The circumstances in which I wrote many of my great, great books…
- As always, a case - and tale of extremes! Hehe.

As always, a case – and tale of extremes! Hehe.

That is how it’s always been for me, my friend.

Some of my books – both fitness wise, and on the “other site” (well, MOST of the fiction books on the other site) – were written in an environment of utter PEACE.

No doorbells jangling, no irritating wives or spouses pestering me, no construction going on hither and thither, no idiots hollering on the phone RIGHT as I’m about to do something, no idiot delivery guys ringing doorbells when the delivery is meant for someone else, most of all, no other nonsense going on “in the house” – because it was me, alone, in China – and I created exactly the sort of work environment I WANTED.

And got.

Yet, other times, it’s been in the opposite.

Some of my best work has been done – WITHOUT ME Consciously wanting it – in utter bedlam, in an environment that would make the creative and ANYONE with any sense, really, amongst us, throw up their hands and tear their hair out – long before they got to the writing stage.

Perhaps that is the reason the environment was created, hehe.

But it happened like clockwork.

Every time I was writing a book, every time I had a great idea – in these environments – SOMETHING would happen – like clockwork – to irritate me – disrupt my train of thought – and often times, MOST of the times for reasons you and I would consider “completely avoidable”.

Like jackasses hollering loudly on the phone all day long.

Vendors yelling outside in residential areas which they turn into their version of a fish market.

People being loud late at night “because there is a wedding”, and unlike in most countries you and I are familiar with, calling the cops isn’t a thing. So you deal with it!

And to me, often times, I’ve felt – until I built myself up to the point I could mentally go back to where I was BEFORE being interrupted – and write “in flow” as if it was never interrupted in the first place (indeed, yall reading this know this!) … IRRIRATED – big time, and often times, “a force that is conspiring against me to keep the books from being written, to do ANYTHING to stop me from putting my best work out there”.

That, my friend, is the great POWER that Napoleon Hill talks about so much in Think and Grow Rich, the GUARDIAN to the gates of TRUE SUCCESS.

It lets no-one in without years of battle royales – one of which would defeat the average person INSTANTLY.

Most people, as he said, simply can’t take it, and don’t make the cut – and are rewarded with – well, what they got right now.

Those that can, that persevere beyond ALL ODDS – there is another, more powerful force that comes to them and makes things work for them when the entire Universe and then some seems to be against them, YET they persevere.

These my friend, are the people you see out there today that ultimately SUCCEED – the big ones!

Napoleon was right too, in that these people while they receive what they have been wanting ie. get to their goals, they also learn something infinitely more important, that being, every negative circumstance, every mishap, every stroke of misfortune – carries with the seed of an equivalent, or greater benefit.

Mind you – not the full blown flower of success, but the SEED from which that flower may be made to germinate.

So true, and it’s played out in my life so many times over and over again …

Never stop, my friend – in terms of being a GO GETTER.

Anyway – YOU probably would never be able to tell which book was written in bedlam, which in utter “peace” – and so forth. Hehe.

I maintain a very high standard for my writing no matter what – and the same thing for my books.

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Truly the system that is kicking ass GLOBALLY, and getting people into the very best damn shape ever.

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Rahul Mookerjee