Real training – and strength that “doesn’t go!”
- This is one of the hallmarks of REAL training - strength, conditioning, anything!

Ever hear the term “a man’s punch is what goes last“?

I’d add on the GRIP does too … along with perhaps the legs to a degree.

But it ties into what I’m saying here – perhaps a short email from me to you – but a very very important one you should read now, and it applies perhaps even more so now than ever.

The REAL litmus test of your training, either purely strength training, or conditioning – or, as I teach, ideally, a mix of both – one adding onto the other and both complementing each other PERFECTLY – is not necessarily how many pull-ups you can knock off in one set, or if you can do 500 pushups daily for a month, or your  prowress at Battletank Shoulders workouts, for instance.

All of those things are great, dont get me wrong!

But life hits sometimes, and what if, just if, you aren’t able to train like you normally do?

OK, your books cover all eventualities, I hear you saying.

True, they do.

No hills, you do stair sprints, no stairs, you do Animal Kingdom equivalents, and so forth. So from that angle, yes.

But what if some days you’re too busy (and apparently for most people “too stressed” these days) to get in much, if any of a workout – except perhaps isometrics?

What when you jump back into it – can you pick back up from where you left off?

Or, and here’s the real world thing.

Let’s assume you have not done heavy lifting – or handstand pushups – for a while, for instance … or, haven’t trained hard and heavy in a while.

Can you, for instance, pick up your eight or nine year old child – hardly a “lightweight” compared to when he or she was a little BABY – and swing him or her around like you did when he or she was a kid?

Without getting injured?

I can – at short notice.

I haven’t climbed hills in a while, but if I had to jog up one NOW – like, NOW?

I could do it – I just told you a few months ago about how I sprinted up some stairs after NOT having climbed any for MONTHS!

And I didnt feel a thing the next day – no pulled muscles, nothing.

That is NOT me saying you “jump from a perch on the couch for years to sprinting Everest” for instance.

What I AM saying though is this, my friend . . . how “long” your conditioning, and strength stays with you even if you aren’t necessarily training full bore – is key.

CAN you do what the skinny Chinese dude in 2019 – something I still sort of wonder and shake my head at?

There’s this whole theory of “you can only lift your bodyweight” yet the way this dude did it, cumulatively, he moved way more than his skinny mite!

I could almost see that heart pounding out of its chest, hehe.

Or, CAN you lift odd object at a minute’s notice without straining or getting heart attacks like many a bodybuilder do?

THAT is key, my friend i.e. how long that BASE lasts. 

And let me tell you, with my workouts and movements that base lasts – nigh forever.

That don’t mean you don’t need to keep training, you do.

But you’ll see, and you’ll feel – once you reach a certain level of competence at the workouts I so advocate and teach – that base will always be “there”.

There will always be a certain “feel” and sense of RUGGEDNESS and STRENGTH – and conditioning you’ll have – and working back up to where you were on a certain exercise or not, muscle memory or not – will be a cinch.

And that to me is one huge hallmark of real, and successful training i.e it LASTS.

Not something most people would think about in today’s dumbphone obsessed “instant gratification” madness, but yours truly Dinosaur DOES think that way, and has no plans to change and doesn’t recommend YOU change either.

And on that note, the two courses I have perhaps MOST suited for “dinos” – although most are ?

The two most suited in my NOT so humble but CORRECT opinion – Animal Kingdom Workouts, possibly the most brutal of my books out there NOW – and Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness – which is the implements version of it (upcoming book) – perhaps even more brutal in some ways, friend.

Get the first, and place the pre-order for the second before time runs OUT.

And that, my friend is THAT.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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