” for some “business related reasons”.

The thought made me giggle – literally.

The person meant well though.

(I’m sure Rahul Mookerjee and depression to most of you on this list is an oxymoron too!

Dont get me wrong – we all have down times.

To me, ultimately, it’s all about bucking up and finding a way to do so no matter what.


And while I wont get into the specifics of the situation, it is HE that sounds depressed.

Dont get me wrong.

Rahul Mookerjee pestering someone – well, you’d get depressed too. LOL!

I’m VERY persistent – bar none.

I dont accept defeat.

I’ll pass, but defeat – never!

And its funny, we just got email back up and running on another business, now it’s “temporarily” down again here, so yall are not getting the daily dispatches, but that will be resolved very soon – in the meantime, I can just see some of my regulars reading HERE!

Which is great, the whole point of it, but anyway, that business thing , I wont reveal specifics here, but it struck me – the talks I’ve been giving him – all mostly because he’s “given up”.

He’s seeing no’s everywhere.

He tries, but has lost BELIEF, therefore nothing “starts to move!”

And thats what I tried explaining to him over and over again this morning.

I told him – and you – I could tell you bazillions of circumstances from my own life WHEN ALL SEEMED AND WAS lost for all practical purposes, yet, I not only pulled through – but came through BETTER!

Most people dismiss this as baloney.

When I give them the facts, they dont believe them.

Thats OK.

The vast majority of people in the world are SHEEP meekly being led to the slaughter, and if you look at what is going on now – well, there is no more proof needed is there?

History used to be, along with Math, one of my favorite subjects in school, I was always taunted “because History is for girls”.

I’ve never heard a bigger bunch of baloney in my life, and I wasn’t shy about saying it then either!

And look at what people are doing now, what is happening now?

History truly repeats itself!

All this bloody panic being spread around, people getting down and depressed, “nothing happening” – well, thats the entire POINT of it all – the sheeple believe, and thats how the world goes!

We cannot change other people’s thoughts – and we cannot change the world (the “goddamn world” – I wouldn’t even try).

But we CAN remember what Claude Bristol said i.e. repetition of the same chant, the same incantation, the same affirmation – leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a DEEP CONVICTION – things begin to happen.

Most will read this bit, and skip past it thinking “Rahul is a looney tune”.

Yet, my results speak to the contrary, friend, and it’s happened in amazing ways with no “support at all” from anywhere other than my own thoughts and the Ether carrying them.

If there is ONE thing I’m known for, it’s giving kicks up the ASSIMUS – and keeping it brutally real and honest.

Even my businesses all flow from that central tenet.

And I consider it a litmus test to keep people motivated to DO even NOW.

I keep getting emails from people saying “I feel down, so I dont do anything”.

When I read all this, I understand – but then I dont.

Regardless of everything being thrown at you, friend, true doers FIND A WAY TO SURVIVE – and THRIVE!

Yes, you CAN do it.

But you’ll only truly believe you can when you DO.

And on that note, remember belief alone won’t move mountains.

It’ll pave the way and move the mountains apart, but you have to travel the path yourself.

And my books Zero to Hero! And Gumption Galore! are choc a bloc full of the very tips and inspiration YOU need to DO – keep doing – perhaps start your day with – or end your day with!

Believe me, if there is something we need more than anything else now it’s motivation.

For me, I’d rather pass on than give up.

No matter what.

It saddens me to see the bulk of the world thinking otherwise (despite what people consciously SAY, what they THINK is what matters).

Its’ HOW you say something.

its the deep conviction that people can FEEL miles away – or continents away -something that true WINNERS have, something you cannot explain.

Those of you that have it – will know!

Back soon – and this will hit your Inbox soon hopefully soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Best fitness system out there, guarandamnteed to carry you through ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, and then some – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.


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