“Never be satisfied” or “You’re never satisfied!”
- Which one would you choose?

Which one would you choose my friend?

Does the first sound familiar?

I don’t know, growing up – to me, I remember – I was always the first , and always heard the second.

I still remember an experience in eighth grade when my Dad bought me fireworks – for a festival “Diwali” – the festival of lights.

Back then, things were “real”.

So real that you’d have a thick layer of smoke all over your living room after the night’s festivities and you could barely see beyond a meter or so, so solid were the festivities, fire crackers burning etc …

I remember asking my Dad “if these were all the firecrackers we were going to get”.

I remember him getting irritated – as usual.

“Its never enough for you, anything I do is never enough for you!”

He was right. So was I.

In an environment that they had chosen to stay in “because of Mom” (apparently it was a good area or some nonsense – trust me, beyond the show factor, it was NOT) … it was the norm to buy MORE – party till the “roosters crowed” – and so forth.

I always knew there was a reason my friend from the Marines and myself did exactly that a few years ago while drinking beer, hehe.

But anyway, I saw other people around me getting more, more, and more – and me – always the bare minimum.

This wasn’t limited to firecrackers alone.

When I told a friend (I was 15) that I didn’t know how to drive, he looked at me incredulously.

“Young lads like you are meant to drive the family car!”

He was right.

All of the lads did!

But he didn’t know my family, ie we weren’t even allowed to literally – TOUCH – the car.

“Its Dads!”

(Of course, that was followed by the jibe of “those boys are much better than you! They learn everything on the fly, themselves!”

No, Mom, they didn’t. They got a chance – I never did. It is the height of fucking stupidity to criticize a child without giving him or her the CHANCE to begin with!)

Contrast that with my daughter where we get her EVERYTHING she wants – and MORE.

There is never an environment of lack – for her.

Which it shouldn’t be, growing up – there should never be a feeling of “just enough”.

The driving part, again, funny how it worked out – the same guy that drove for 14 hours at a stretch, on the fly in places where he had never driven before, and so forth.

(The amount of driving and the vehicles I’ve driven in my life THUS far – the “neighsayers” would drop dead if they really knew!)

Funny how life works out that way – if – IF – you’re never satisfied with the status quo.

I never was.

I never WILL BE.

I highly recommend you don’t either.

When I went to China for my first job, I was ALWAYS looking for a better opportunity – better salary.

Everyone including family, employers etc wanted me to be satisfied.

“Just take what you’re getting”.

I didn’t.

And eventually, I got better – way better.

I have never understood or figured out the rationale behind the be satisfied crap.

Perhaps after you’ve reached a goal, yes, you stop and pat yourself on the back and say CONGRATULATIONS, and as a friend Michael told me, “Rahul, you did it! Now YOU enjoy it!” … but you get to work thereafter!

Yes, there have been times in my life I got satisfied – a “fat cat” – and did precisely squat all after that.

Each and every one of those times, I had to start back up from the BOTTOM – rise UP again!

All over again!

Thats how it works, my friend.

Life is a series of “aim for more – more, and more!”

You don’t stop after conquering ONE peak.

Success is a fickle bird, as Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing. The minute you stop to pause and rest “on your laurels” – is the minute it takes wings and flies away.

Believe me, there are plenty waiting for your spot!

Fitness wise, this applies – big time – and is perhaps one of the main reasons I got to levels of advanced fitness in my life (after getting the exact OPPOSITE start in life) (being genetically disadvantaged and so forth) – that many people will never ever get to – I was never SATISFIED!

“Why do you climb the mountain so many times”, I kept hearing.

“Once or twice is enough!”

According to most people, once a day was more than plenty on that tough mountain I talk about!

The one I so LOVE …

It was – yes.

It wasn’t for me.

Once one time got easier, I made it two.

Then three, early in the morning – then four!

Then at night, I added on TWO more climbs!

Sometimes I’d even climb that sucker 7 times a day.

I was NEVER satisfied my friend.

And my results speak for themselves.

These “be satisfied” people are usually the same sort happy with their rum drum lives and Bozo like “in ass” existence.

The “never satisfied” fellow isn’t necessarily the fellow with the most friends – he usually IS the person with the most haters.

But he’s also the one that people follow, that people secretly want to know what he is up to, that actually LIVES the life that most people WANT to live, that actually – ultimately – GETS to goals he sets for himself, and so forth …

That is the sort of person YOU should be too, my friend.

Never “be satisfied” with what you have – or if you are – always AIM for more, higher, higher.

That is how life should be – that is how life IS.


There endeth “this lesson” my friend.

See what you can take from it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If there is ONE thing life wise the 0 Excuses Fitness System will teach you, without even meaning to – it is this – you’ll never be satisfied.

You will always yearn – and want – and SHOOT for better – and higher.

One pushup will become 10.

Those 10 will become 50 – which will become 100.

And you’ll get into super phenom like shape along the way.

Trust me, that is how this worketh…